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By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.I’ve been finding it quite fun to find family members during the 1950 Census. Often, it contains information I knew part of but not all of the story.

For example, I knew grandparents, James Dallas & Mary (Hobbs) Howell, lived in Maryland in the 1950s. I didn’t realize that they were living with their daughter, Mary, and her husband, Don Wright, in what must have been a new home.

1950 Census[i]

The household lived at 1617 Belvedere Blvd. Silver Spring, Maryland, the 1,280 sq ft house was built in 1948.[ii]

The house has no alley, no garage, and no parking.

Name                   Age  Role             Born         Employed

Don O Wright       32      Head            Ohio         Manager, Standard Oil St.
Mary H Wright      24      Wife              NC
Helen E Wright     2       Daughter       Wash. DC
James D Howell    70      Father-in-law NC           Clerk, Reconstruction Fin
Mary H Howell      65      Mother-in-law   NC
Frank A Howell     34      Brother-in-law  NC         Electrician, Inter-office Com.

Mary was entered on Line 4, so additional sample data was collected from her that included:

    • In 1949 she lived in Washington D.C.
    • For education, she completed the 12th
    • She also served in the military during World War II and either before or after the war.[iii]


[i] 1950 Census for Wheaton, Montgomery, Maryland – ED 16-144, Sheet 2, Lines 3 thru 8. – Don Wright Head. Via Ancestry.Com. https://www.ancestry.com/sharing/29038454?h=256a1f

[ii] Internet – Zillow entry for 1617 Belvedere. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1617-Belvedere-Blvd-Silver-Spring-MD-20902/37288773_zpid/

[iii] This Census question was intended to be asked only of males over the age of 14. However, its answers are entered for Mary. I need to research further to learn if Mary served, or if Don served and Mary’s answers pertained to her husband.

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