Chin-Chin in the News – 1 February 1920

Minneapolis Journal, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Metropolitan Theatre
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.My grandmother was a vaudeville star, and I am following her career, trying to learn about her many performances. In October 1919, she joined the cast of the Charles Dillingham production of “Chin-Chin” “Chin-Chin” played in the US and Canada until June 1920. I monitor several newspaper services watching for new venues that the show played at while she was a cast member.

This week’s entry is from the Minneapolis Journal dated 1 February 1920 via Newspapers.Com

The Minneapolis Journal – Feb 1, 1920 via

An article on page 3 of the Amusement Section, in a column titled “The Lobby Club,” was an article that read: 

“Charles Dillingham’s name still heads the bills as producer of “Chin Chin,” which comes to the Metropolitan this week. Walter Wills and Roy Binder will be seen in the roles created by Montgomery and Stone. This is the only company offering “Chin Chin.” Carrie Dale and Irene McKay are prominent in the cast. The music, as will be remembered, is by Ivan Caryll, while Anne Caldwell wrote the book for the piece.”

New Cast Members Added:

I previously knew about the “Chin Chin” show at the Metropolitan Theatre from 1 to 7 February 1920. This article adds to other individuals who starred in the show, Carrie Dale and Irene McKay. I’ll like to investigate those individuals later.

Feb 1-7, 1920 – Minneapolis, MN – Metropolitan Opera House – Callout! – “In the News

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  1. Don, have you looked for articles about your grandmother at the Library of Congress, Chronicling America, website? I just put Chin Chin in the search bar, and thousands of articles came up.

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