Hemsworth Speculation

Hemsworth Speculation Leads to a Conclusion.

Peterson Paternal Project
By Don Taylor

I think I have enough information to finally speculate on my half-sister’s paternity.

I’ll call each of the individuals in this study by the amount of DNA they share with my sister. There are three individuals who have trees I could use for comparison, #117, #201, and #271. Ancestry indicates that he is likely a 2nd or 3rd cousin. As such they would share a common great-grandparent or great-great-grandparent.

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Color Clustering Technique

Dana Leeds recently had a couple posts on her blog site, “The Enthusiastic Genealogist,” about using color clustering to identify common surnames in genealogy. I thought I’d try using her technique to see if the process would shed new light onto two old problems.

Montran-Barber Line

First, my grandmother’s line, Montran and Barber.  My mother tested on 23&Me and so did my mother’s half-sister, Barbara. Having half-siblings in the tree makes DNA tracking a lot easier. In my mother’s case, if a person has a DNA match with my mother and her half-sister, we know that the match comes from my mother’s paternal side.  If the person matches with my mother and not her half-sister, I know that the match comes from my mother’s maternal side.

The process is pretty straight forward, enter the name, and a color for the connection using a different color if the individual is not related to the previous people. Once you have the colors determined, add if the individual has a tree available. If so, enter the surnames for that line into a chart.

I entered the individual’s name, amount of DNA shared, and blue, if there was a match with Aunt Barbara and another color is the match was not with Aunt Barbara. In my mother’s case, the first 50 matches all matched with Aunt Barbara. With no diversity I couldn’t find anyone that might potentially have Montran or Barber ancestors. So, it didn’t work for my mother.

Peterson Paternal Project

Next, I went to work on my half-sister’s paternal project. If she and I are a common match to an individual, we know that the connection is on our common mother’s side. If an individual matches Glennis and not me, I know that the match is on her unknown paternal side.

Ignoring matches with me (the Brown/Montran line), and using the Enthusiastic Genealogist’s technique showed four trees. All of which have some relationship with another.

Trees relating to Peterson Paternity Project

A review of the surnames found in the trees available showed only one surname was repeated in two trees, Hemsworth. More exciting though, I learned that, although tree 271 above, didn’t have a Hemsworth in it, my previous research found a Hemsworth one generation further back than 271’s tree showed. With three DNA matches all having Hemsworth in their trees, it is time to speculate a possible connection.

DNA – Glennis’ Paternal Search – Part 6

Following Morgan/Morgan/Hemsworth/Luzader & Deem

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.The scope of the project exploded last time, when I learned that there was apparently a pedigree collapse in my notional Morgan-Hemsworth research to attempt to learn Glennis’ father’s identity. I knew the project had gotten bigger; however, I didn’t realize how much bigger.  Nathan Smith Morgan and Belinda Odell Morgan probably had a dozen children. Their oldest, Francis Marion Morgan married Fannie R. McGregor in 1862 and they had a dozen children also. With so many large families, it is possible I have several hundred more individuals to research.


The oldest child of Francis & Fannie Morgan was Clara. Clara married Gilbert Hemsworth in 1882. (This is probably another point for pedigree collapse as Clara’s Aunt Mary married James Hemsworth. So, I’ll bet Gilbert was somehow related to James.) It appears that Clara and Gilbert only had had two children.  The two children were both girls, Gail and Naomi Hemsworth.


Gail married Everett Ainsley Luzader about 1914. Following them through the 1920, 1930, and 1940 censuses, it appears that they only had four children.

  1. Brooks Luzader – Born 1915.
  2. Morgan Luzader – Born 1916
  3. Ralph Eugend Luzader – Born 1919
  4. Beatrice Joe Luzader – Born 1925-1926.

All four children appear to be too young to have had a child that could be a candidate to be Glennis’ biological father.  Likewise, I believe all three boys are too old to be a candidate to be the “baby daddy.” It is my belief that Glennis’s biological father was born between 1922 and 1935. (Ten years older to three years younger than her mother.)


Next, I looked at Gilbert and Clara’s younger daughter, Naomi.  Naomi married Earl Sanford Deem.

They had seven children. Four were daughters and would be too young to have had sons that could be considered as candidates. Three were boys; Earl (Junior) and two others who may still be living. All three are possible candidates and should be investigated as potential candidates. A quick look at their lives indicated no immediately discernable evidence that any of them migrated to Minnesota or Michigan, so I consider them very low potential candidates and will investigate further as required.

Morgan/Morgan 2

Clara’s oldest brother was Henry Clifford Morgan. Henry was born in 1869 and died in 1884 at the age of 15. I presume he died without issue.

GEDMatch Update

I looked at Glennis’ results on GEDCOM. There was a new match.  This time with someone with the surname JC.  There was a tree associated with JC and that led back to a common ancestor with my notional tree.  Now I have three people related genetically with my half sister, all of whom go back to a common ancestor of Nathan and Belinda (Odell) Morgan. I’m sure I’m on the right track. I just wish I had a closer match to chase down.


Following the descendants of Nathan and Belinda (Odell) Morgan is a tiresome task. I can really appreciate the genealogists of old and their creating decadency charts and tables.

Next time, I’ll investigate the descendants of Lewis V. P. Morgan (1871-1953).

Descendants of Nathan and Belinda (Odell) Morgan
I am researching.

1-    Nathan Smith Morgan – Belinda Odell

1.1  Francis Marion Morgan – Fannie R. McGregor

1.1.1      Clara Morgan – Gilbert M. Hemsworth  Gail Hemsworth – Everett Ainsley Luzader      Brooks Luzader                 Unlikely – Too old.      Morgan Luzader                Unlikely – Too old.      Ralph Eugene Luzader      Unlikely – Too old.      Living Female Luzader      Female  Naomi Hemsworth – Earl S. Deem      Living Female Deem         Female      Earl Deem, Jr.                   b. 1924 – Low – Further Research?      Living Male Deem             b. 1925 – Low – Further Research?      Betty Lu Deem                  Female      Living Male Deem             b. 1929 – Low – Further Research?      Alice Frances Deem          Female      Noretta Naomi Deem       Female

1.1.2      Henry Clifford Morgan                        Without Issue.

1.1.3      Lewis V. P Morgan

1.1.4      Rosa Virginia Morgan

1.1.5      Dora D. Morgan

1.1.6      Ephraim Stokeley Morgan

1.1.7      Nathan Spencer Morgan

1.1.8      John A. Morgan

1.1.9      Sarah D. Morgan

1.1.10   Unnamed Morgan

1.1.11   Orien E Morgan

1.1.12   Jame Cyrus Morgan

1.2  Samson

1.3  Asceneth

1.4  Jacob

1.5  Elizabeth

1.6  Eli

1.7  Mary D Morgan – James Luther Hemsworth

1.7.1      Stella Belinda Hemsworth – Joseph Franklin Stewart  Naomi Stewart – John Clifford Huber      Living Male Huber b. 1930 – Medium – In Mich 1940 & 1988.      Roy L. Huber          b. 1932 – Medium – In Mich 1940 & 1958.  Ivan Willard Stewart – Mary Eloise [unknown]      Alice Ann Stewart      Stella Stewart      Ivan W Stewart  Harry Stewart – (No Known Issue)  Franklin James Stewart – (No Known Issue)        Unlikely.  Donald Dean Stewart – Joanne Ruark – m. 1959 Low – Unlikely but possible.  Ronald Eugene Stewart (No Known Issue)          Low – Unlikely but possible.

1.7.2      Alma Lovelia Hemsworth

1.7.3      M. C. Hemsworth

1.7.4      Olive D. Hemsworth

1.7.5      Iza Alberta Hemsworth

1.7.6      [Baby girl] Hemsworth

1.8  Isiah

1.9  John

1.10                 Jane

1.11                 Sarah