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Montrans in the News – Maronites’ Society

Montran Monday By Don Taylor This week for Montran Monday[i], I found two articles from The Chat (Brooklyn, New York). They both appeared to relate to Montrans that lived in Brooklyn. Neither Mr. Montran nor his wife, May, are a … Continue reading

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Ancestor Bio – Oscar Hopfe

Hopfe Project By Don Taylor One of my favorite documents to find is a Naturalization Record.  I was recently researching Oscar Hopfe. Oscar was born in Germany on 12 April 1896 and came to the United States, arriving on 2 … Continue reading

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Ancestor Sketch – Erdman Max Hopfe

52 Ancestors – Week 2018-28 Hopfe-Bauer Project By Don Taylor Hopfe-Bauer 2018 – Ancestor #04 List of Grandparents Grandfather: Erdman Max Hopfe 1st Great-grandfather: Franz Hopfe Erdman Max Hopfe (1887-1926) Max[i] Hopfe was born in Rudolstade, Germany to Franz and … Continue reading

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Donna Darling Collection – Part 26 – 23rd St.

Proctor’s 23rd Street Treasure Chest Thursday By Don Taylor For this week’s Treasure Chest Tuesday, I looked at several clippings from the same page of the Donna Darling Collection. Two of them relate to the 23rd Street Theater, One to … Continue reading

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Biography – Karl Bauer (1885-1968)

By Don Taylor Sometimes it is necessary to take two steps back to answer questions. Although quite a lot was known about Karl Bauer, almost nothing was known about his siblings. Family oral history indicated he had a dozen or … Continue reading

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