Reuben Fowler (1753-1832), DAR, and Find-a-Grave

Reuben Fowler

Reuben Fowler’s Name
On 1927 DAR Plaque
Photo Credit: Mora #48254008

I received a message from Mora, Find-a-Grave contributor #48254008, with six photos attached A couple of the photos are beautiful pictures of Old St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and the Old Van Cortlandtville Cemetery in Winchester County, New York. The significance of those photos is that my 5th great grandfather Reuben Fowler is buried there. Included in Mora’s email were several photos of a Daughters of the American Revolution memorial & plaque that the DAR erected in 1927, “TO THE MEMORY OF THE HEROS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1771-1783 BURIED IN THIS CHURCHYARD.” The plaque names Reuben Fowler among 37 other patriots. Very nice to see. Thank you again, Mora, for sharing. (Another proof that Social Networking can yield amazing results.)

I still need to find the time to do additional research about Reuben Fowler and his service, but here’s a quick bio.


Reuben Fowler (1753-1832)

Born either the 4th or the 9 September 1753 in Yorktown, Winchester County, New York.
He married Martha Drake in 1773.
He served in the Revolution (1776-1783). (By the way, the surrender took place at Yorktown, Virginia, not Yorktown, New York.)
He died on 1 February 1832 at the age of 78.
He is buried in the Old Van Cortlandtville Cemetery See: Marker Here.

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Bio – Reuben Fowler (1753-1832)

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 36 – Reuben
Fowler (1753-1832)

By – Don Taylor
It is important to check the dates and check the facts you
find in other peoples work.  My fifth great
grandfather, Reuben Fowler, is a perfect example of that.  I first learned of Reuben when looking at
other people’s family trees. According to all six of them on Ancestry.Com
family trees, he was born 9/9/1753 and died 2/2/1832.  Then I started looking at the sources that
were described. Only one had any kind of source, a Find-a-Grave source, the
rest all cited other people’s family trees. A quick look at the Find-a-Grave
source showed the death date to be inconsistent with the actual marker. 

In memory of REUBEN FOWLER
who departed this life
Feb. 1, 1832, aged 78 years
4 months & 28 days.
Thanks to Find a Grave

The marker clearly shows he died on February
1, 1832[1]. It
is only a day different, but still…  Then
I took a look at the birth date.  It just
didn’t seem right. The calculator at would
let me know for certain.  Sure enough,
the date for his birth that everyone else had was inconsistent with his marker.
He should have been born on September 4th (or possibly the 3rd,
depending on how you calculate the date). It is only five days off, but I strive
for accuracy.  I’m also interested in how
and where the other trees found the locations for his birth and death.  I understand that the marker is not
contemporary; but, I feel that whoever erected the marker was closer to the
event than I am and most likely knew a lot about Reuben’s life. So, I’m going
to use the dates on his marker as my preferred dates until I can find a
credible source to overrule them.

Bio – Reuben Fowler (1753-1832)

Reuben Fowler was born on 4 September 1753, probably Winchester
County, New York. His parents were Reuben and Jane Valentine Fowler.
He had at least one older sibling, a sister, who was about
11 years older than he.  When he was only
nine years old his mother Jane Valentine Fowler died.
In 1773 he married Martha Drake. They would go on to have at
least seven children that I know of. 
In 1777, his father Reuben Fowler (1720-1777) passed away.
He died on 1 Feb 1832 and is buried in the Old Van
Cortlandtville Cemetery in Westchester County, New York[2].
List of Greats
Arthur Durrwood
Henry Brown
Eliza Fowler
5.    Reuben

[1] Find a Grave, digital images (, Reuben Fowler – Memorial# 34837264.

[2] Ibid.

Jane Valentine (1724-1763)

52 Ancestors: #3 – Jane Valentine 

Sometimes a person in your tree exemplifies what you don’t know about someone. The basics just aren’t enough to understand that person’s life.  My sixth great-grandmother Jane Valentine is such a person for me.  I know vitals but very little more about her or her life.
She was born on the 27th of January 1724, probably in Yonkers, Westchester County, New York, although she may have been born in Yorktown Heights, also in Westchester County.  Her parents were Matthias and Anna (Ryche) Valentine. 
Queen Anne Flag
First “national flag” of the colonies
Courtesy: Flags Unlimited

In 1742 she married Reuben Fowler in Scarsdale, Westchester County, New York. 

Various other people’s trees indicate all kinds of things, one person’s tree says she had 17 children, one after she died. Another says she had 21, but there are clearly duplicates of children with the same name and overlapping lives. So I really don’t know how many children she had. I am sure of two, Phoebe and Reuben.  Reuben (Junior) was born to Jane in 1753 at Yorktown, Westchester County, New York, and is my fifth great-grandfather.  
She died in 1763, apparently in Eastchester, Bronx, New York, which is today a neighborhood in northeast Bronx, not to be confused with Eastchester town in Westchester County.  Although, I suspect she may have died Eastchester town and my source got the wrong place as everything else about her life was in Westchester County.  
So, I have the vitals, born 1724, married 1742, Died 1763, but not much else. Her life is clearly one that I need to do much more research on.

I honor and remember Jane Valentine on this, the 289th anniversary of her birth.