Blanchard Project Photos – Part 2 of 2 – Utterstrom & Cassidy

Photo Friday

I recently received a group of 13 photos all relating to people in my Blanchard project—one Cassidy, four Utterstroms, seven Halversons, and 1 blurry photo. Today, I’ll look at the five Cassidy and Utterstrom photos.

Blanchard Project

Four photos of the Utterstrom & Cassidy FamiliesOlaf and Hannah (Halverson) Utterstrom – Marriage 30 June 1897” – The back of this photo indicates “Hannah & Olaf Utterstrum 1890’s | Wedding? Olaf and Hannah were married on 30 June 1897. It was taken by The Elite Studio, 518 Congress St. Portland, Maine. I have added this photo to my project and added a copy to Family Search L1QQ-R6J and L1QQ-PCK.

Anders & Oscar Utterstrom” – The oldest annotation on the back of the photo says “Grampy & Oscar Utterstrom.” However, in a second (and newer) hand the annotation is “Anders & Oscar.” Finally, a third hand says “Grampy Anders | Oscar Utterstrom.” So, this is clearly Oscar Utterstrom (1899-1958) on the right and his grandfather Anders Utterstrom (___-___) on the left. Oscar was born in 1899 and the boy in the photo could be about 15 years-old. I haven’t had a chance to research Anders’ life yet, however, I believe he died in 1915. If so, this photo must have been taken about 1914-15. The backdrop for this photo is The E. T. Burrowes, Co that manufactured wire window and door screens at 70 Free St, Portland, Maine.[i] Andrew (AKA Anders) Utterstrom was a “screen maker” at 70 Free St. and lived at 81 Chestnut.[ii]

Anders is not listed in the 1916 City directory suggesting his passing before that directory went to press. I have added this photo to my project and added a copy to both individuals on Family Search – L1Q7-8RQ and L1Q7-9MJ.

Dorothea Utterstrom, dog, Annette Cassidy, Etta Utterstrom, ca 1940s” – Dorothea, Annette, and Etta are three first cousins with three different parents. Frank, Dorothea, and Harold Utterstrom respectively. Dorothea Utterstrom was born 28 Aug 1927, Annette Cassidy was born 2 August 1929, and Lucy Etta Utterstrom was born 17 April 1928. The back of the photo indicates the photo is ca. 1940s. However, if the photo was taken in 1940, the kids would have been, 12, 10, and 11 respectively. My sense is that they are a younger than that, probably 8, 6, and 7. If my ages are correct, the photo is ca. 1935 and not in the 1940s. I have added the photos to my Ancestry project but not to Family Search.

Cassidy’s & Utterstrom’s at Bonny Eagle Lake – ca 1940” – During the 1940 census, William (Jr.) was 8, Lois was 7, and Beth was also 8. Circa 1940 fits with the apparent ages of the children. I cropped the photo to allow for one of just Dorothea and William (Sr.) to be in one photo and them and the kids to be in another photo in my Ancestry Project.

William (Sr.) & Dolly Cassidy – ca. 1927-28” – The back of the photo identifies who and when and is pretty clear.  William and Dolly married on 24 September 1928. The photo shows some leaves on the ground a some of the distant trees somewhat bare, so I believe the photo is probably from the fall of 1928. This photo is not of high enough quality to post to any of the sites.

Final Note

If you are related to the Utterstrom and have photos you can share, I’d love to hear from you. Please use the comment form below. Add “PRIVATE” to the subject line if you do NOT want your comment published to the website.

[i] 1915 Portland (Maine) City Directory, Page 358, Burrowes E T CO (THE).

[ii] 1915 Portland (Maine) City Directory, Page 1016, Utterstrom Andrew O screen maker 70 Free h 81 Chestnut


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