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Blanchard Project
Photo Friday

I recently received a group of 13 photos all relating to people in my Blanchard project—one Cassidy, four Utterstroms, seven Halversons, and 1 blurry photo. Today, I’ll look at the seven Halverson photos. I’ll look at the Cassidy and Utterstrom photos sometime in the near future. The last photo, the blurry one, I’ll use as a test photo when I review “Vivid Pix Restore,” software.

Blanchard Project

Alfred Halverson, Jr - ca. 1933Alfred Halverson, Jr – ca. 1933” has the general appearance of a high school senior graduation photo. Alfred was born on 23 January 1915. If this is a graduation photo, I’d estimate his graduation to be about 1933. I added his photo to my project. I also created an entry for Alfred Halverson on Family Search (GQK7-D2G) and posted the photo (and photo back) there.


Alfred Halverson Jr - ca. 1917Alfred Halverson Jr – ca. 1917” is a cute baby photo. The clarity of the face is excellent. There was no date associated with the photo, however, Alfred was born in 1915 and I estimate the child in the photo to be about two years old, so I’ve ascribed a date of ca. 1917. I added it to my project and a to Alfred Halverson on Family Search (GQK7-D2G).


Clarence Halverson - ca. 1890sClarence Halverson – ca. 1890s.” Besides his name, the back of the photo says, “Father of Clifford Leon Halverson and husband of Mabel Halverson.” Clarence died at the age of 33 in 1903, so the photo is definitely before that. I estimate the late 1890s. I added this photo to my project and to Clarence Halverson on Family Search (LLQB-JTH).

Clifford Halverson - ca. 1900Clifford Halverson – ca. 1900.”  The back of this photo is filled with information. It reads, “Son of Clarence Halverson | Clifford Halverson| Phil’s Brother | Betty & Beverly’s Uncle | Died age 15 Blood Poison | Pimple nose got infected – Scratched pimple | Gardiner, Maine.” Oh my! Sometimes it is easy to forget just how fragile life was before the advent of antibiotics. The photo indicates Clifford died at age 15; however, the burial record with the Evangelical Lutheran Church indicates he died 15 September 1912 at the age of 17.[i] That suggests his birth was 1894 to 1895. My estimate is that the child in this photo is about 5 or six years old, making the photo ca. 1900. [Note: The photo was damaged (long ago). It appears to me that someone scribbled his face and body probably as a carry through from scribbling on a document on top of this one.] I added this photo to my project and to Clifford Leon Halverson on Family Search (LLQB-VLJ).

Hanna Mathilda Halverson - ca. 1885Hanna Mathilda Halverson – ca. 1885.” This photo originally indicated the first name of “Hanna,” however, a secondary identification and all other records that I have indicate her name was Hannah. The back of the photo indicates “Al and Bill’s Grandmother.”  Also, the date “1885?” written in the secondary hand suggests the year was the estimate of someone. The photo type and appearance seem to be consistent with the mid-1800s, so I kept that date.   I added this photo to my project and to Hannah M. Halverson on Family Search (L1QQ-PCK).

Harold Halverson (Hannah's Brother) - ca 1880sHarold Halverson (Hannah’s Brother) – ca 1880s.” Very faintly, the back of the photo appears to read “Little Harold.” In a later hand, it reads “Uncle Harold Halverson | Hanna’s Brother,” and in an even more recent hand it reads “Harold Haverson Hannah’s Brother.” Harold Theodore Halverson was born in Norway, probably in 1878. In 1883 the family immigrated to Boston where this photo had been taken. The family relocated to Deering [now Portland] Maine by 1889. So, this photo must have been taken between 1883 and 1889. The boy in this photo appears to me to be about 11 years old. If so, the photo would have been taken about early in 1889. I added this photo to my project and to Harold Theodore Halverson on Family Search (L5FG-7K3).

Mary Halverson - ca 1890sMary Halverson – ca 1890s.” The final photo in this Halverson collection is a photo of Mary Halverson. The back said, “Hannah’s sister | Mary Halverson.” In a newer pen, there is an entry that says, “died of TB” and “1890?”  My records didn’t have a Mary Halverson, however, I do have a Maren Halverson. Maren was born in 1868 and died in 1893. The Halverson’s moved to Maine in 1889.  The woman in this photo appears to be in her mid-‘20s. Consequently, I’m confident that is a photo of Mary Halverson taken between 1889 and 1893. I added this photo to my project and to Mary Halverson on Family Search (M69L-RVB).

Final Note

If you are related to the Halverson Family and have photos you can share, I’d love to hear from you. Please use the comment form below. Add “PRIVATE” to the subject line if you do NOT want your comment published to the website.

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Halverson’s Arrive in the States

Blanchard Project


I love Henry Louis Gates’ television show, “Finding Your Roots.” In the show, he takes a famous person and leads the person on a genealogical journey through a “Book of Life,” where he shares that key, or important, findings with the individual. Invariably he has a place where his guest turns a page which reveals an important document. Often, he says something like, “I’d like you to meet your third great grandmother.” <pause> “How does it feel to learn of them…” Finding that one key document which introduces the individual’s ancestor is always an amazing part of the show and thoroughly enjoyable.

Typically, when I research someone, there are no great documents that open the heavens and releases the sound of angels singing. Usually, it is grueling work sifting through various census and vital records. Each finding adds just a little more information about their life.  In my recent work on my Blanchard Project, I was going through dozens of City Directories and various logbooks of the First Lutheran Church of Portland, Maine.  Each finding was just another small bit of information that added to the story of the Halvorsen’s immigration to the United States. Then, suddenly, I came across one of those documents which made me say, “Oh my.”

Public Domain,
Cunard Line – SS Bothnia & SS Scythia Class

The document was a passenger list of the S.S. Scythia which arrived in Boston on 23 August 1884. On the ship was my Blanchard project’s 18-year-old, great-grandmother, Hannah Halvorsen, and Hannah’s mother, Dorothea.  With them were five other siblings. The list was a treasure trove of information.  That passenger list represents the exact moment that much of her family arrived in America. Her 2nd-great-grandfather, Thomas, had come to the States earlier and established himself in Portland, Maine to prepare the way for his family’s arrival.

Additionally, this is the only document we have that shows that Dorothea made it to the United States. All other records, beginning less than three years later (June 1887) indicate she was deceased. Until I found this passenger list, I thought Thomas’ wife may have died in Norway and that he brought the kids to the United States by himself. I still need to learn how and were Thomas arrived in the States, but it will come.



Ancestor Bio – Hannah M Halvorsen (1866-c. 1930)

52 Ancestors – Week 2019-04
Blanchard Project
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.Sometimes, search as you will, some key bit of information just doesn’t seem to be out there. Such is the case of the death of Hannah (Halvorsen) Utterstrom.  I’ve looked in all the usual places but still haven’t been successful in finding her death or burial information.

Blanchard Project 2019 – Ancestor #13

List of Grandparents

  • Grandfather: BU-06 – Albert Thomas Utterstrom(1898-1973)
  • 1st Great-grandmother: BU-13 – Hannah M. Halverson (1866-c. 1830)
  • 2nd Great-grandfather: BU 26 – Thomas R Halvorson (1844-1895)
  • 3rd Great-grandfather: BU-52 – Halver Halvorsen ( )

Hannah M. Halvorsen (1866-c.1930)


Hannah was the oldest of six children born to Thomas R. and Dorathea M Halvorsen. She was born on 21 Oct 1866 in Norway.

Her five known siblings are:

  • Maren H. born 17 Jul 1868
  • Hans M. Born 10 Sep 1870
  • Hora D. Born 19 Dec 1875
  • Harold T. Born 7 Oct 1878
  • Alfred O. Born 2 Jul 1882


Nothing is known of her childhood, but when she was 18 (1884) her family immigrated to the United States. The peak of Norwegian immigration took place between 1880 and 1890, when over 335 thousand Norwegians immigrated, and she was a part of that influx of Scandinavians.  Prior to 1890, the individual states, rather than the Federal government, regulated immigration into the United States.[i] The family came into the United States at Boston then moved up to Maine. After coming to Portland, Hannah worked as a domestic.


Hannah married Olaf A. Utterstrom on 30 Jun 1897. Both Hannah and Olaf were 31-years-old and it was the first marriage for both of them.

Hannah and Olaf had seven children

  • Albert Thomas      Born 12 Jul 1898
  • Oscar William       Born 12 Nov 1899  (See Death Date Found…)
  • Frank Raymond   Born 14 Apr 1901
  • Harold O.                 Born 27 Aug 1902
  • Dorothea C             Born 29 Jan 1904
  • John F                      Born 1908 – Died at 10 months
  • Infant                      Born 1909 – Died at 1 day


1900 Census – Hanna and Olaf lived at 49 Anderson Street. With them were their two oldest children, Albert and Oscar. Living with them was Hannah’s youngest (17-years-old) brother, Alfred.

1910 Census – Hannah and Olaf are living at 24 Olympia with their five living children.

1920 Census – Hannah and Olaf are still at 24 Olympia with their five living children. Albert was 21 and Dorothea was 15.

44 Olympia Today

1930 Census – Hannah and Olaf are at 44 Olympia. Living with them is their daughter Dorothea, her husband, William E. Cassidy, and Dorothea & William’s daughter Annette. Their son, Harold lived next door at 36 Olympia with his wife Grace and daughter Lucy.  And another of their sons, Oscar, lived next to them at 32 Olympia.

It is not clear when Hannah died. She was living during April 1930, when the census was taken. However, the when the Olaf died on 22 Aug 1931, he was a widower. Likewise, I have not been successful finding where either Hannah or Olaf were buried.

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Determine more about the lives of Hannah’s children.
  • Determine more about the lives of Hannah’s siblings.


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————–  Disclaimer  ————–

[i] Internet: Wikipedia – “History of immigration to the United States:” 1850 to 1930; Destinations.