Four Women and a Baby Identified

Photo Friday
By Don Taylor

This week, for Photo Friday, I’m reviewing four photos, one child, two women photos, and one small photo with two women in it.

Photos of 4 women and a baby.
Carrie & Lillie Johnson, Kenneth F. Bartlett, Evelyn Ardelia Bragdon, & Elsie Bragdon

Mrs. Carrie Johnson & Daughter Lillie.

This photo kind of has two backs. There is the original small 2-3/4” x 2” black & white (pictured above). Also, there is a blue-tinted printed copy of that same photo but only has the left inch, thus leaving out the daughter. However, the backs of the two are slightly different. One says, “Mrs. Carrie Johnson & daughter Lillie,” the other states, “Carrie Johnson Mrs. R. M. Johnson.”

A search for Carrie Johnson, with a spouse of R. M. and a child named Lillie, immediately found a 1910 Census record with Richard M. Johnson, head of household, Carrie E. Johnson, his wife, and Lillie R. Johnson, as a daughter. In 1910 they lived in Hallowell, Kennebec County, Maine.

  • Carrie E. (Murphy) Johnson – Family Search ID: 9XYH-Z1X.
  • Lillie Richardson Johnson – Family Search ID: G71N-9FJ.

Kenneth F Bartlett

The back of the photo says, “Kenneth F Bartlett.”  The picture is by “Smith Photo Co, 27 Monument Sq., Portland, ME.”

There was a Kenneth F. Bartlett, born in Scarborough, ME, on 30 June 1905, the son of Ferdinand M. and Ruth E. Bartlett.

A review of potential other Kenneth Bartletts did not yield any other candidates.

The child appears to be between ½ to 1-1/2, and the photo style is consistent with approximately 1906. So, I believe this to be Kenneth Bartlett.

Family Search ID L5T6-S3D.

Evelyn Ardelia Bragdon

The back of the photo says, “Evelyn Ardelia Bragdon”  The image is by the “Marshall Studio, Westbrook, ME.”

I have seen photos of Elsie and Evelyn Bragdon previously. A view of Evelyn on Family Search yielded another image of the same picture, so I did not upload my copy of the photo to Family Search.

Family Search ID: LYRK-419.

Elsie Bragdon

The back of the photo says, “Elsie Bragdon – Westbrook High School – 1919.”  The picture is by “Fenley, Portland, Maine.”

A search found that an Elsie L. Bragdon lived in Westbrook during the 1920 Census. I am confident this is the correct person.

Family Search ID: 9F3M-HNW.

Final Note

It is a great day when you can identify all of the individuals in the photos you are reviewing.  I am caught up on my Photo Identification Project, so it will be a while before I research any others.



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