Manning Deep Dive – Part 2

Mannin(g)’s in Carter County during the 1880 Census.

Census Sunday
Brown-Mannin(g) Line
By Don Taylor

The first step in doing a Deep Dive is to confirm the use of my initial sources. The first items to review are items in Family Search for Carter County, including Biographies. It included a Book, Heritage of Carter County, Kentucky. I had not reviewed it. Also, it doesn’t appear to be available online. I contacted the Carter County Historical and Genealogical Society to see if they do lookups.

Next, there are four items under Cemeteries. None of the items listed there appear to be available remotely. However, I did look at Find-a-Grave and found several confusing and erroneous entries in the memorials. I hope that Census Records might help clear up some of my questions regarding those family units. I’ll return to it after I look at the Census records and Vital Records.

Third, are the US Census Records. Starting at the most recent and working back from the 1880 Census.

1880 Census – Carter County – Mannin(g)

There were 5 Mannin families, which included 37 entries. They are as follows:

Family 1 – Precinct 4, ED 15 – Page 4

All were born in Kentucky except for Elizabeth.

Tubal Mannin 50 Self (Head) Farmer (parents born in VA)
Elizabeth J. Mannin 44 Wife – Keeps House – Born VA
John L. Mannin 22 Son – Farm Laborer
Valandinghan Mannin 16 Son – Farm Laborer
James S. Mannin 14 Son – At Home
Sarah C. Mannin 10 Daughter
Amanda L. Mannin 7 Daughter
Willie Mannin 1 Son
Killie Mannin 1 Daughter – Twins

Tubal was my 4th great uncle.

Family 2 – Precinct 4, ED 15 – Page 17.

All were born in Kentucky.

Wm. C. Mannin 34 Self (Head) Farmer
Martha E. Mannin 30 Wife Keeping House
Alvin Mannin 10 Son
Montaville Mannin 9 Son
Silas Mannin 8 Son
Arminta Mannin 5 Daughter
Asbury Mannin 2 Son
William C. Mannin 7/12 Son

My relationship with William C Mannin is unknown.

Family 3 – Precinct 4, ED 15 – Page 17

All were born in Kentucky.

Thos. H. Mannin 52 Self (Head) – Farmer
Rachal Mannin 42 Wife – Keeping House
John J. Mannin 21 Son – Farmer
Samuel T. Mannin 19 Son – Farm Lr.
Mary D. Mannin 17 Daughter – at home
Zachariah W. Mannin 15 Son – Farm Lr.
Eliza F. Mannin 5 Daughter

Thomas H. Mannin is my 4th great uncle

Family 4 – Precinct 4, ED 15, Page 18

All were born in Kentucky.

Merideth A. Mannin 24 Self (Head) – Farmer
Sousan F. Mannin 25 Wife – Keeping House
Rachal E. Mannin 3 Daughter
Sarah M. Mannin 1 Daughter

My relationship with this Merideth Mannin is unknown.

Family 5a – Precinct 4, ED 15, Page 20[i]

All were born in Kentucky.

Enoch Mannin 57 Self (Head)
Manerva Mannin 59 Wife

Enoch and Manerva are my 3rd great-grandparents.

Family 5b – Precinct 4, ED 15, Page 20 – Same house as Enoch Mannin’s house

All were born in Kentucky.

Isaac Mannin 32 Self (Head) – Farmer
Tenisee Mannin 32 Wife – Keeping House
Sam Mc Kee Mannin 12 Son – At Home
Henry M. Mannin 9 Son
Frances P. Mannin 7 Son
James H. Mannin 5 Son
Phodeena Mannin 2/12 Daughter

Isaac Wilson Mannin is my 3rd great uncle.

I confirmed all Mannin’s in Carter County during the 1880 Census are in my database, and all appropriate facts are identified. However, there are two Mannin families, Merideth and William C., in the 1880 Census that I do not know how they relate to me. I suspect I’ll be able to determine that relationship when I review the 1870 and 1860 Censuses.


[i] In terms of indexing, Enoch and Manerva [sic] were enumerated without relationship to subsequent individuals but were listed as in the same household. From other research, I know that Enoch and Minerva were the parents of Isaac Mannin.

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