Veterans Day 2015

Today I remember my ancestors that served in the military.

I know of 64 relatives who served in the military, ten of whom are my direct ancestors.  Six of those 10 served in the Revolutionary War and two served in the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR – Union).

My Grandfather – Clifford Durwood Brown (1903-1990) (aka Richard Durand, aka Richard “Dick” Brown) served in the Army. Little is known about his peacetime military service. In 1928, he was in the army stationed in Panama. He was a member of the base’s champion basketball team (See: Article.  In 1930, he met my Grandmother in Panama.  It appears that he was discharged in 1931.

2nd Great Grandfather – John William Manning (1846-1888)

Civil War – GAR

29 Aug 1863 – Enlisted at 17 years of age into the 45th Regiment of Kentucky. His father, Enoch Mannin, gave his consent for young John William to enlist.
Between May and June of 1864 he was captured by the South (Morgan).
He mustered out on 30 Dec 1864.

3rd Great Grandfather – Enoch Mannin (1823-1907)
Civil War – GAR

29 Aug 1863 – Enlisted in the 45th Regiment of Kentucky.
Between May and June of 1864 he was captured by the South (Morgan)
He was discharged on 29 Dec 1864 at Leattettsburg, KY.

5th Great Grandfather – Reuben Fowler (1753-1832)

Revolutionary War Veteran. Service time unknown (by me).

6th Great Grandfather – John Maben 1753-1813) Revolutionary War (DAR – Patriot # A072838) Private – 1st Claverack Batt, 9th Regt.

Private – Capt Hawley, Col Van Ness; Albany Co.Mil/New York


6th Great Grandfather John Parsons, Sr  (1737/1738-1821)

Revolutionary War (DAR – Patriot# A088240

Lieutenant – Second LT in Capt Samuel Wolcott, 10th Co, 1st Berkshire Cnty Regt of MA Militia.


Lieutenant – Also LtCap Elijah Daming, Col Ashley


6th Great Grandfather – Wicks Weeks Rowley (1760-1826)


Revolutionary War (DAR – Patriot # A09932

Private – New York Militia

6th Great Grandfather – Samuel Wolcott (1736-1802)

Revolutionary War (DAR Patriot # A127434

Captain – 10th Co, 1st Regt, Berkshire Co Militia; Col Hopkins Regt to Highlands.

7th Great Grandfather – Grover Buel  (1732-1818)

Revolutionary War (DAR – Patriot # A016639

He was a soldier of the Dutchess Co. New York Militia 6th Regiment.

He received Land Bounty Rights

First Flag of New England 1686-1707

8th Great Grandfather – Samuel Wolcott (1679-1734)

“He commanded a military company.”
According to “The Family of HENRY WOLCOTT” by Chandler Wolcott See:

He probably served in either King Williams War 1688-1697 or Queen Ann’s War (1702-1713). These wars were the first two of the four French and Indian Wars, which pitted New France against New England.

Finally, My Uncle Russell Kees fought in Korea.

My stepfather, Edgar Jerome Matson fought in World War II

My step great-grandfather Sammy Amsterdam served during World War I.

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