Hart, La Folley, & Shaw

Two out of three identified.

Photo Friday
By Don Taylor

It is a good week for my Photo Identification Project. I looked at three small photos—two women and a child. I was able to identify one of the women and the child.

Nina Hart

Nina Hart (Sara Hart is her mother) The back of the photo says, “Nina Hart (Sarah Hart is her mother).

The 1900 Census indicates there were two Nina Hart’s in in Maine in 1900.

  • One was born in August 1880 and was married to Starling Hart in 1900. The photo is clearly of a child and can’t be Mrs. Hart.
  • The other was born in January 1891. She was a boarder living with Mary J. Hart (head) in St. George Town, Knox County, Maine.

The 1910 Census indicates that Nina Hart, born in 1891, was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Hart and lived in St. George, Knox County, Maine.

The 1920 Census confirms Nina Hart living with Thomas & Sarah Hart in South Thomaston, Knox County, Maine. (Note: South Thomaston is about 5 miles from St. George.)

There are no other Nina Hart’s in Maine enumerated in the 1900 to 1930 censuses and the photo appears to be from that era.

As such, I believe this Nina Hart is the daughter of Thomas F. and  and Sarah E (Murphy) Hart and was born 15 December 1890.

I estimate the girl in this photo is about 11 years old, making the photo from circa 1901.

Family Search ID LKCQ-W3X 

Mrs. La Folley

Mrs. La Folley - RockportThe back of the photo says, “Mrs. La Folley – Rockport.” Although no photographic studio is identified, the print is a mini-cabinet card. That type of card was typically produced from 1880 to 1900.

The 1900 Census indicates that a Eugenia La Folly lived in Rockport Town, Knox County, Maine. She lived with her 8-year-old son, Theodore B. La Folley. Eugenia was born in April 1867 and was married; however, her husband was not enumerated on the same page.

Theodore B. La Folley was born in Rockport and his mother was Eugenie L. Thorndike.

There were no other Mrs. Folley’s in the area during the late 1800s when miniature cabinet cards were produced.

As such, I believe this to be Eugenie L. (Thorndike) Folley (also known as Linda Eugenia Thorndike) born 12 April 1866 in Rockport, Knox County, Maine to Robert Cothell and Joanna Carolina (Annis) Thorndike. She was the wife of Ralph Morse LaFolley and mother of Theodore Benner La Folley.

Family Search ID M6JH-BSR and Link.

Laura Shaw

Laura Shaw

The back of the photo says, “Laura Shaw.” This photo appears to be a copy on regular paper and is not on photo stock. There is no studio identification.

There are so many Laura Shaw’s in Maine that without additional information it will be impossible to determine which Laura Shaw this is. A quick review of “Laura Shaw” in the Social Security Death Index revealed the at least six “Laura Shaw’s” that would be candidates. Laura Shaw born:

  • 1896, died 1974, Millinocket, Penobscot County
  • 1898, died 1983
  • 1898, died 1995 in Cumberland County
  • 1899, died 1966 in Presque Isle, Aroostook County
  • 1901, died 1987 in South Paris, Oxford County
  • 1902, died 1980

Final Note

If you are related to any of these individuals or can help confirm the identity of them, I’d love to hear from you.


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