Update: Edward William Matson’s Siblings

Matson Project
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.                                                                                                     As part of my normal research process, I like to find the BMD (births, marriages, and death) for each of the Ancestor’s siblings. When I first looked at Edward William Matson’s family, I had very little information regarding Edward’s siblings. Here is an updated list 

Children of Lars and Christine (Erickson) Mattson[i]
All children were born in Wright County, Minnesota[ii].

Name Birth Marriage(s) Death
Carl August 21 Apr 1882 Elizabeth Guintire,
Gina Tonette Syverson
01 Jan 1963[iii]
Gertie Caroline 18 Jun 1883 Alfred Abiel Hill,

Anthony Guintire

20 Oct 1965
Emma Christine 26 May 1885 Desire Gerard 23 Sep 1967
John Emil 09 Dec 1886 Anne Theresa Utterberg 26 Jan 1962
David Lauretsius 22 May 1888 02 Feb 1963
Minni Sofia 28 Jan 1890 O. August Nyholm 31 Oct 1968
Hannah Elizabeth 30 Mar 1892 28 Dec 1938
Anna Maria “Mary” 21 Jul 1894 Chell Levi Peterson 14 Jun 1962
Louis Osker 25 Apr 1896 11 May 1962
Edward William 01 Apr 1898 Hildur Christine Krafve 09 Oct 1977
Edith Elvina Emelia 09 Sep 1900 03 Jul 1902
Rudolph Martin 12 Nov 1902 Florence A Bringen 02 Jan 1982
[Unnamed Baby] 12 Nov 1902 1902


[i] All the birth records I have found use Mattson. However, many of the children began to use Matson beginning about 1917. For them, various records may indicate Matson and others Mattson.

[ii] Various records indicate that all of the children were born in Wright County, however sometime Cokato and sometime French Lake are used interchangeably.

[iii] 1962 and 1963 were very bad years for the Mattson family. Five siblings died during the 13 months between January 1962 and February 1963.

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