Hemsworth Speculation

Hemsworth Speculation Leads to a Conclusion.

Peterson Paternal Project
By Don Taylor

I think I have enough information to finally speculate on my half-sister’s paternity.

I’ll call each of the individuals in this study by the amount of DNA they share with my sister. There are three individuals who have trees I could use for comparison, #117, #201, and #271. Ancestry indicates that he is likely a 2nd or 3rd cousin. As such they would share a common great-grandparent or great-great-grandparent.

DNA Match#117 (3rd cousin)#201 (2nd or 3rd cousin)#271 (2nd or 3rd cousin)
ParentRalph Raymond H.Mary Jean [LNW[i]](Living[ii])
Grand-ParentElmer Lorenzo H.Olive HemsworthJohn [LNW[iii]]
1st GreatJohn Elmer H.James Luther H.Naomi Stewart
2nd GreatLorenzo Dow H.Lorenzo Dow H.Stella Hemsworth
3rd Great

James Luther Hemsworth
4th Great

Lorenzo Dow Hemsworth

If Lorenzo Dow Hemsworth were the common ancestor, with Glennis, then #112 would be a 3rd cousin as the shared DNA suggests.  Likewise, if James Luther Hemsworth were the common ancestor, #201 would be a 2nd cousin, and #117 would still be a 3rd cousin. From this chart, it is clear that #271 is two generations different from #117 or #201. With that in mind, I looked more closely at the possible age of #271.

Naomi Stewart was born in 1908, and John [LNW] was born in 1930. That means that #271’s Parent must have been born in the 1950s. and that #371 was probably born in the 1970s or ‘80s. That would make #271 a generation, possibly two generations removed from Glennis.

That suggests that either Naomi Stewart is the common ancestor for #271 and Glennis.  That would make them first cousins, once removed. Which fits nicely into the amount of DNA they share[iv].

I looked at the children of John and Naomi previously; they only had two children. One is the grandfather of #271.  He cannot be the common ancestor because if he were, Glennis and #271 would be 1st cousins and they do not share enough DNA for that to be the case. (First cousins share 553 – 1225cM of DNA.  That leaves Roy as the only candidate. I looked at Roy previously. I had seen that he was the right age at the right place at the right time. The addition of the match #271 eliminated his brother from contention.

I examined Naomi siblings previously. (See: Peterson Paternal Project – Hemsworth-Morgan Branch.) In that study, Naomi’s five siblings were not considered as candidates because they were too old. Three of them were born in the 1920s and are too young to have likely fathered a child by 1935. The two other siblings of Naomi, Ivan and Harry were too old to be candidates and neither had sons until into the 1940s. So, neither of them nor their children are candidates. 

I’ve contacted #271 to see if he would like to pursue determining what the relationship is between him and Glennis. Possibly, he knows the potential half-siblings of Glennis and could intercede on her behalf.


[i] Last Name Withheld for privacy reasons.
[ii] Name Withheld for privacy reasons.
[iii] Last Name Withheld for privacy reasons.
[iv] Percentages of Likelihood are based upon the “Shared cM tool v4” by Blaine Bettinger available at https://DNAPainter.Com/tools

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