The Britt’s of New Brunswick, Canada

Photo Friday

It was a good week for my photos. I was able to scan and identify 40 new images and was able to begin to analyze them.  I had eight photos that related to the Britt family of Pearl, New Brunswick, Canada. I was unable to find “Pearl,” but I did find the individuals in Canada Census records as living in Perth, New Brunswick. Near Perth, I found a “Pearl Road,” so I’m sure I have the correct family and people. There were photos of Philip J. Britt, his wife Florence (Leighton) Britt, and his sister, Maude (or Maud) Britt.  Also, there were two photos of the house. I was able to find the individuals in Family Search’s Family Tree and posted the photos to the Memory sections for them. I posted the images to my Flickr Account.  I also contacted the Perth Historical Society (via Facebook) and shared the posting with them.

Photos of the Britt Family of Perth, New Brunswick, Canada

If you are related to this family, I’d love to hear from you and learn if you had seen these photos before.


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  1. Jim & I were in Perth, New Brunswick last October. His great-grandparents are buried there in Perth. So if you come across any Griffeth or Everrett, let me know.
    Thanks – Lois Knight

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