50.ii. – Quick Bio – Emily Ann (Swayze) Davis McCarty

Part 2 of 2 – Margaret Ann Swann – Do Over

Darling Research
By Don Taylor

(Part 1 is here.)

The second source I want to examine is the Genealogy of the Swasey Family: Which Includes the Descendants of the Swazey Families of Southhold, Long Island, New York and the Descendants of the Swayze Families of Roxbury, Now Chester, New Jersey, by Benjamin Franklin Swasey.

Several other researchers have used the book as a source to defend their application to the DAR and the source has not been debunked. The book is available to view and search via Google Books.

In the book, Person #63, Amos Swayze (1739-1813) (my person #200) and his wife, Ida ___ (c. 1741-___) are the people I wanted to begin with. I extracted 156 facts from the seven pages that document Amos’ descendants.

Amos & Ida had ten Children: Matthias, my ancestor #100—David Swayze (1762-1838), Amos, Jeanette, Elizabeth, Mary, Aaron, Elijah, William, and John.

According to the book, David (1762-1838) (and his wife Alice (née Mulligan) had nine children, including my ancestor #50—David Swayze (1796-1850), who is my wife’s 3rd great-grandfather. He and his wife, ancestor #51—Catherine Ann Dent Walter (abt 1790-1868), had eight children, including #25 Elizabeth Jane Swayze (1818-1881), who married #24 Rufus Holton Darling. Going through all of Amos Swayze’s descendants in the book, I was able to add 11 new people. The Genealogy of the Swasey Family is worth carefully going through for Swasey/Swayze descendants.

While looking at Emily, I cleaned up my sources for her facts. In doing so, I deleted one source and attached, detached, or added 32 citations to the facts of Emily’s life.

Quick Bio – Emily Ann (Swayze) Davis McCarty

Public Domain, Link

Emily Ann Swayze was born on 21 January 1820 in Fairfield County, Ohio, the second of eight children of David Swayze and Catherine Ann Dent Walter.

In the 1830s, the family moved from Ohio to Kalamazoo, Michigan. There she was one of the first students at Kalamazoo College.

In 1846 she married Samuel N Davis and had a child, Lucy Jane, in 1847. Samuel Davis died in 1848.

DuPage County and Kane County Illinois incorporated and unincorporated areas Aurora highlightedIn 1853, she married Samuel McCarty. They settled in Aurora, Kane County, Illinois. She and Sam had eight children. Samuel McCarty died in 1889. Sometime before 1900, Emily (Swayze) Davis McCarty began living with her daughter, Eva, and her husband, Hiram Johnson.

Emily died on 19 January 1908 in Aurora. She is buried at Spring Lake Cemetery.

For my sources of these facts, please see Emily Ann Swayze in my Ancestry Family Tree.

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