Disclaimer – Disclosure

Disclaimer – Disclosure

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My links to outside websites may be connected to an affiliate program that provides a small reward to me if you use my link and purchase from them.  My process is to write what I desire without regard to any affiliate programs. After my content is written, I look for opportunities to link to my affiliates, if appropriate.  I also may include an affiliate ad in the body of a posting on a random basis. My affiliates include the following:

23 & Me
Family Tree DNA
Genealogy Bank

I use the Adsense plugin for WordPress to display the advertising at the bottom of posts and in a widget on the right side of my posts. It is an easy to use plugin that is not overly intrusive.

I do not have a sponsor for this blog nor do I accept payment to review a product.

So, please consider purchasing using my affiliate links. They will help me maintain my blog that contains over 500 postings.

Thank you for your readership, your support, and for purchasing through my affiliate links.