Albert S. Bodge in the News – Death, Draft, and life in Westbrook

In the News
Blanchard Project
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.“In the News” is my reporting of discovered newspapers articles and advertising regarding ancestors I am researching. Albert S. Bodge is a 2nd great-grandfather in my Blanchard-Utterstrom Project. The information found in newspapers invariably provides fresh texture to understanding the life of an ancestor.

This week I look at five articles I found through the website Genealogy Bank.

The Portland Daily Press (Portland, Maine) dated 24 Aug 1897, page 5.


The Funeral of Albert S. Bodge was held at the Advent church yesterday afternoon. Mr. Bodge had been an employe of S. D. Warren & Co. for the past twenty years. His age was 59 years. He leaves a widow and three daughters.

What I learned:

    • Albert died before 24 Aug 1897
    • Albert worked for S. D. Warren & Co. 1877-1897 and (probably lived in Westbrook during that time.
    • Albert was (probably) an Adventist.
    • It was confirmed that Albert was born about 1838.
    • It was confirmed that Albert left a widow (Emily ?) & three daughters; Berta, Minnie, & Hattie. 

The Portland Weekly Advertiser (Portland, Maine) dated 25 Jul 1863, page 4.

The Draft
14th Sub-District—Brighton and Naples.
358 Enrolled—107 drawn.

…Albert S Bodge… 

What I learned:

    • The clipping confirmed that Albert lived in Windham in 1863 and was drafted in the Windham draft.

Portland Daily Press (Portland, Maine) Dated 14 Aug 1863, Page 4.

List of persons who furnished substitutes:

… Albert S Bodge,…


What I learned:

    • The article confirmed that Albert paid a substitute in the Civil War.

Portland Daily Press (Portland, Maine) Dated 30 Apr 1866, Page 2.

Letters Remaining Unclaimed

In the Post Office at Portland, State of Maine, 30th day of April 1866.

To obtain any of these letters, the applicant must call for “Advertised Letters,” give the date on this list and pay ONE CENT for advertising. If not called for within ONE MONTH, they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office….


…Bodge Albert…

What I learned:

    • Albert lived in Windham in 1863, during the draft, and lived in Portland in April 1867 when he married Lizzie Maybury. In 1866 his residence may have been fluid as he apparently received mail in Portland but wasn’t picking it up.

Portland Daily Press (Portland, Maine) Dated 30 Jun 1896, Page 3.



… Mrs. Albert Bodge and daughter Hattie from Cumberland Mills, are visiting at Mr. Wm. Smith’s;…

What I learned:

    • The Bodge’s were living in Cumberland Mills in June 1896.

Cumberland Mills was a neighborhood in Westbrook, Maine. Duck Pond was a village about five miles north of Cumberland Mills, still within the township.

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