Auburn, Maine, Native Ada Marie Chase (1876-1940)

WB07 – Ada Marie Chase – KFJ1-MLJ

18 November 1876 – 26 February 1940

By Don Taylor

Map of Lewiston & Auburn
Showing the 1873 home of George Chase

Ada Marie Chase was born on 18 November 1876 in Auburn, Androscoggin, Maine,. She is the daughter of George W. Chase and Emma J. Libby. She died on 26 February 1940 in Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine at age 63 and is buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine.

Ada was the second child of George and Emma; Her brother, Burnham Chase was born in either 1872 or 1873. Her sister, Alice M Chase was born three years later in October 1879.

The 1880 census found the young family living at 39 Spring, Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine. George was working as a tinman, Emma keeping house, Burnham was at school, and young Ada and Alice were still to young for school. This location today appears to have been next door to the, then brand new, two room, Auburn Public Library.

Three more siblings were born during the 1880s. First Bertha F Chase in 1881, next Ralph S. Chase in 1884, then Harry H Chase in 1887.

I believe that sometime between 1880 and 1893 Ada’s mother died.  In 1894, Ada’s father remarried. His new wife, Flora, had six children from a previous marriage.

In 1895 and library expanded and appears to have taken the house at 39 Spring, because by the 1900 census, the family had relocated to 98 Spring.  In 1900, Bernham was no longer in the home. George was still a tinman, 23 year-old Ada was working as a cashier, and Alice was a working as a bookkeeper. Bertha was in college and the two youngest boys were still in school. Flora’s children are absent from this census record.

She married Everett Anson Bickford (1876-1957), son of Anson W. and Jennie C.  Bickford on 30 October 1905 in Auburn, Androscoggin, Maine. Everett was 29 and Ada was 28. Ada’s sister Alice, who had married and moved to North Cambridge, Massachusetts, came up for the wedding.

Ada and Everett’s first child, Catherine Flora Bickford was born in 1907.

63 Winter Street, Auburn, Maine
Courtesy: Google Maps

In 1910 the young family was living at 63 Winter Street, Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine. Everett was working as a grocer. Living with them was Everett’s father, Anson W Bickford. Ada would live there the rest of her life.

It is interesting to note that Zillow and other Real Estate websites report that the 3000 square-foot house at 63 Winter Street was built in 1920. It is unclear if they built their new home on the same lot as a previous house or if the build date is incorrect. More research will need to be done to determine that.

Three more daughters were born to Ada and Everett; Beatrice B, in 1911; Emma L, about 1913; and Phyllis, in 1916.

The 1920 Census shows that Everett had changed professions to be a real-estate and insurance agent. Ada was a housewife with four kids, and Everett’s father, Anson, was living at the same address but was his own head of household and was renting from Everett, who was the owner.

Marker: Ada M. Chase
Wife of Everett A Bickford
Photo Courtesy: Find a Grave.

In 1922, Everett’s father died.

The Auburn City Directory of 1924 indicates Everett owned the Bickford Agency and was the treasurer for the Auburn Motor Car Co., at 19 Turner.

By 1930, Catherine had moved out and the family was down to just Ada, Everett, and the three youngest daughters.

Ada Marie Chase Bickford died on 26 February 1940 in Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine. She is buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Auburn, Androscoggin County Maine.

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Bio – Everett Anson Bickford (1876-1957)

WB-06 – Everett Anson Bickford

15 October 1876 – 1957

Everett Anson Bickford[i] was born on 15 October 1876 in Readfield, Kennebec County, Maine[ii], died in 1957 in Maine, aged 80[iii]. He was buried in Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine, at Mount Auburn Cemetery[iv].

He is the son of Anson W Bickford (1852-?), aged 23, and Jennie C Bickford, aka Jane (1840-< 1910), aged 36.

The following information is also recorded for Everett:

Occupation: Grocer, Real Estate Insurance Agent (See below).
In September 1918 his physical description was: Medium Height, Medium Build, Blue Eyes, Brown Hair (per draft registration).
He completed 4 Years of High School (per 1940 Census)

Life Events for Evert Anson Bickford:

Everett was the fifth of eight children. His older siblings included Nettie, Ralph, Edward, and Matilda. Estella was born in 1879.

The 1880 census shows the three-year-old Everett living with his parents and five siblings in Readfield, Maine.

His sister Maude was born in 1883, and his sister Erna was born in 1884.

The 1900 census shows the 23-year-old Everett living with his parents and three sisters, Nettie, Maude, and Erna, in Auburn, Maine. Everett is working as a clerk in a grocery.

He married Ada Marie Chase (1876-bef. 1940), the daughter of George W and Emma Chase on 30 October 1905 in (Maine)[v]. They both were 29.

63 Winter, Auburn, Maine – Image courtesy Google

Everett’s mother died sometime between 1900 and 1910. Everett’s father, Anson, came to live with Everett, his wife Ada and their daughter Catherine for the 1910 Census. They lived at 63 Winter St[vi], in Auburn, Maine, a place they would live for many years. Everett was a grocery merchant, employed other individuals and owned his home. Trulia and other home sites indicate that the home at this location was built in 1920. Either they are wrong or another house was there and was replaced by the current home in 1920. In either event, they remained at 63 Winter into the 1940s.

Everett registered for the draft on 12 September 1918.[vii]

In the 1920 Census, Anson is no longer living with the family and three more daughters were born between 1910 and 1920, Beatrice, Emma, and Phyllis. Everett is now working own account as a Real Estate Insurance agent.[viii]

In the 1930 Census, Catherine had moved out but Everett and his wife are still living with their three youngest daughters. Everett is still a Real Estate Insurance agent. [ix]

The 1935 City Directory indicates that Everett is the proprietor of E. A. Agency and his home address is still 63 Winter.[x] [xi]

The 1940 Census indicated that Everett is now a widower. The 64-year-old is still the proprietor of a real estate company. The daughters have all moved out. Living at the same address is a renter, Josephine Abbott, a 71-year-old widow.[xii]
Marker: Everett A Bickford
Courtesy Find-a-Grave
Everett Anson Bickford died in 1957 and is buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery.[xiii]

            Children of Everett and Ada were:

         Catherine Flora Bickford, born on 2 February 1907 in Auburn, Maine, died on 6 August 2001 in York Harbor, York County, Maine, aged 94. She married Paul Timothy Whitten on 26 June 1937, next married Coleman Mitchell on 2 June 1979.

        Beatrice B Bickford, born about 1910 in Maine.

          Emma L Bickford, born about 1913 in Maine.

         Phyllis I Bickford, born on 28 February 1916 in Auburn, Maine, died on 29 September 2006 in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA, aged 90. She married Harold Dow.


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Jump Hunting and the Maine Register


Painting by Henry Thomas Alken
[Public domain]
My foster father, Duane Olson, took me hunting when I was in high school. He liked to “jump-shoot” ducks. He knew places where there were likely to be ducks. We would then stalk the ducks at those locations. Once we got close, we would “jump” the ducks into the air. We’d get a couple birds most every time.Often my genealogical efforts use the same method. First, it helps to know where the information might be. Then, I stalk the places and “bag” my information.

I was recently at a genealogical conference and saw a copy of the Maine Register. I was immediately struck with how useful the book could be. After I got home, I looked to see if there were on-line copies of the book. There were. I found three editions on Archive.Org:

Maine Register, State Year-Book and Legislative Manual

1887-1888 –
1891-1892 –
1912 –

Maine Register #43 (1912)
Page opposite of 889

I don’t have many trees that have Maine roots, but I thought I’d take a quick and see if the Maine Register would shed light onto the families that I do have. I pulled up the 1912 edition to see what I could find. Sure enough – there were over twenty entries on a “Bickford” search and nearly as many for “Whitten.” Briefly looking at the search results, I saw noticed several known ancestors in the findings. I also found an interesting company, the Swan-Whitten-Bickford Co., wholesale grocers in Belfast[i]. I would speculate there must be some kind of connection between that company and the Whitten-Bickford marriage twenty-five years later.

Thanks to the Maine Register, I’ve jump-shot the ducks. Next, I need to clean them, and then cook them. (Document and interpret the findings.)

If you use the Maine Register, great! If you aren’t using it yet, I highly recommend adding it to your list of important sources to “jump shoot” when you are hunting for information on your Maine ancestors.

I’ll bet other states have them too.  If you know of a similar book for another state, please let me know by posting a comment below.

[i] Maine Register, State Year-Book and Legislative Manual – No. 43 – July 1912, Published by Grenville M. Donham, Portland, Maine, 1912. Accessed via (
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Louise Frances Bickford – Descendant of second Mayflower voyage?

I was exploring my sister-in-law’s ancestors and found she
has a first cousin, once removed, that was an opera star.  I found several articles about the cousin, but one excited me like a dog chasing a Frisbee in the spring. Now, it isn’t often that I encounter something
that makes me giddy with the excitement of the chase but this article did.  I asked my sister-in-law if she knew about
the cousin and what the story said.  She
remembered the cousin but didn’t know the tidbit in the article.  She didn’t know where her cousin had got that bit of information, because it wasn’t in her oral history.  I know
that newspaper articles get things wrong and that sometimes things are made up for the papers,
but this tidbit is too exciting to pass up. 
Lewiston Evening Journal
August 15, 1959
Courtesy: Google News
The August 15, 1959, article in Lewiston Evening Journal runs
two pages in the magazine section and provides information about “Luisa
Franceschi,” the stage name for an opera star whose birth name was Louise Frances
Bickford. According to the article,
Louise’s ancestors “Date back maternally to the early sailing days, while
on the paternal side go back to the second voyage of the Mayflower, 1632.”

Wow. Louise’s paternal side ancestors would also be my sister-in-law’s ancestors. I’ve heard the stories that my sister-in-law’s family had been in New England for a long time, but that long? Could it be? Besides the original Mayflower, there was a second ship also called the Mayflower. According to Wikipedia, that second Mayflower made crossings in 1629, 1630, 1633, 1634, and 1639. Humm – No voyages in 1632 – Something is definitely amiss.

A mystery for sure. Is the article true? It will take some time, but that tantalizing bit of information fuels my enthusiasm towards another research area. I am excited and will, hopefully, find out the truth.

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