Probate Record – Ezra Sanford – Sales Paper – Part 1 of 2

Transcription Tuesday
Transcription by Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.This week, for “Transcription Tuesday,” I am looking at the Probate Record for Ezra Sanford of Bennington County, Vermont[i], who died in 1813. The “Sales Papers” consisted of a cover page and two handwritten pages. The cover page indicated that this was the “Division of Ezra Sanford Estate. Recorded Book 5th Page 234 to 237 by Jona E Robinson, Register.” It also indicates that it was received, examined, allowed and ordered to be recorded on October 4th, 1813.

Page 1 of the Sales Papers;

We set off to the widow Mercy Sanford one piece of Pasture
Land lying east and adjoining the road which leads from the schoo
house to Isaac Kimbals & bounded East & North on the Widow
Cartwrights thirds containing about two acres, also a Meadow
lot containing about nine acres bounded as follows beginning
at a pine stump baked standing on the bank of the Branch
Brook thence E/O South to the Mill Brook thence uh the
Mill Brook to the foot of the Ridge, then on the line of the
lot Ezra Sanford bought of Jones Barber to Timothy Bar-
-ber land, then on Timothy Barber North line to the Middle
of the Branch Brook, thence down ?? Brook to the bound
began at; also the home lot containing about 27 Acres, born
did as follows beginning at the corner of the road by the
School house, thence down the road westward 68 Rods to the
East Line of the William Lot so called, thence southward on
the old william east line 82 Rods to Josiah Westcoats North
West Corner thence Eastward on ?? Westcoats Line to the road 22
Rods, thence Northward on the Road to the place began at, also
a wood lot on the East side of the Road containing about 15
acres lying on the North part of ??wood lot & ins to contain all
that remains after spliting off thirty acres on the south part off
?? Lot.

We also set to Electa Miller the following
discarded piece of land, beginning on the west side of the
Road in the Widow Cartwrights South Line, thence running
westward to the southwest corner of the widow cartwrights
lot, thence on the west line of ?? Lot 24 Rods to Isaac
Kimbals Land, thence westward and Northward on Isaac Kim
bale land to the center of the Brook, thence up the Mid-
-dle of the brook 63 Rods to a pine stump marked stand
-ing on the Bank, thence E to S. to the Mill Brook, thence
up the Mill Brook one Rod, thence eastward to the
West side of the Road, one Rod southward from the place
began at, thence Northward one Rod to the place of begin

We set to Sally Sanford the following piece of
land, beginning at Electa Millers South East corner thence West
ward on ?? Electa South line to the Middle of Mill brook



Paragraphs above are mine for my clarity, not the original writer.

All dates based upon signed date (on page 2) of 20 September 1813.

Ezra Sanford Probate - Sales Papers, Page 1
Ezra Sanford Probate – Sales Papers, Page 1

Facts I learned

  • The Widow Mercy Sanford inherited several pieces of land from the estate of Ezra Sanford.
  • Electa married (Unknown) Miller before 20 September 1813.
  • Electa inherited a piece of land.
  • Sally Sanford was unmarried in 20 September 1813.
  • Sally inherited a piece of land.
  • Based upon this record I am changing Sarah Sanford’s preferred name to Sally and making Sarah an “also known as.”


NOTE:  The Cambridge Dictionary defines “transcribe” as to “make a complete written record of spoken or written words.” My transcriptions are seldom perfect but I do my best to convert handwritten documents into typed words for my genealogical purposes.  If you see anything that I have incorrect or can interpret the words I have ??ed, please let me know your thoughts via the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.


[i] Vermont, Wills and Probate Records, 1749-1999 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015. Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington District, Probate Records; Author: Vermont. Probate Court (Bennington District); Probate Place: Bennington, Vermont – Entry for Ezra Sanford Probate – Page 16 (00404).

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