My Start of a Trumpi Surname Study

Census Sunday

In continuing my research on the Trumpi line I realized there weren’t too many Trumpi’s that came to the United States. So, I thought I’d broaden my understanding of the Trumpi family line in hopes that eventually I would discover a connection of these other Trumpi’s and my wife’s Trumpi line in Switzerland. Additionally, this process will broaden my tree allowing for better understanding of DNA Matches. First I looked at the Census Records.

Trumpi by the Censuses

1940 Census

The 1940 US Census has 19 individuals surnamed Trumpi listed, six of whom are Heads of the Households.

Head Born Lived 1940 Spouse Comments
Fred 1886, MD North Pelham, NY Eva (1891)
John 1862, Switz. Milford Twnsp, PA
Jacob 1860, Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Emma (1864) Ethel, GDau (1915)
Raymond 1910, NJ Philadelphia, PA Julia (1912)
Fred 1911, MN Mound Prairie, MN Sophia (1907) Dennis, Son (1937)
Marie, Dau. 1938
Pauline, Dau. (1939)
Raymond 1900, PA Egg Harbor, NJ Alice (1902) May, Dau. (1924)
Joan, Dau. (1927)
Raymond, Son (1931)
Fredrich, Father (1872)
Ellen Littlewood, 67, Aunt-in-law.
Bridget Dreenan, 65, Mother-in-Law.
Mary Foody, 59, Aunt

1930 Census

The 1930 Census had six individuals listed in two households.

Head of House. Born Lived 1930 Spouse Comments
Jacob 1860 Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Emma Ethel, GDau. 15
Frederick 1886 Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Eva Helen, Dau. 14

Jacob Trumpi – The other Trumpi family reported in the 1930 Census is Jacob was born in Switzerland about 1860. He also lived at 91 Beekman Avenue in Mount Vernon, Weschester, New York. Living with him is his wife Emma, age 66, and a granddaughter Ethel Trumpi, age 15.

Frederick Trumpi – Fredrick with his wife Eva Living with him is a daughter Helen Trumpi, age 14. (He also had a step-daughter Evelyn M. Cashin, age 15.) Fredrick’s father was born in Switzerland. They live at 91 Beekman Avenue in Mount Vernon, Westchester, New York.

Note: The Fred Trumpi born about 1911 and the Raymond Trumpi born about 1910, do not appear in the 1930 Census. Jacob and Fredrick (Fred) born about 1886 live at the same address.

1920 Census

The 1920 Census is a bonanza of Trumpi’s. There were 14 enumerated and four heads of households.

Head of House. Born Lived 1920 Spouse Comments
George 1871 Lithuania Brooklyn
Fred 1873 Penn. Philadelphia Ida V. F. Walter – 21 – Son
Raymond S. – 20 – Son
Fred 1870 Switz. Mound Prairie, MN Louise Louise – 24 – Dau.
Fredie – 9 – Son
Jacob 1861 Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Emma F. Frederick, 34, Son
Ethel, 5, GDaughter
Helen, 6 GDaughter

1910 Census

Thirteen Trumpi people enumerated and three heads of household and one employee.

Head Born Lived 1910 Spouse Comments
Fred 1870 Switz. Mound Prairie, MN Luisa M (1872) Sophia, Dau. (1895)
Bertha, Dau. (1896)
Louisa, Dau. (1896)
Frederick 1873 PA Philadelphia, PA Ida V ( Edward, Son (1897)
Frederick, Son (1900)
Raymond, Son (1901)
Joseph, Son (1910)
Frank 1879 Italy Hampton, PA Only has Boarders
Barbara 1893 Switz. Pittsburgh, PA Servant

1900 Census

Eleven Trumpi people enumerated and three heads of household and one employee and one inmate.

Head Born Lived 1900 Spouse Comments
Jacob Feb 1860, Switz. Mt Vernon, NY Emma Immigration 1860
Son, Frederick (1885)
Christ Oct 1878, PA Braddock twnsp, PA Lizzie Dau. Ann (1900)
Sis. Aggie (1893)
Thomas Mar 1842, Switz. Oyster Bay Twnsp, NY Mary Immigration 1871
Grandson, Louis Vogt.
John Aug 1863, Switz. Montague Twnsp, NJ Immigration 1872 – Servant to Westbrook Family.
Gabriel Jun 1832, Germany Delaware Twnsp, KS Immigration 1852 – Inmate at Military Home.

1880 Census

Ten Trumpi people enumerated and two heads of household and one “Other.”

Head Born Lived 1880 Spouse Comments
Frederick 1848, Switz New York, NY Louisa Dau. Rose (1877)
Dau. Kate (1879)
Sister Kate (1857)
Thomas 1842, Switz Brooklyn, NY Maria Dau. Maria (1866)
Son. John (1861)
Jacob 1839, Switz Westfall, PA Servant.

1870 Census

Seven Trumpi people enumerated and only one household. Although the roles and relationship between people isn’t given, it appears to be a standard family unit with Father, Wife, and five Children.

Head Born Lived 1870 Spouse Comments
Fred 1813, Switz Posey, IN Ozilla Daniel (1853) MO
Fred (1856) MO
Barbary (1858) IA
Etha (1861) IN
John (1865) IN

Trumpi’s in the Censuses – by the Person


Aggie Trumpi, b. Dec. 1893 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Braddock Township, PA in 1900.

Barbara Trumpi, b. 1893 in Switzerland. Lived in Pittsburgh, PA in 1910 (Servant).

Christ Trumpi, b. Oct 1878 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Braddock Township, PA in 1900.
Ann b. 1900

Frank Trumpi, b. 1879 in Italy. Lived in Hampton, PA.

Fred Trumpi, b. 1813 in Switzerland was living in Posey, IN in 1870 with his wife and five children. That family completely disappears in subsequent census records.

Frederick Trumpi, b. Mar 1848 in Switzerland, Lived in New York City, NY in 1880.
Rose. b. 1877
Kate. B. 1879

Fred Trumpi, b. 1870 in Switzerland. Lived in Mound Prairie, MN in 1910, 1920.

Sophia b. 1895
Bertha b. 1896
Louisa b. 1896
Fredie/Fred, b. 1911 in Minnesota. Lived in Mound Prairie, MN in 1940.

Frederick Trumpi, b. 1873 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Philadelphia in 1910, 1920.
Edward b. 1897
Frederick Walter, 1900
Raymond, (1901)
Joseph, (1910)

Gabriel Trumpi, b. 1832 in Germany. Immigrated 1852.
Lived in Delaware township, Kansas in 1900.

George Trumpi, b. 1871 Lithuania. Lived in Brooklyn, NY

Jacob Trumpi, b. 1839 in Switzerland Lived in Westfall, PA in 1880.

Jacob Trumpi, b. 1860/61 in Switzerland. Immigrated 1860

Lived in Mt. Vernon, NY in 1900, 1920
Lived in Mount Vernon, NY in 1940.
Frederick/Fred, . 1885/86 in Switzerland or Maryland.
Lived in Mt. Vernon, NY in 1900, 1910, 1930
Lived in North Pelham, NY in 1940.
Ethel, b. 1915
Helen, b. 1916

John Trumpi, b. 1863 in Switzerland. Immigrated 1872.
Lived in Montague Township, New Jersey in 1880
Lived in Milford Township, PA in 1940.

Kate Trumpi, b. 1857 in Switzerland. Lived in New York City, NY in 1880.

Raymond Trumpi, b. 1900 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Egg Harbor, NJ, in 1940.

Raymond Trumpi, b. 1910 in New Jersey.
Lived in Philadelphia, PA in 1940.

Thomas Trumpi, b. 1842 in Switzerland. Lived in Brooklyn, NY in 1880.
Lived in Oyster Bay Township, NY in 1900.
Maria. b. 1866
John. b 1851

Future Trumpi Activities

I am particularly interested in the Trumpi’s that were born in Switzerland. So, I will look closer at each of them. That includes:

  • Barbara Trumpi,          b. 1893.
  • Fred Trumpi,               b. 1870.
  • Kate Trumpi,               b. 1857.
  • John Trumpi,               b. 1863.
  • Jacob Trumpi,             b. 1860/61.
  • Frederick Trumpi,       b. Mar 1848
  • Thomas Trumpi,          b. 1842.
  • Jacob Trumpi,             b. 1839.
  • Fred Trumpi,               b. 1813.

I may take a look at the children of those individuals. Sometimes the birth and/or Marriage records indicate the birthplace of the individual’s parent. First on that group is Frederick/Fred, born in 1885/86. One of the Census records indicated he was born in Switzerland, although the other ones indicate he was born in Maryland.

There were three Trumpi’s that I not very interested in. Frank was born in Italy, Gabriel in Germany, and George in Lithuania. None of these appeared to have any connection to the Swiss Trumpi’s, so I’ll ignore them for now.

Once Again, DNA Provides a Clue – Trumpi

By Don Taylor

A recent experience with Ancestry DNA reminds me that even fifth to eighth cousins on Ancestry DNA can provide a clue, possibly the big clue, to a breakthrough.

I was recently contacted via Ancestry DNA messaging by a 5th-8th cousin of my mother-in-law. She (I’ll call her K.B.) was excited because she had only encountered Trumpe’s[i] before that were known relatives. Her 3rd great grandfather was John Frederick Trumpe and was from the same place, Glarus, Switzerland, as my mother-in-law’s great-grandfather, Bernhard/Bernard/Benard Trümpi. There were some coincidental matches in our two trees. For example, K.B.’s John Frederick named one of his children Bernard and my mother-in-law’s Bernhard named one of his children Frederick. John Frederick Trumpe and his wife Catherine settled in Pittsburgh, PA.

The next piece of the puzzle came from family oral history. My mother-in-law’s grandmother, Bertha Barbara Trumpi, was said to have come to the United States with an aunt and uncle who were living in the States already. It was also family oral history that she came over “above decks” (not steerage). I had long suspected that it was her aunt and uncle, Rachel and Fredolin (Fred) Sigrist, but I had never found any support for that. Rachel and Fredolin had settled in Pittsburgh, PA, and traveled back and forth to Europe often above decks during their many trips but I hadn’t found any evidence of their traveling in 1901-1903 when Bertha came across.

Fritz, Katherine and Bertha Trumpi
Passenger List, S.S. Philadelphia 26 July 1902
Source: Find My Past (See Endnotes)

I revisited Bertha’s immigration and still didn’t find anything on Ancestry.Com, Family Search, or Ellis Island Foundation. Then I searched Find My Past and found a record of Fritz (Frederick) and Katherine (Catherine) Trumpi, who left Southampton on 26 July 1902, aboard the S.S. Philadelphia bound for New York with a 19-year-old spinster, Bertha.[ii] They are listed in the passengers with cabins section of the passenger list. I looked closer and couldn’t find and arrival document on Find My Past. I went back to Ancestry.Com and Ellis Island Foundation websites and looked at the passenger lists for the S.S. Philadelphia arriving in New York on 2 August 1902. Nothing. I browsed the images painstakingly several times and still didn’t find any arrival information. I noticed that the images only included people in third-class (steerage); none of the images included first or second class passengers. That is why I never found them before.

If Fritz Trumpi is John Frederick Trumpe and John Fredrick and Bernhard Trumpi are brothers, then we have a match. All the pieces seem to fit, all the ages are right for Fritz and Katherine to be John Frederick and Catherine. Also, the age for Barbara Bertha Trümpi is correct. With all the circumstantial evidence I have found I am going to tentatively associate John Frederick and Bernhard as siblings. What makes this association even more important is that, when John Frederick Trumpe died in 1917, the informant indicated that his parents were Benhart and Anna Oertli Trumpe.[iii] That information potentially extends the Trumpi line back another generation.

Back to the DNA

If Benhart and Anna Oertli Trumpi from Glarus, Switzerland, are the common ancestor for K.B. and my mother in law they should share, on average, 76cM of DNA. They share 16.8cM of DNA, quite a bit less than average but still within the range for third cousins once removed.[iv]

Is it possible that Benhart and Anna are not the common ancestors? Absolutely. It may be that Benhart’s parents are the common ancestor, or even back another generation. Time and further research will tell, but so many circumstantial bits of evidence fit that between the DNA and the paper trail, I know there is some kind of relationship.

Future Actions:

Visit Ellis Island and see if they have passenger records at Ellis Island that include the above deck passengers for the S.S. Philadelphia that arrived in New York on 2 August 1902.
Research the Trümpi family in Glarus, Switzerland further.
Consider doing a Trumpi family of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and determine additional information regarding potential family members.



[i] Trumpe, Trumpi, and Trumpy are all forms of the same surname. Often spelled with an umlaut as in Trümpi.
[ii] Find My Past – Passenger Lists leaving UK 1890-1960 – Trumpi
[iv] Blaine Bettinger compiled DNA relationship data from more than 6,500 submissions of autosomal DNA test results. See:
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Bernhead Trümpi – Climbing a wall.

Climbing a Wall – DH-30 – Bernhead Trümpi (unk.-unk.)

Bertha Trumpi’s Marrige Registration Entries

Bertha Barbara Trümpi’s marriage record is the one place the clearly describes her father’s name, Bernhead. Some other records indicated that his name might be Bernard or Benard. Family oral history indicates that he was a musician working at a local hotel in Glarus or Ennenda Switzerland. We know that he was married twice, once to Bertha’s mother and again to a woman who was Bertha’s stepmother, whom Bertha didn’t like. Bertha’s marriage record also indicates that her mother was “Bertha Koch.” Other records indicate that “Bertha Trümpi” came to the United States to visit her daughter Bertha Barbara Huber. Additionally, that second Bertha located to California and is thus believed to be her stepmother. Sound confusing? It is.

Searching more for Bernhead Trümpi in the on-line records hasn’t resulted in anything. Several scenarios come to mind.

It could it be that Bernhead married an unknown woman who gave birth to Bertha and then that woman either died or was divorced.
It could be that Bertha Koch was Bertha’s natural mother.
It could be that Bertha Koch was Bertha’s stepmother.
It could be that Bernhead married two different women both named Bertha.

Not being able to read German and finding a definite lack of Swiss records has made determining the vital records for Bernhead very difficult. Because of that, I’ve decided I have a wall that needs to be climbed. What I’ll do:

Climbing a wall

First, I should follow what happened to each of Bertha’s siblings. Possibly, there will be something in their lives that can point to his or her father’s life and untangle the mother, stepmother tangle.

Second, I’ll investigate of all individuals with the surname Trümpi from Ennenda, Switzerland, and see if anything illuminating comes from that.

Third, use a FAN (Friends, Acquaintances, and Neighbors) Analysis and see if I can determine more of Bernhead’s life from their lives.

Fourth, I’ll hire a genealogist in Switzerland who specializes in the Ennenda, Glarus, Switzerland area.

Finally, I’d love to take a trip to Switzerland. A couple days in Glarus would be awesome. I could research and my wife would see the sights.

Ernst Lorrain Trümpi (1905-1967)

1940 Census showing Adolph & Freida
Karch and Ernest Trumpy

Ernst Lorrain Trümpi is Bertha’s youngest sibling. He was born 22 October 1905 at sea on the trip to the United States aboard the SS La Lorraine to Bertha Trümpi. Again, I’m not sure if it was Bertha’s mother or stepmother. The ship arrived in New York on 28 October 1905. Luckily, the 1940 Census shows him living with his sister Freida and his brother-in-law, Adolph Karch. When Ernst Lorrain Trümpi became naturalized, he changed his name to Ernest Lorrain Trumpy. Ernest died 05 Nov 1967 in Elkhart, Indiana.

That 1940 Census record provided the married name for his sister Freida.

Freida A Trümpi (1895-1971)

Born: 09 Aug 1895 – Glarus, Switzerland
Married: abt 1913 to Adolph Karch
Died: 28 Oct 1971 Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana, USA

They appear to have had four children.

Freida Trümpi Karch Obituary

Albert Adolph Karch (1913-1963)
Elinor Freida Karch [McCarthy] (1914-1998)
Bertha Barbara Karch [Ayers] (1916-1975)
Evelyn Laverna Karch [Thime] (1918-2007)
[It is interesting to note that Freida named one of her children Bertha Barbara, the same names as her sister. Could it have been her mother’s name too?]

The 1940 Census also indicates that Adolph had a granddaughter living with them named Marcella Whitmore. It isn’t clear if Marcella is one of the above three daughter’s child or if she is the daughter of another unknown Karch daughter.

Freida’s obituary indicates that she had two brothers living in Switzerland at the time of her death. These must be August and Fredrick.

Trecela (or Trecele) Trümpi (c. 1889 – Unknown)

She arrived with Bertha and Ernst in 1905.

Rebetta Trümpi (c. 1888 – Unknown)
She arrived with Bertha and Ernst in 1905.

Bertha Trümpi and the three children were visiting
“Daughter Bertha Trumpi of New Glarus” in 1905.


Certainly, many questions need answering. Why would Bertha Trümpi (the elder) leave Switzerland pregnant with three children and never return. Had Bernhead died or had they divorced? If one of the siblings still in Switzerland when Freida died was Fredrick, whey did he return, is or there another sibling that is unknown.

My process is to:

Research the direct ancestors.
Research the siblings of direct ancestors.
Research the children of those siblings.
If viable, research similar surnames from same location.
Research friends, acquaintances, and neighbors (FAN).
Hire a genealogist with specialization in the time and place of interest.
If possible, personally research in the specific place.

Of course, anywhere along the way where I encounter another researcher researching the same people, I reach out to them and see if they may have additional resources or insight into the family.