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Howell Research
Howell-Pankey-Binford Line
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.Continuing my research of Samuel Pankey (1739-1807) has led to my learning more about his wife, 4th great-grandmother Betsy Kinsey Binford. I learned of three additional Ancestors. They are the parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents of Betsy. The new ancestors include:

    • 5th Great-grandfather: Thomas Binford & his wife, Elizabeth.
    • 6th Great-grandfather: James Binford (wife unknown).
    • 7th Great-grandfather: Anthony Binford (wife unknown).

I also learned that Betsy Kinsey Binford had at least six siblings. To wit:

    • John Binford Married Susanne Ellyson.
    • James Binford Married Margaret Mosby.
    • Thomas Binford Married Judith Ladd
    • Sarah Binford Married Amos Ladd
    • William Binford Married Mary Peebles
    • Priscilla Binford Married Benjamin Watkins

Betsy’s family was from Henrico County, Virginia Colony, near the Chickahominy Swamp. The swamp is formed by the Chickahominy River, an 87-mile-long river. It rises about 15 miles northeast of Richmond and flows to the James River.[i]

I also learned of several more property transfers for Samuel Pankey and his father, Stephen Pankey. Additionally, I learned that Samuel Pankey received the authority to build a grist mill.

New lines of research.

I learned of several original documents I should search for, mostly at Powhatan County. Finally, I learned of three other books I should look at for further research of the Binford line.

    • Early Settlers of Alabama, by James Edmonds Saunders (available at NEHGS and Amazon)
    • Binford Family Genealogy by Mary Ladd Binford Bruner (Available at Internet Archive)
    • Supplement to the Binford Family Genealogy, by Mary L. Bruner (Available at Internet Archive)


Finding the names of four more ancestors and the names of a dozen 5th Great aunts and uncles is a good day. As is usually the case, after spending a day or two researching, I find clues to many more days of research.


George Edward Pankey, John Pankey of Manakin Town, Virginia, and His DescendantsDescendants and Connections of His Son Stephen Pankey, Sr., of Lucy’s Springs, Chesterfield County, Virginia (Lousiana: Ruston, 1969), Page 50 – Samuel Pankey (Continued).  Personal Library.


[i] Wikipedia: Chickahominy River –

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