Bert Allen Roberts & Franklin County, Illinois, Births 1900-1904

Roberts Line
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.My paternal grandfather, Bert Allen Roberts, was born in Sesser, Franklin County, Illinois, on 7 September 1903, the third child of Hugh Ellis and Clora Dell (Scott) Roberts. I already had a copy of Hugh’s delayed birth certificate, but I thought I’d see if there were any other birth records from the county during the time.

FamilySearch has many records and images available for Franklin County Births. The certificates from 1900 to 1904 are indexed, so I looked at all the birth records regarding Roberts’s children during that time.


Name Birthdate Father Mother Notes
Bert Allen Roberts 7 Sep 1903 Hugh Ellis Roberts Clara Dell Scott I already had this record.
Harry Ray Roberts 22 May 1901    “    “ Bert’s Older Brother – New Record for me. Harry had a twin sister also.
Claude Ray Roberts 15 Jan 1901 Charlie Wilson Roberts Clara Farmer Bert’s 1st Cousin
Harry Clyde Roberts 21 Mar 1904 Thomas Jackson Roberts[i] Mandala Eline Ashby Unknown
Randle Earl Doty 11 Oct 1903 Robert Marshall Doty Sarah A Roberts[ii] Unknown
Knox Edward Scott 17 Jun 1902 Francis Percy Scott Florence Elizabeth Roberts Bert’s 1st Cousin
Fred Everett Scarlet 19 Jun 1900 Jack Scarlett Kizzie Roberts[iii] Unknown
Eva A Scott 27 Jul 1904 Francis Percy Scott Florence Elizabeth Roberts Bert’s 1st Cousin

Because of this resource, I could add birth records for two of Bert’s siblings (Harry & Carrie) and three of his 1st cousins. There were three other Roberts children born between 1900 and 1904 in Franklin County; however, they are probably unrelated.

Bert Allen Roberts’ Birth Certificate, courtesy FamilySearch


[i] Thomas Jackson Roberts (1870-1928) is the son of George Anderson Roberts (1823-1900), who is also unknown and probably unrelated.

[ii] Sarah A Roberts (1874-1963) is the daughter of Reuben Derrith Roberts, Jr. (1834-1883), who is also unknown and probably unrelated.

[iii] Keziah “Kizzie” Frances Roberts is the daughter of James Roberts (1813-1900), who is also unknown and probably unrelated.

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