Donna Darling Collection – Part 91

Donna DARLING and CLARK Sammy – Revue

Treasure Chest Thursday
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.I’m looking at a second advertising sheet from the Donna Darling Collection Treasure Chest. The sheet includes photos of Donna, Sammy, and two or three other people. It contains the same pictures of Donna and Sammy that I looked at last week in Part 90 – Donna Darling & Sammy Clark Booked Solid

Donna DARLING and CLARK Sammy – Revue –

In all of the Darling and Clark Revue advertisements, Hal Dixon is the most common name associated with the show. I am pretty sure the man in the cameo must be Hal Dixon. I don’t think that it is Donna in the center square. I am also not positive that the man in the square is Hal either. The eyebrows look right, but the eyes look lighter in the dance pose. Also, the part of the hair is very different, and it seems to me the lips are different.

Key features:

    • The same photos of Sammy and Donna as last week.
    • An additional image that I presume to be of Hal Dixon.
    • Another photo of two more people in the cast. Possibly Hal Dixon and (unlikely) Donna.


This advertising flyer is probably from April 1929.

The Donna Darling and Sammy Clark Revue began in April 1926. The act included Babe Barrington, Hal Dixon, and Steve Lazur. These five people are the only ones I’ve seen the names for in this Revue. However, this flyer suggests that two other people may have been in the show.


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