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Researching Ferdinand Lenz

Durand Project By Don Taylor In researching my (half) Aunt Barbara’s maternal line, I came to her great-grandfather Ferdinand J. Lenz.  I found that trying to sort her Ferdinand Lenz from the others was very difficult. There were three Ferdinand … Continue reading

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ThruLines – Part 5 – Samuel Vaden Scott & Amanda Jane Haley

ThruLines Thursday Roberts, Scott DNA In Part 5 of my ThruLinestm analysis, I’m looking closely at matches with my 2nd great-grandfather, Samuel Vaden Scott. UPDATE 25 Jul 2019 Note: A look at Samuel Vaden Scot’s wife, Amanda Jane Haley, show no additional individuals … Continue reading

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Donna & “Chin Chin” – La Crosse Theatre (La Crosse, WI) – 10 February 1920

Donna Montran and “Chin Chin” played the La Crosse Theatre in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Wisconsin, on 10 February 1920  Vaudeville Chin Chin Thanks to my “Donna in the News” alert last January, I learned then that Donna, and the cast … Continue reading

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Donna Darling Collection – Part 49

La Crosse, Great Falls, & Baby Russell Treasure Chest Thursday By Don Taylor For this week’s Treasure Chest Tuesday, I’m looking at page “DSCN1452” from the Donna Darling Collection, which consists of two newspaper clippings and one photograph. The first … Continue reading

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Vigo County Public Library

Some time ago, I was researching ancestors who lived in Vigo County, Indiana. While researching, I found the Public Library there had some excellent genealogical resources. I added their website, to my bookmarks and promised myself that I’d return. … Continue reading

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