Jury Frees Grandpa Brown

Grandpa Brown In the News

90 Years Ago Today
By Don Taylor

I’m sure Grandpa Brown was worried and concerned about what the Grand Jury would find. It must have been a scary ten weeks between his being bound to the Grand Jury and their meeting. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year surely were difficult. His next appearance in the paper put him back on Page 1.

Jury Frees Brown in
Thompson Death Trial

Article about Clifford Brown being, "Not criminally liable" for death of Irwin Thompson.

Brainerd Daily Dispatch – Jan 12, 1933 – page 1.
Thanks to Newspaper Archive.

Clifford Brown, a Brainerd, was freed of all criminal liability late Wednesday in the death of Irwin Thompson which resulted from a fight at Little Pine resort during the early morning hours of Sunday, October 16, 1932. Brown had been at liberty on bail since he was taken into custody on the day following the fight and after a coroner’s jury held him to the grand jury. Court convened in Walker on Monday of this week and Brown case was presented Wednesday morning. The jury arrived at the verdict of not criminally liable after listening to the testimony of several witnesses.

I knew that Grandpa Brown was arrested for manslaughter. Not until I found this article did I learn that he had the charge dropped. He won’t be quite so lucky the next time he is arrested.


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