My Start of a Trumpi Surname Study

Census Sunday

In continuing my research on the Trumpi line I realized there weren’t too many Trumpi’s that came to the United States. So, I thought I’d broaden my understanding of the Trumpi family line in hopes that eventually I would discover a connection of these other Trumpi’s and my wife’s Trumpi line in Switzerland. Additionally, this process will broaden my tree allowing for better understanding of DNA Matches. First I looked at the Census Records.

Trumpi by the Censuses

1940 Census

The 1940 US Census has 19 individuals surnamed Trumpi listed, six of whom are Heads of the Households.

Head Born Lived 1940 Spouse Comments
Fred 1886, MD North Pelham, NY Eva (1891)
John 1862, Switz. Milford Twnsp, PA
Jacob 1860, Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Emma (1864) Ethel, GDau (1915)
Raymond 1910, NJ Philadelphia, PA Julia (1912)
Fred 1911, MN Mound Prairie, MN Sophia (1907) Dennis, Son (1937)
Marie, Dau. 1938
Pauline, Dau. (1939)
Raymond 1900, PA Egg Harbor, NJ Alice (1902) May, Dau. (1924)
Joan, Dau. (1927)
Raymond, Son (1931)
Fredrich, Father (1872)
Ellen Littlewood, 67, Aunt-in-law.
Bridget Dreenan, 65, Mother-in-Law.
Mary Foody, 59, Aunt

1930 Census

The 1930 Census had six individuals listed in two households.

Head of House. Born Lived 1930 Spouse Comments
Jacob 1860 Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Emma Ethel, GDau. 15
Frederick 1886 Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Eva Helen, Dau. 14

Jacob Trumpi – The other Trumpi family reported in the 1930 Census is Jacob was born in Switzerland about 1860. He also lived at 91 Beekman Avenue in Mount Vernon, Weschester, New York. Living with him is his wife Emma, age 66, and a granddaughter Ethel Trumpi, age 15.

Frederick Trumpi – Fredrick with his wife Eva Living with him is a daughter Helen Trumpi, age 14. (He also had a step-daughter Evelyn M. Cashin, age 15.) Fredrick’s father was born in Switzerland. They live at 91 Beekman Avenue in Mount Vernon, Westchester, New York.

Note: The Fred Trumpi born about 1911 and the Raymond Trumpi born about 1910, do not appear in the 1930 Census. Jacob and Fredrick (Fred) born about 1886 live at the same address.

1920 Census

The 1920 Census is a bonanza of Trumpi’s. There were 14 enumerated and four heads of households.

Head of House. Born Lived 1920 Spouse Comments
George 1871 Lithuania Brooklyn
Fred 1873 Penn. Philadelphia Ida V. F. Walter – 21 – Son
Raymond S. – 20 – Son
Fred 1870 Switz. Mound Prairie, MN Louise Louise – 24 – Dau.
Fredie – 9 – Son
Jacob 1861 Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Emma F. Frederick, 34, Son
Ethel, 5, GDaughter
Helen, 6 GDaughter

1910 Census

Thirteen Trumpi people enumerated and three heads of household and one employee.

Head Born Lived 1910 Spouse Comments
Fred 1870 Switz. Mound Prairie, MN Luisa M (1872) Sophia, Dau. (1895)
Bertha, Dau. (1896)
Louisa, Dau. (1896)
Frederick 1873 PA Philadelphia, PA Ida V ( Edward, Son (1897)
Frederick, Son (1900)
Raymond, Son (1901)
Joseph, Son (1910)
Frank 1879 Italy Hampton, PA Only has Boarders
Barbara 1893 Switz. Pittsburgh, PA Servant

1900 Census

Eleven Trumpi people enumerated and three heads of household and one employee and one inmate.

Head Born Lived 1900 Spouse Comments
Jacob Feb 1860, Switz. Mt Vernon, NY Emma Immigration 1860
Son, Frederick (1885)
Christ Oct 1878, PA Braddock twnsp, PA Lizzie Dau. Ann (1900)
Sis. Aggie (1893)
Thomas Mar 1842, Switz. Oyster Bay Twnsp, NY Mary Immigration 1871
Grandson, Louis Vogt.
John Aug 1863, Switz. Montague Twnsp, NJ Immigration 1872 – Servant to Westbrook Family.
Gabriel Jun 1832, Germany Delaware Twnsp, KS Immigration 1852 – Inmate at Military Home.

1880 Census

Ten Trumpi people enumerated and two heads of household and one “Other.”

Head Born Lived 1880 Spouse Comments
Frederick 1848, Switz New York, NY Louisa Dau. Rose (1877)
Dau. Kate (1879)
Sister Kate (1857)
Thomas 1842, Switz Brooklyn, NY Maria Dau. Maria (1866)
Son. John (1861)
Jacob 1839, Switz Westfall, PA Servant.

1870 Census

Seven Trumpi people enumerated and only one household. Although the roles and relationship between people isn’t given, it appears to be a standard family unit with Father, Wife, and five Children.

Head Born Lived 1870 Spouse Comments
Fred 1813, Switz Posey, IN Ozilla Daniel (1853) MO
Fred (1856) MO
Barbary (1858) IA
Etha (1861) IN
John (1865) IN

Trumpi’s in the Censuses – by the Person


Aggie Trumpi, b. Dec. 1893 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Braddock Township, PA in 1900.

Barbara Trumpi, b. 1893 in Switzerland. Lived in Pittsburgh, PA in 1910 (Servant).

Christ Trumpi, b. Oct 1878 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Braddock Township, PA in 1900.
Ann b. 1900

Frank Trumpi, b. 1879 in Italy. Lived in Hampton, PA.

Fred Trumpi, b. 1813 in Switzerland was living in Posey, IN in 1870 with his wife and five children. That family completely disappears in subsequent census records.

Frederick Trumpi, b. Mar 1848 in Switzerland, Lived in New York City, NY in 1880.
Rose. b. 1877
Kate. B. 1879

Fred Trumpi, b. 1870 in Switzerland. Lived in Mound Prairie, MN in 1910, 1920.

Sophia b. 1895
Bertha b. 1896
Louisa b. 1896
Fredie/Fred, b. 1911 in Minnesota. Lived in Mound Prairie, MN in 1940.

Frederick Trumpi, b. 1873 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Philadelphia in 1910, 1920.
Edward b. 1897
Frederick Walter, 1900
Raymond, (1901)
Joseph, (1910)

Gabriel Trumpi, b. 1832 in Germany. Immigrated 1852.
Lived in Delaware township, Kansas in 1900.

George Trumpi, b. 1871 Lithuania. Lived in Brooklyn, NY

Jacob Trumpi, b. 1839 in Switzerland Lived in Westfall, PA in 1880.

Jacob Trumpi, b. 1860/61 in Switzerland. Immigrated 1860

Lived in Mt. Vernon, NY in 1900, 1920
Lived in Mount Vernon, NY in 1940.
Frederick/Fred, . 1885/86 in Switzerland or Maryland.
Lived in Mt. Vernon, NY in 1900, 1910, 1930
Lived in North Pelham, NY in 1940.
Ethel, b. 1915
Helen, b. 1916

John Trumpi, b. 1863 in Switzerland. Immigrated 1872.
Lived in Montague Township, New Jersey in 1880
Lived in Milford Township, PA in 1940.

Kate Trumpi, b. 1857 in Switzerland. Lived in New York City, NY in 1880.

Raymond Trumpi, b. 1900 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Egg Harbor, NJ, in 1940.

Raymond Trumpi, b. 1910 in New Jersey.
Lived in Philadelphia, PA in 1940.

Thomas Trumpi, b. 1842 in Switzerland. Lived in Brooklyn, NY in 1880.
Lived in Oyster Bay Township, NY in 1900.
Maria. b. 1866
John. b 1851

Future Trumpi Activities

I am particularly interested in the Trumpi’s that were born in Switzerland. So, I will look closer at each of them. That includes:

  • Barbara Trumpi,          b. 1893.
  • Fred Trumpi,               b. 1870.
  • Kate Trumpi,               b. 1857.
  • John Trumpi,               b. 1863.
  • Jacob Trumpi,             b. 1860/61.
  • Frederick Trumpi,       b. Mar 1848
  • Thomas Trumpi,          b. 1842.
  • Jacob Trumpi,             b. 1839.
  • Fred Trumpi,               b. 1813.

I may take a look at the children of those individuals. Sometimes the birth and/or Marriage records indicate the birthplace of the individual’s parent. First on that group is Frederick/Fred, born in 1885/86. One of the Census records indicated he was born in Switzerland, although the other ones indicate he was born in Maryland.

There were three Trumpi’s that I not very interested in. Frank was born in Italy, Gabriel in Germany, and George in Lithuania. None of these appeared to have any connection to the Swiss Trumpi’s, so I’ll ignore them for now.

Anna (Howell) Boseman & the 1910 Census

Census Sunday
By Don Taylor


Sometimes, while researching through the census records, some realization occurs that makes you smile and say, “oh wow!” Such was the case while I was researching my wife’s great-aunt Anna Lee (Howell) Boseman. During the 1910 census, just like during the 1900 census, women reported how many children they had and how many were still living. In Anna’s case she had 13 children and nine were living. All nine were identified as living with her and her husband, so that means any child born before 1910 and not listed must have died before the census.

1910 Census showing the number of Children for Anna (Howell) Boseman

The Living with William and Anna during the 1910 Census are the following children:

  • William Boseman Jr.      21
  • Jessie Boseman            17
  • Bernice S Boseman       15
  • Mollie M Boseman          13
  • George D Boseman       12
  • Russell L Boseman          8
  • Virginia L Boseman          5
  • Lilie M Boseman              3
  • Martin V Boseman            0

Maggie who was with the family in 1900 is missing in 1910, so Maggie must have died before 1910. The other five children are in both censuses:

  • Anna Lee Howell was born in November 1866
  • She Married William Jackson Boseman in 1886
  • They had 13 children, nine of them were living in 1910; eight of them lived to adulthood.
  • She died in her residence, at the ripe old age of 84, on 31 July 1951 in Weldon, Halifax County, North Carolina and is buried at Cedarwood Cemetery.


I feel that the connections identified by ThruLines as going through Anna Lee (Howell) Boseman are highly reliable.

Mercy (Gay) Sanford & the Early Censuses

Mercy Sanford and the 1840, 1830, and 1820 Census records.

Census Sunday
By Don Taylor

Following widows in early America can often be difficult, Mercy (Gay) Sanford was widowed when her husband, Ezra Clugston Sanford, died 22 June 1813 in Pownal, Bennington County, Vermont.[i] Mercy died in Byron, Genesee, New York sometime in 1841.[ii] So, the question arises, what happened to Mercy between 1813 and 1841? When did she locate to Byron?

Typically, you start with what you know, and go back in time. However, in the case of Mercy, I needed to start with what I knew and go forward in time. First, I looked at the three census records in question.  Miraculously, I found Mercy in the 1830 Census.


1830 – Byron, Genesee County, New York

The Mercy Sanford household consists of 1 Female, 60 to 70 years old and 1 male from 10 to 15 years old.

Mercy was born in 1761, so she would have been 69 in 1830. Living with her is a young male; my suspicion a grandson, or even a great-grandson.[iii]

1820 – Not with Lucy. 

After Ezra died in 1813, Mercy was given guardianship of her daughter Lucy.[iv] Lucy married Levi Case in 1817. My first thought was that Mercy might have been living with her daughter Lucy and her husband Levi during the 1820 Census. No Such Luck.

The 1820 Census record for Levi Case is:

Levi Cass 1 – – 1 – – 1 – 1 – – – 

1 Male  Under 10   Apparently Levi A. (Jr.)
2 Males 16 to 26   One must be Levi. The other is unknown.

1 female under 10 apparently is Mercy G.
1 female from 16 to 26 years of age must be Lucy.

So, it is apparent that Mercy didn’t locate to New York with Lucy and Levi.

1820 – Not with Electa. 

Mercy’s daughter, Electa, died in 1819, so Mercy couldn’t be living with her in 1920.

1820 – Bergen, Genesee County, New York. 

After Electa died, her husband, Dewey Miller, married Electa’s sister Sally. Could Mercy be living with them during the 1820 Census? Yes.[v] The 1820 Census entry for Dewey Miller is:

Dewey Miller  3 – – – 1 – 1 – – 2 1  

3 males under age 10. One is likely Aaron, one is likely Albert, the third one is unclear.
1 male between 26 and 45 is clearly Dewey.


1 female under age 10 appears to be daughter Lucy.
2 females 26 to 45. One must be Sally and the other is an unknown female.
1 female over 45 appears to be Mercy.

Dewey was born in 1787, so he’d be 33 during the 1820 Census.
Sally was born in 1790, so she’d be 30 during the 1820 Census.
Mercy was born in 1861, so she’d be 59 during the 1820 Census.

The marriage of Dewey to Electa, her death, the marriage of Dewey to Sally, and the 1820 census lend themselves to a speculative narrative that Electa got sick. Mercy located to help take care of Electa. Upon Electa’s death, Dewey married Sally, and Mercy was still with the household during the 1820 Census.

1840 – Byron, Genesee County, New York

There doesn’t appear to be a Mercy Sanford in the 1840 Census. However there is a Mary Sanford of the correct age whose neighbors are many of the same people as were neighbors to Mercy during the 1830 Census.[vi] The neighbors include David Shed, Erastus Hamond, and Stephen Clark.  The entry for Mary (Mercy) is:

Mary Sanford – – 1 – – – – – – – – – – –  |  – – – – – – – – 1 – – –

1 Male 10 to 15 – Unknown male.
1 Female 70 to 80 – Mercy (Gay) Sanford


Mercy and Ezra Sanford were married on 11 Oct 1876. His records for the 1790, 1800, and 1810 censuses are the records for Mercy. These three additional census records follow Mercy for the years after Ezra’s death until Mercy’s death.


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Andrew J Hailey and the 1850 Census

Census Sunday
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.Sometimes it takes a leap to find an ancestor in the census records. Such is the case for my third-great-grandfather, Andrew J. Hailey.

Finding Andrew in the 1850 Census has been a challenge. Some facts that I think I  know:

  • Andrew was born in Tennessee in 1836.
  • Andrew’s parents were born in Tennessee.[i]
  • Andrew married Martha Melinda Montgomery in Manchester, Coffee, Tennessee in 1857.[ii]
  • Andrew and Martha lived in Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee in 1860.[iii]

The 1850 Census indicated one Haily family in Coffee County with children in the proper age group. It has two children, Charles & James, born in 1836 plus/minus a year. Neither seems to be a candidate for my Andrew.

However, in Bedford County, (next to Coffee County) there was a Madison Hailey family with a male in the household of the right age named “Anderson.” Also, both apparent parents were born in Tennessee as I would expect.[iv] Could this “Anderson” by my Andrew?

Anderson or Andrew?

A close look at the census image doesn’t either confirm or refute it. Indeed, what the enumerator wrote looks more like “Anderson” than “Andrew,” but it is so poorly written, it is difficult to tell, it could be “Andrew.”

The 1850 Census doesn’t provide relationships; however, the household looks like it might be a typical family unit with Madison and Anney Hailey as the apparent parents of six children.

Household                              Sex      Age      Birthplace

Madison L Hailey                    M         33        Tennessee

Anney Hailey                            F          35        Tennessee

Anderson J Hailey                  M        16        Tennessee

James C Hailey                         M         12        Tennessee

Elizabeth M Hailey                  F          10        Tennessee

Mary Ann Hailey                     F          8          Tennessee

Hester Ann Hailey                   F          7          Tennessee

John R Hailey                           M         3          Tennessee

If this “Anderson” is my Andrew, and my Andrew was living in Coffee County with his wife, I would expect I can’t find Anderson in any census. The 1840 Census doesn’t have names except for the head of the household. Going back to the 1860 Census, I have scoured the 1860 Census and have been unable to find an Anderson Hailey anywhere. So, I believe that either Anderson died or Anderson J. Hailey is Andrew J. Hailey.

I am going to take the leap and ascribe Anderson as Andrew and Madison and Anney as his parents in my records tentatively. I’ll be able to back it out at any time. In the meanwhile, I’ll continue searching for information to corroborate or refute this tentative association.

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Elizabeth (Rose?) Vincent (1785-186?) & the Censuses

Census Sunday
By Don Taylor

Women were only identified by name if they were the head of the household in the early (before 1850) censuses. So, following women in the early census records is often conjecture. Elizabeth (Rose) Vincent was born about 1785; she married Burkett Vincent sometime and she died after 1860. In the case of the spouse of Burkett Vincent, I’m not convinced that Elizabeth was the only wife of Burkett or Burkett wasn’t Elizabeth’s only wife. The census records suggest another scenario.

Birth of Burkett’s Wife

Census Record Age, Place of Birth Comments
1860 Census Age 75, NC Living with her son John.
1850 Census Age 64, Halifax Her daughter, Nancy, was living with her.
1840 Census Age 50 to 59 In household of “Burket” Vinson.
1830 Census Age 40-49 In household of Burket Vincent.
1820 Census Age over 45 Should be 35 – Probably not Elizabeth.
1810 Census Age 26-46 Should be 25 – Probably not Elizabeth.



During the 1860 Census, 75-year-old Elizabeth was enumerated in the household of her son, John and his apparent family of wife and six children in the Western District of Halifax County, North Carolina. Her post office was Weldon, NC.[i] 


Elizabeth is the 64-year-old head of household, and 25-year-old Nancy Vincent, presumably her daughter, is living with her. Both were born in Halifax and were enumerated in Halifax County in 1850.[ii]


Elizabeth’s husband Burkett Vinson, died about 1847, so Elizabeth is presumed to be the female 50 thru 59 in the household of Burket Vinson in Halifax County.  The household consisted of Burkett and four others. With Burkett and Elizabeth are three apparent children. Burkett (Jr.), age 16; Nancy, Age 15, and either John or James, age 23 or 22.[iii]


Elizabeth is presumed to be the female 40 thru 49 in the household of “Brkett” Vincent in Halifax County.  The household consists of Burkett and four others. With Burkett and Elizabeth are three apparent children. Burkett (Jr.), age 16; Nancy, Age 15, and either John or James, age 23 or 22.[iv]


The 1820 Census is somewhat problematic. It shows the household of “Perkit” Vincent consisting of a household with a woman over 45. Elizabeth should be 35 during this census. So, I’m wondering if this woman is a first wife for Burkett.  If so, that would suggest that Burkett possibly had five children with a first wife and that Elizabeth was a step-mother to the older children.[v]


Again, the 1810 Census is problematic. It shows the oldest female in the household of Burket Vincent is 26 to 45 years old. Elizabeth should be 25 at this some, so I suspect that the person enumerated in the 1810 Census was not Elizabeth.[vi]


I’m comfortable that Elizabeth was the spouse of Burkett in 1830. I also suspect she was not the mother of Burkett’s children born before 1820. Alternately, she might be the mother of the children born before that by another man and that, after she married Burkett, the children took his surname.

Further Actions

I have been unsuccessful in discovering a document which indicates provides evidence for Elizabeth’s parents.  About 75% of other researchers suggest that her parents were William Rose (1759-1801) and Sarah Crawley (1775-1863).  Twenty percent suggest that Elizabeth’s parents were Elisha Rose Sr. (1753-1795) and Hannah Sellers (1758-1812). The final 5% suggest her parents were Elisha Rose and Pheroby Powell. A quick look at these other researcher’s trees failed to reveal a document which would provide evidence regarding Elizabeth’s parents. Next, I’ll take a look at Elizabeth’s possible parents and try to determine which pair I believe to be correct.

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