My Genealogy Score

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.A few weeks ago, Randy Seaver, in his Genea-Musings, challenged folks to document their genealogy score. He suggested folks read, for background, Crista Cowan’s post Family History All Done? What’s Your Number? and Kris Stewart’s What Is Your Genealogy “Score?”. It is a great exercise to help you see you aren’t done yet with your genealogy research.

My Genealogy Score

Generation Relationship Possible People Identified by me Percentage
1 Self 1 1 100%
2 Parents 2 2 100%
3 Grandparents 4 4 100%
4 Great-grandparents 8 8 100%
5 2nd Great-grandparents 16 14 87%
6 3rd Great-grandparents 32 26 81%
7 4th Great-grandparents 64 32 50%


8 5th Great-grandparents 128 35 27%
9 6th Great-grandparents 256 36 14%
10 7th Great-grandparents 512 42 8%
TOTAL   1023 200 19.5%

I’ve determined 200 of my 1023 ancestors going back to my 7th great-grandparents, or 19.5% of those ancestors. That means I still have over 80% of my nine generations of ancestors to determine. I’ll say, I thought I was doing pretty good, but apparently not.

Indeed, my most significant breakdown is my maternal grandmother’s paternal grandparents. Actually, his name isn’t certain. Several records say her father was John Montran; other documents say his name was Robert Montran. And his parents are completely unknown; not identifying them exponentially affects all subsequent generations. I have a couple of other missing ancestors with my 3rd great-grandparents that I need to focus upon again.

I’ll retake a look at it in a couple of years. Hopefully, I will have been able to fill in quite a few names by then.

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