My mtDNA Results – T2b

by Don Taylor

I recently took the mtDNA[i] test through Family Tree DNA. I wasn’t surprised to learn I am a T2b haplogroup (23&Me’s test also told me that). There were 30 matches with a Genetic Distance of zero (0). Tracing mtDNA ancestors can be complex as the surnames typically change every generation. With that in mind, I thought I don’t know what my mtDNA cousins’ surnames are. I know my two mtDNA sisters and my one niece, but not any cousins.

Looking At My Tree,

Photo of Sylvia Larson (later Matson) in nurse's uniform - circa 1955

My mom, in nurse’s uniform – circa 1955

I received my mtDNA from my mother.

She received it from her mother, Madonna Mae Montran. Madonna had no other daughters.

Madonna received her mtDNA from her mother, Ida Mae Barber. Ida had no other daughters.

Ida received her mtDNA from her mother, Sarah H Blackhurst (1848-1929). Sarah also had a daughter Eva. Louisa Barber.

  1. Eva married Adelbert Roswell Goff and had a daughter
    1. Lillian A. Goff (1907-___).

Sarah received her mtDNA from Fanny Taylor (1806-1889). Besides Sarah, Fanny had five other daughters

  1. Ellen Blackhurst (1829-1905) married Henry Clough and had one daughter.
    1. Kara A Clough (___-___)
  2. Elizabeth Blackhurst (1831-1915) married Isaac John Earl and had one known daughter.
    1. Mary Flora Earl
  3. Mary Blackhurst (1833-1900) married Royal Baldwin (no known children)
  4. Louise Blackhurst (1840-1927) had one daughter with Samuel Sanders and one daughter with Champion Eslow.
    1. Carrie B. Sanders (1867-___)
    2. Phoebe Ann Eslow (1879-1948)
  5. Phoebe Anna Blackhurst (1842-1929) married William Brownell and had two daughters
    1. Hattie L. Brownell (1860-1916)
    2. Fanny P Brownell (1866-1939)

I don’t know who Fanny Taylor’s parents are.

So, my known mtDNA ancestors and cousins include the following known surnames: Blackhurst, Brownell, Clough, Earl, Eslow, Goff, Sanders, and Taylor.

Next, I looked at the surname of my mtDNA matches trees.

  1. PJM: Sole, Perry, Ahearn, Broderick.
  2. SPD: Murray, Doherty, Elliott, Beggs.
  3. MDC: Newton, Barry.
  4. DJT: Hose, Rankin, McKenzie, Finlayson.
  5. SCC: Norris, Edwards, Arnold.
  6. ACG: Richardson, Douras, Lennon, O’Neil.
  7. RJC: Norris, Edwards, Arnold, Bryan.
  8. NAM: Lafferty, Doherty, Elliott.
  9. MW: Stein.
  10. MD: Parkyn, Smith, Harris.
  11. DBD: van Dyle
  12. DMW: Miller, MacKellar, Gallop, Caldwell, Flynn.
  13. BS: Regnier, Darcy, Crahan.
  14. MA: Coombs.
  15. AMN: Leonard, Campbell, O’Brien, Deasy.
  16. PMT: Bothwell, Fahey, Curtis, Jones.
  17. SV: Leonard, Campbell, O’Brien, Deasy.
  18. MKL: Lyons, Browne, Bergin, Long, Crabb.
  19. CW: Cushing, Pratt, Shonk.
    • Two trees had all mtDNA ancestors “Private.”
    • One tree was “Forbidden” to be seen by me.
    • Eight individuals had no trees.

So, none of the matches with a zero (0) genetic distance has a surname that matched my known surnames.


My next mtDNA task will be to expand my known surnames in hopes of finding an identifiable match. I’ll look closer at Eva Louisa (Barber) Goff. Did she have any daughters besides Lillian? Did Lillian have any children?


[i] Mitochondrial DNA is the small circular chromosome found inside mitochondria. (Wikipedia- Mitochondrial DNA) – See: for more information.


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