Four Men & a Boy

Photo Friday
By Don Taylor

Very good week for my Photo Identification Project. three individuals were identified and one other I have a name for but I can’t confirm which of two individuals it is.

Photos of John Shaw, Ralph Marr Bragdon, Paul Brackett, Harold Bragdon (youth), & Harold Bragdon
John Shaw, Ralph Marr Bragdon, Paul Brackett, Harold Bragdon (youth), & Harold Bragdon

Ralph Marr Bragdon

The back of the photo says, “Ralph Marr Bragdon married Hazel Clynda Gardner – Feb 11, 1920.”  The photo is by The Pike Studio, Westbrook Maine and says “W. H. S. Class 1915.”

I believe this to be Ralph Bragdon, son of George and Minnie (Marr), Bragdon married Hazel Gardner on 11 February 1920 in Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine. Family Search ID LYRK-Y47:

Harold Bragdon

The back of the photo says, “Harold Bragdon.” The photo is by “Fenley Studio – Walter Fenley – Guy Kendall, Portland, Maine.”

There is also a second photo slipped inside of the photo pages which says “Harold Bragdon, 319 Warren Ave, Cumberland Mills, Me.” There is no photographer information on the second photo.

Ralph Bragdon (above) had a younger brother Harold. These photos appear to be of Ralph’s younger brother. The earlier photo probably about 1910. The older one of Harold is probably when he was 18 or so, 1918. Family Search ID LYRK-Y47:

Paul Brackett

The back of the photo says, “Paul Brackett – Graduation 1935,” The photo is by “Roger Paul Jordan, Portland.”

There was a Paul Brackett, son of Ernest and Eva Brackett who was born in South Portland on 17 Jan 1915. This appears to be him. Family Search ID GMR3-43Y:

John Shaw

The pack of the photo says, “Very Truly Yours, John Shaw.” In a different pen and hand it reads “January 5th, 1906.” The photo is by “The Hatch Studio – Chas. R. Higgins,  Prop., Bath, Maine.”

A review of the Census records between 1900 and 1910 resulted in two results.

  • John Oakman Shaw – b. Dec 1838 or 1839, d. 1906. Wife Mary, Lived in Bath in 1900                 Age 69 – Too old to be the person in this photo.
  • John Shaw – b. October 1872 – Wife Harriet, lived in Bath in 1900 & 1910 – Age 34 – Candidate.

There were several other John Shaws in Maine during 1906 but none in Sagadahoc County. There was a John E. Shaw, born 1886 who lived in Lowell, Penobscot, Maine in 1910. And there was a John Shaw, born 1876 who lived in Lewiston, Androscoggin county, Maine in 1910. Lewiston is only about 25 miles from Bath, so this photo could potentially be him.

I believe this is John Shaw, born 1872 and who lived in Bath during the 1900 and 1910 Censuses, I there is a possibility the individual in the photo could be one of the others.

Final Note

If you are related to any of these individuals or can help confirm their identities, I’d love to hear from you.






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