Project Drexl

Robert Harry Darling was born 1905 in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. He married Florence Drexl in San Diego about 1944. This project relates to the Drexl portion of the line.   The Darling side of the line is documented here.

  1. (Living)
    1. Robert Harry Darling (Reference)
  2. Florence Lillian Drexl (1920-1996)
  3. Rufus Harry Darling (Reference)
  4. Hannah McAllister (Reference)
  5. Nicholas E. Drexl (1880-1939)
  6. Hedwig Frances Stoeger
  7. Rufus Holton Darling (Reference)
  8. Elizabeth Jane Swayze (Reference)
  9. Peter Mcallister (Reference)
  10. Margaret Mary Lamb (Reference)
  11. Frank Xaver Drexl (1856-1929)
  12. Ursula Eggert
  13. John Stoeger
    A Genealogist’s Nightmare or a Census Taker’s Confusion
  14. Mary [Stoeger]