Donna Darling Collection – Part 92

Treasure Chest Thursday
By Don Taylor

I’m looking at a clipping from the Donna Darling Collection for this week’s Treasure Chest Tuesday.

Donna Darling Clipping

The clipping shows the venue but not the date or the location.

Key Features of Ad:

  1. The Venue: The Majestic Theater.
  2. The show is the “Donna Darling Revue with Sammy Clark,” so we know it is 1926 or 1927.
  3. The movie playing is “Camille of the Barbary Coast.”
  4. Coming soon is “Orpheum Syncopation;” it starts Sunday.


Clipping from The Gazette (Cedar Rapids. Iowa) – January 7, 1927, Page 6.
  1. Although there are many Majestic Theaters, there were only a handful of theaters under the “Direction of Alexander Frank.”
        • The Isis in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
        • The Orpheum in Des Moines, Iowa.[i]
        • The Plaza in Waterloo, Iowa.
        • The Majestic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Thanks to Newspapers.Com, a search for “Majestic and Donna” in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1926 or 1927 quickly yielded a display ad with all of the same information shown in Donna’s clipping.

Thanks to the January 1927 issues of Variety, I had already known Donna played:

  • Dec 9-11, 1926 – Clinton, IA – Orpheum
  • Jan 2-5, 1927 – Des Moine, IA – Orpheum
  • Jan 6-8, 1927 – Cedar Rapids, IA – Majestic
  • Jan 13-15, 1927 – Davenport, IA – Capitol
  • Jan 16-19, 1927 – Clinton, IA – Orpheum
  • Jan 24-26 – Kitchener, Ont. – Capitol
  • Jan 27-29 – Brantford, Ont. – Temple

So, this ad confirms the show.


January 6-8, 1927 – Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Majestic Theater – Donna Darling Revue with Sammy Clark – DDC-92.


[i] See Donna Darling Collection – Part 68

Chin-Chin in the News – Kankakee, IL

Date: 2 Nov 1919 – Kankakee, IL, Majestic Theatre

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.[My grandmother was a vaudeville star and I am following her career, trying to learn of her many performances. In October 1919, she joined the cast of the Charles Dillingham production of “Chin-Chin” “Chin-Chin” played in the US and Canada until June 1920. I recently researched “Chin-Chin” playing at the Chatterton Opera House in Bloomington, IL. As I searched, I came across a small mention of the show playing somewhere I didn’t have a record for.]

This week’s entry is from The St. Anne Record (St. Anne, Illinois), dated November 6, 1919, via the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections.

 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sprimont Russell Dumontell and Ruth Paradis drove to Kankakee last Sunday and saw Chin Chin at the Majestic. 

November 6th, 1919, was a Thursday, so “last Sunday” would have been 2 November. The venue fits nicely between November 1st, at the Chatterton Opera house, and Streator, at the Plumb theater. Cinema Treasures confirms that the Majestic Theater operated in Kankakee from 1915 to 1957.

New Venue Added: 

Nov 2, 1919 – Kankakee, IL – Majestic Theater “Chin-Chin”