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Tuesday’s Tips
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.I recently saw an excellent posting on The Ancestor Hunt about Divorce Record Collections for Maine. They mention that some of the images may only be available at a Family History Center or an Affiliated Library. Remember, the Scarborough Public Library is an Affiliated Library. Due to Covid restrictions, access to the library and its resources is somewhat limited. (Check with them for access, reservations, etc.) However, I understand that the Scarborough Public Library’s WIFI is accessible from the parking lot. When you are researching and encounter a record that the image is “only available at an affiliated library,” save it to your Source Box. (I’d make a folder for “Get image a Library.) That way, you can easily find it and download the image when you are at Family History Center or an Affiliated Library. See the Ancestor Hunt Divorce Records page for other states. See the Introduction to Family History Centers and the FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries page. There are six Affiliate Libraries in Maine located in:

        • Augusta
        • Camden
        • Fort Fairfield
        • Kennebunk
        • Scarborough
        • Springvale

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