Chin-Chin in the News – 27 March 1920

The Wheeling Intelligencer (Wheeling, West Virginia)

Court Theatre
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.My grandmother was a vaudeville star. I am following her career and learning about her many performances. In October 1919, she joined the cast of the Charles Dillingham production of “Chin-Chin” “Chin-Chin” played in the US and Canada until June 1920. I monitor several newspaper services watching for new venues that the show played at while she was a cast member.

This week’s entry is from  The Wheeling Intelligencer, dated 24 March 1920 via Newspapers.Com.

The Wheeling Intelligencer – Mar 24, 1920, Page 11 via

This ad and several others ran in the Wheeling Intelligencer advertising that “Chin Chin” was coming to the Court Theatre on Saturday, 27 March, for two shows, a Matinee and a Night show. I didn’t see any write-ups describing the show.


New Venue Added:

Thanks to these newspapers, I was able to add a new venue to Donna’s career.

Mar27, 1920 – Wheeling, West Virginia – Court Theatre – “Chin Chin.” – In the News

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