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By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.Sometimes census records can be confusing.  Such was the case for me regarding Olaf Utterstrom.  In 1910 and 1920 he was at 24 Olympia Street and in 1930 he was living at 44 Olympia Street. Could he have moved literally next door or did they renumber the street? Much like an accountant follows the money, a genealogist can follow the property. Luckily the Cumberland County, Maine, Real Estate Property Records are available on line.[i] A quick search found several deeds. Olaf Utterstrom owned three different properties (six lots) between 1901 and 1931. Two were adjoining and one was across the street. So, yes, it appears that he latterly moved next door.

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List of Grandparents

  • Grandfather: Albert Thomas Utterstrom
  • 1st Great-grandfather: Olaf A Utterstrom
  • 2nd Great-grandfather: Anders O Utterstrom

Olaf A. Utterstrom (1866-1931)

Flag of Norway
Immigrant Ancestor – Norway

Olaf[ii] A. Utterstrom was born in Christiania, Norway on 10 January 1866 to Anders O. and Karen (Hansen) Utterstrom. Christiania was a village that merged with other villages, including Oslo, in 1924 to become the modern city of Oslo.


Nothing is known about Olaf’s life before he immigrated with this parents, at the age of 17, to Portland, Maine, arriving on 23 November 1883. I know he had siblings, but further research is needed about his parents in order to put some of that information together in a coherent fashion. I do know he worked as a laborer and as a mill hand during the 1880s and 1890s.


Olaf married Hannah M Halverson on 30 June 1897 in a ceremony officiated by Rev. P. V. Hineby (?), a Falmouth minister. Olaf was 31 and Hannah was 30 and it was the first marriage for both of them. The couple had settled in at 49 Anderson Street when Hannah had the first of seven children.

The Seven Children of Olaf and Hannah (Halverson) Utterstrom

Albert Thomas Utterstrom 12 Jul 1898
Oscar William Utterstrom 12 Nov 1899
Frank Raymond Utterstrom 14 Apr 1901
Harold O. Utterstrom 27 Aug 1902
Dorothea C. Utterstrom 29 Jan 1904
John F. Utterstrom c. 1908 – Died 17 Jan 1909
Unnamed child 1909 – Died 10 Sep 1909


Olaf and Hannah were living at 49 Anderson Street, Portland when both Albert and Oscar were born. That home was on Anderson Street between Oxford and Munroe, across Munroe Street (Monroe Street today) from the old city jail. It is also about two blocks from the Eastern Cemetery. The building is no longer there.

Olaf Utterstrom’s property.

In November 1901, Olaf purchased lots 27 and 28 on Olympia St. and moved his family to the recently annexed East Deering neighborhood of Portland. Many family members moved on to and out of Olympia Street over the years. Olaf’s children started a family business, The Utterstrom Trucking Company, on Olympia Street.

In May 1904, Olaf purchased lots 23 and 24 from Llewellyn Laughton.

In September 1904, Olaf “Renounced allegiance to Oscar II, King of Norway and Sweden” and became a United States Citizen. His next-door neighbor, Warren E. Bickford of 26 Olympia Street, was one of his witnesses.

1909 was a terrible year for the Utterstroms.  They lost two children that year. Both as infants. John F. Utterstrom died on 17 January 1909 and an unnamed son died shortly after his birth on 10 September 1909. I have been unsuccessful in finding death records or the cause of death for either of them.

The 1910 Census finds the Olaf Utterstrom family living at 24 Olympia Street. He was a wood worker working for at a mill. The family consisted of Olaf, his wife Hannah, and their five oldest children, Albert, Oscar, Frank, Harold, and Dorothea.

In July 1911, Olaf purchased lots 25 and 26, also along Olympia Street.  And in July 1915 Olaf sold his lots 23 and 24 to Harold Halverson. (Note: Halverson is his wife’s maiden name, so I suspect that Harold Halverson is likely a close relative of Olaf’s wife, Hannah.)

The 1920 Census finds Olaf and family still at 24 Olympia Street, he was still a woodworker working for wages at Sereen Co.

The 1930 Census shows the Utterstroms living along Olympia. Oscar lives at 32 Olympia, Harold is at 36 Olympia, and Olaf is at 44 Olympia. Living with him and Hannah is their daughter Dorothea along with her husband, William Cassidy and their daughter Annette Cassidy. The 64-year-old Olaf is working as a laborer at a garage. Later that year, Hannah, Olaf’s wife of 33 years, died.  It appears that Olaf went to live somewhere else after Hannah’s death because he sold all his property, Lots 25, 26, 27, & 28, on 22 June 1931.


Rest in PeaceTwo months later, on 22 August 1931, the sixty-five-year-old Olaf joined his wife, Hannah, in death.  I have not been successful in finding a burial location for either him or Hannah.

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[i] Besides Cumberland County, Maine has records for Piscataquis, Somerset, Waldo, and Washington Counties in Maine. For Cumberland Records see:

[ii] Note: “Olof” is used in several documents. However, I prefer “Olaf” because that is the name which was used in the City Directories and in his naturalization records.

Searching for the Blanchard arrival in Maine.

[Sometimes you just have to skip a generation in your research to find the answer to the question.  If you do so, it is important to have a clear reason and a clear explanation of how any why you skipped the generation. Such is the case for my Blanchard study. The family oral story was that the Blanchards have been in Maine “forever.” I was asked to find out exactly when they came to Maine.]


My search began with Edward E Blanchard, who married Priscilla Newcomb in 1925. I then began following him and his ancestors back in time. In 1920, he was living with his widowed mother and four siblings in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.

Further research found that his father Frederick W Blanchard died in 1918.

In 1910, the 9-year-old Edward was living with his parents, Frederick W and Minnie Blanchard in South Portland, Maine.

In 1900, Frederick is living in South Portland with his wife Minnie and three of his children. (Edward hadn’t been born yet.)

In 1887, Frederick and Minnie were married. It was Minnie’s first marriage, but Frederick’s second marriage.

The 1880 Census was particularly difficult to interpret. Frederick was living with his uncle, Charles H. Blanchard and his Charles’s wife Miranda. Also living in the household was Elizabeth Blanchard, a 79-year-old widow who is listed as a “boarder.” Next door, is 81-year-old Myra Blanchard. Of course, both Charles and Myra are listed as “Head” of their respective households. Sadly, the 1880 census is the first census which identifies the relationships of people in a household to the Head and the 1870 census won’t shed any more light on to the relationships.

The 1870 Census shows the Charles H Blanchard household including his wife Miranda, 4-year-old Fred, and three other children. Also living with them is 70-year-old Elizabeth.

The 1860 Census shows Charles and Miranda living in Cumberland, Maine, apparently with three children. Next Door to them is Cyrus and Elizabeth Blanchard with a 16-year-old boy, Melville G Blanchard, who I tentatively assume to be their son.

Looking closer at Cyrus Blanchard’s life, he was apparently married three times. First to Apphiah Young in 1816, Apphiah died in 1841. His second marriage was to Sarah Staples. Sarah died in 1848. His third marriage was to Elizabeth Mills. This would be the Elizabeth we see him with in 1860. It also fits the age of the Elizabeth in the household of Charles H Blanchard in 1870 and 1880. Elizabeth would be Charles’s step-mother.

Cyrus and Elizabeth also show up in the 1850 Census with what appear to be four children. Charles, Nancy, Albion, and Sarah.

So, if, in fact, Frederick’s uncle is Charles and Charles’ father is Cyrus, then Frederick’s grandfather must be Cyrus. We may not know the name of Frederick’s father, which might be Melville, Albion, or something entirely different, but we do know his grandfather’s name.

I believe that Cyrus was born in 1791 in old North Yarmouth, Cumberland County, (Maine) and that his father was Ebenezer Blanchard, born 1760 in Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. So, Ebenezer would be the first of Edward Blanchard’s direct ancestors to live in Maine.

There is more research to do. The leap of faith between Frederick and Cyrus need much more to confirm. Also, there were many other Blanchards in Cumberland County long before Ebenezer came to Cumberland County. There was a Samuel Blanchard who sold ¼ of an island in Casco Bay to an Ebenezer Blanchard in 1762. Also, according to the 1870 census to the agricultural schedule, there were 7 farmers with the surname Blanchard farming in Cumberland Center, Cumberland County. Basically, you can hardly turn around without encountering another Blanchard in Cumberland Center or Yarmouth; there are hundreds of them. So, lots more research to do on this family.

Oh, by the way, it appears that Ebenezer was the son of Daniel Blanchard born 1727 in Weymouth, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, a known patriot of the Revolution.[i]


[i] Daughters of the American Revolution;, Ancestor: A206439.
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