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We’re Related – Churchill, Gates, Disney

We’re Related – Second Look for my Wife Famous Friday by Don Taylor There are new people every week using “We’re Related” so I thought I’d take another look at the three of my wife’s new matches.  My wife’s two … Continue reading

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Franklin Elementary, Anoka, MN – 1958

My Life Those Places Thursday By Don Taylor There was probably no place we ever lived that was a cool as our place in Anoka.  First of all, it was upstairs of a bakery, so we woke up most mornings … Continue reading

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Biography: Frank Xaver Drexl (1856-1929)

By Don Taylor Absent other sources, I usually trust the 1900 Census as being the most accurate for the date because it provides both a month/year and age for the individual. In the case of Frank Xaver Drexl the 1900 Census … Continue reading

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Ancestor Biography – Mercy Eliza Taft  (1822-1884)

Roberts/Barnes/Taft Line By Don Taylor When I reviewed my possible connections through “We’re Related” to Walt Disney and to my Scarborough Historical friend, Carl, both were stopped by my research blockage at Mercy Eliza Taft.  After Mercy, both lines went … Continue reading

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Donna Darling at B.F. Keith’s Greenpoint

Donna Darling Collection – Part 6 Treasure Chest Thursday By Don Taylor This photo of Donna Darling up in lights had no accompanying descriptions in the Donna Darling Collection. So, let the detective process begin.             … Continue reading

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Memories of Martha Barnes Conner

Nelson Barnes and Mercy Eliza Taft Amanuensis Monday By Don Taylor It is always amazing when you can find the voice of an ancestor. Thanks to Timothy Foulkes’ contribution to Family Search of the “History of Martha Barnes Conner,” we … Continue reading

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Donna and the Balalaika – 1926

Donna Darling Collection – Part 5 Treasure Chest Thursday By Don Taylor Item #5 of the Donna Darling Collection is a photograph. Actually, it is two photographs of Donna with a stringed instrument that I consider one item. One of … Continue reading

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Fanny (Taylor) Blackhurst (1806-1889)

By Don Taylor I sometimes tell the story that, “I am the oldest Taylor in my generations, that there are no Taylor’s older than me related to me.” (I need to tell the story of how I got the surname … Continue reading

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Evans – Surname Saturday

Origin of Name Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. If I were to guess, I would have guessed that “Evans” was a patronymic name.  That is to say, it was derived from a personal name such as … Continue reading

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Grandma Donna’s Chili Rice

Donna Darling Collection – Part 4 Treasure Chest Thursday By Don Taylor My grandmother, Donna, was a good cook. My mom says that Donna didn’t let her into the kitchen much and Donna never taught my mother how to cook. … Continue reading

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