Why I’ll never do business with MyHeritage again.

NOTE:  It has been two and a half years since I wrote the review below. It was true at the time, however, in the ensuing years they appear to have improved processes.  Still not perfect, their relationship with their customers appears to have improved substantially.  From what others say, it appears they are refunding payments when not intended. (See comments at the end of the posting.)  Their communications about the refund process is not particularly good, in that they should inform the customer they have received their request and they should inform the customer it is be reviewed as appropriate.  But, all in all, my feelings have softened as they seem to be responsive to their customers. I would do business with them again.  (Updated 18 Jan 2019)

It is seldom that a company angers me enough that I say, “I’ll NEVER, NEVER EVER, do business with that company again.” MyHeritage has successfully achieved that status with me.

I was enticed to use MyHeritage when 23 and Me eliminated their own ancestry trees and transferred them to MyHeritage. My tree was transferred to MyHeritage and I eventually subscribed to them because of 23 and Me’s endorsement. I didn’t find their service particularly useful and decided to drop them.

Rant On

First of all, it seems that every responsible company I do business with sends a notification a week or two before an automatic renewal takes effect. On rare occasions, when a company doesn’t send such a notification, I have always been able to call them the following business day, have the automatic renewal canceled, and have the money refunded. Not so with MyHeritage.

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-6-48-17-am-copyA few months ago I had gone onto Pay Pal and canceled my automatic renewal. I thought that I was done. But when I was charged, I checked Pay Pal and found there were two entries for MyHeritage.  The first one I had canceled. But there was a second entry.  It had an expiration date of Dec 13, 1901.  I had no idea that I had to cancel that too.  I thought, no problem, I’ll just call them, they’ll refund the money, and we’ll be square – No harm, no foul.

I was wrong. I explained I hadn’t used the service in months. I explained that I canceled one service. I explained that I didn’t realize I need to cancel a service that had an expiration date of 1901, to no avail.  After talking at length with a “customer service representative” the bottom line was, “We typically don’t refund renewal fees.” Finally, I asked to speak with a supervisor.

I waited several minutes. Finally, the same customer service representative came back. I couldn’t speak with his supervisor, but his supervisor said I could have half my money back and he’d allow the annual subscription to remain active for the year. Certainly, I felt disrespected by the supervisor who wouldn’t even speak with me. An unhappy customer with a problem deserves being spoken to; that is why supervisors usually have the flexibility to go outside standard protocols.

MyHeritage renewal canceled

Both entries now canceled

The good news is that I did receive half of my money back ($59.40). The bad news is that I paid half-price for a subscription that don’t want and I’ll never, never ever, use.

I believe Pay Pal is also culpable. Further investigation revealed that MyHeritage’s automatic subscriptions do expire in 80 years.  Had Pay Pal displayed an expiration date of Dec 13, 2095, instead of Dec 13, 1901, I would not have missed that I needed to cancel that also,

There are only a handful of companies that I’ll never do business with. Congratulations to MyHeritage, you have made my list.

Rant Off

Could MyHeritage come off my list? Sure; but, they would need to take the next step in making this former customer happy.  Have you had problems with MyHeritage and their renewal process?  If so, feel free to comment below. I’ll publish some of the better comments.

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56 Responses to Why I’ll never do business with MyHeritage again.

  1. Andrew says:

    Today I had an email from my heritage stating they were taking £90 out of my bank account – today. No consent was given for this, and no prior warning was given by my heritage. During a telephone call to their billing department this afternoon (15th March 2017) I was told that someone would have to call me back to discuss my request for a refund and that would typically take 3 or 4 days! None of my emails has even been acknowledged, let alone answered effectively. A complete disgrace and an embarrassment to the world of genealogy.

    • Andrew says:

      Further to my original response, I continued to fight for a refund. Someone did actually call me back and told me I had agreed to auto renew my subscription and that I should “read the small print”. I told him that wasnt acceptable. He went away and talked to his “manager”, who authorised a 50% refund. I told him that wasn’t acceptable either, as I had no intention of using their site again. Finally they agreed to refund me in full. An experience not to be forgotten! When I asked why they don’t send reminders before taking money, their response was that people get sick and tired of receiving too many emails, and only companies based within the EUROPEAN normally do that. MyHeritage are based in Israel apparently.


    • Carol P Law says:

      Andrew: I wonder if myheritage.com is having $ problems. I’ve been through hell with them also on subscription. For the same reason as you. Though I finally did pay for this year, I can rarely get into the site without them asking for more money. They send me eMails with new entires for my tree. When I click on, I get the big blue boxes asking for money. I wrote a business letter by U.S. mail to the MH CEO in Utah about my problems; and never received a reply. This is a new one for me. When I write to a company head, which is my usual way of settling issues, I ALWAYS get a reply rather soon from a person who handles that department. This tells me there is something not quite right with that company. I will never again subscribe once this one is dead next December. I’m not going to go through the stress of trying to get my money back for this year.

      • Naomi says:

        I used the site once to find 2 weeks later, they have taken a full years subscription fee from my account. I have tried several times to communicate via phone and email, to no avail! Appalling business, can’t be trusted 😡

        • Lesley says:

          They did exactly the same to me yesterday Monday 3rd May 2021 £238 without me even knowing that there was a pre approved payment subscription in place and all i did was send one of them dna testing kits for my history and they go and take a years subscription they are scammers I’m so very upset because money is tight and can’t afford to lose £238 for something i didn’t want I’ve emailed them but had no reply

      • JR says:

        Currently on hold. Attempting to get my refund

    • Nancy Hermann says:

      I had a bad experience with them,two years ago I canceled my membership with them. Last month I noticed $324.00 was used my debit card no. I tried to call them and they wouldn’t call me back. I called my bank and they gave me a credit. They’re the worst group on this planet.

  2. Peter Hedman says:

    My wife and I had sepatrate pages on MyHeritage. We ordered DNA-kits. They sent all of the results (mine too) to her mail and her page. There seems to be no way I can move the data to my page. The support is rotten, to say the least. The Swedish help-desk that I was adviced to call never answer the phone – they do have a tape, though, where one can leave a message and they promise to call you back, but they NEVER do… We are also still waiting for the “Free Etnicity Reports”, that we most likey will never get. Too much money – down the drain…. 🙁 I really regret we started with this company…

  3. H.B. Hanna says:

    I will NEVER use MyHeritage again. Three reasons. First, they alarmed me by displaying very personal information which I never gave them such as addresses where I lived as a child. Second, I discovered they were renewing two annual subscriptions for me every year so that now my subscription is set to expire in 964 days (more than 2.5 years from now) even though in 6 months they will automatically renew again! Third, MyHeritage seems to run mostly on information from other people’s family trees which, as we all know, are rife with errors (mostly unintentional), but errors nonetheless. One more thing: They boast having a huge number of records but I’ve done much better searching other websites.

  4. Don Taylor says:

    I was very sorry to see that MyHeritage bought Legacy Family Tree software. Legacy was my favorite Windows based software. I’ve dropped it from my recommendations because it is now MyHeritage.

  5. Jean Germaine says:

    I was with Ancestry.com, but all my line was broken up & they said could not be re-connected. How this happened, no one knows. I contacted MyHeritage, & received a reply on 14 Oct. 2017, stating they would get back to me “as soon as we can”, which happened on 19 Oct.. I then joined at the $119.40 level, using my credit card. Everything was great, was very pleased. No longer then 2 weeks later, I upped to the SuperSearch subscription site, at $131.74 plus $59.00 for a DNA, totaling $190.74. I emailed explaining what I what I wanted & was doing, replacing my $119.40 subscription. Masha, from their support team emailed back on 19 Oct. 2017, welcoming me & saying that my monies would be “adjusted”, leaving me to think that a reasonable amount would be taken from the $119.40 for the “about” two weeks usage & returned to my bank account. That email also states that “when these subscriptions expire, you will not have to cancel manually & you will be able to simply contact us & purchase an annual subscription”. Reading others letters, the words “when these subscriptions expire” has me worried.
    On my Nov. 2017 bank statement, which I don’t receive till Dec.. MyHeritage cashed/deposited both my credit card payments of &119.40 & $190.74, for a total of $310.10. I finally made contact on the phone & talked to a fellow who seemed not to have to breath. I’ve talked to some fast talkers in my 81 years, but this fellow tops them all. Didn’t get his name. He told me that I had subscribed to a MyHeritage site which costs $250.00 site, minus my $59.00 DNA charge. I did not nor did I know there was a $250.00 site, & if his math was right on, $119.40 & $131.74, adds up to $251.14. Did he pocket $1.14. I’m getting sarcastic, but I’m really angry, & I’m on the verge of canceling my subscription, effective NOW. Wonder if they will tell me what they have told Mr. Taylor about his expiration date ???


    Também tive uma cobrança de renovação sem aviso prévio.
    Após ler o contrato, “letras miúdas”, descobri o que aconteceu.
    Empresas sérias e com a convicção de que prestam um bom serviço no mínimo avisariam com antecedência a renovação ao invés de executar a renovação desta forma. Entrei em disputa pelo PayPal e entrarei em contato com MyHeritage para ter o reembolso do valor. Caso não tenha exito o que farei é utillizar as redes sociais para alertar aos possíveis e futuros usuários a forma com que esta empresa trata seus clientes.

    [Google Translate Version:]
    I also had a renewal charge without prior notice.
    After reading the contract, “fine print,” I discovered what happened.
    Serious companies and with the conviction that they provide a good service at least would warn in advance of the renewal rather than perform the renewal in this way. I filed for PayPal and will contact MyHeritage for a refund of the amount. If I do not succeed, what I will do is use social networks to alert potential and future users to the way this company treats its customers.

  7. David Holst says:

    I had an auto-renewal go through this weekend for My Heritage and was pretty mad because I thought I had turned off the auto-renewal. I was expecting a fight from My Heritage and anticipated having to fight the charge through my credit card company. But just to make sure I had my ducks in a row when i called the credit card company, I called My Heritage.

    I was on hold for about 3-4 minutes when a customer service rep named Jordan came on the line. I calmly explained the situation and that I would like to get a refund. He asked for my email address and asked why i wanted to cancel. I politely told him I didn’t have the time to work on it at the moment and so I was going to cancel.

    This is where I expected the fight to begin…. but to my surprise he said he would issue a refund immediately and while the refund would be processed within 24 hours, it might take 5-7 days to show up on the card (which is perfectly reasonable). He was extremely polite, didn’t make me beg, and didn’t try to fight me on the refund.

    Two minutes later I had two emails. One saying auto-renewal had been turned off and a second acknowledging a refund for the full amount.

    When I first signed up for My Heritage I was given the runaround with the free trial, 30 day money back guarantee and ultimately 50% off. All of which had given me a sour opinion of My Heritage right out of the gate. But I have to give credit where credit is due. Today’s interaction was simple, satisfying, and might even get me back when I pick up my genealogy work again later in the year.

    • Don Taylor says:

      That is really great news. I hope MyHeritage has changed its ways and continue to do the right thing. I will look forward to hearing from others who have had good experiences.

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  9. Morag Bell says:

    I’ve started the process of trying to get the £90 they took from my account on Wednesday, so far no response and the phone number provided yielded no response.

    • Morag says:

      Hi, just thought I’d let you know that the money reappeared in my bank account on Tuesday, has taken about 13 days, no communication just the refund.

      • emilia says:

        Hi Morag, can you tell me please how you contacted with them? email or phone? I ‘ve got the same problem as you, I send email to them with refund request but nobody answer :/

        • Morag Bell says:

          Hi there, I just sent two strongly worded emails, along the lines of ; this money was taken without my knowledge etc, I am a pensioner who would seek further redress( not sure how!!) and the money just reappeared in my account.

          • emilia says:

            Yesterday I received back my money from MyHeritage. I sent email to them with refund request saturday 03.03, they replied thursday 08.03, and yesterday (Friday 09.03) money reappeared on my account. I think good idea was to let them know that I have read policy of their site, and in accordance to this they have to send money back in 30 days if I ask. I’m Polish and I was using Polish version of site, so my first email I sent in Polish. Nobody answer, so I sent again request for refund but this time in English, and they replied for this email. I’m writing about this because maybe someone else will be in similar situation, in this case it’s always better to comunicate in English. I’m very very happy they didn’t moan about refunding 30 or 50%, because this is really unfair. Of course I deleted my account in MyHeritage instantly, and I will never EVER again use things like this. In my email I informed them that I think this is not normal they don’t send notifications about end of trial version, because this is common practice in services which offers paid subscriptions. In two words – NEVER AGAIN.

          • Morag Bell says:

            Hi Emilia, so glad you got your money back. Thank you Don Taylor for starting this thread, I wouldn’t have known where to start without you.

  10. David Lynch says:

    I made a mistake. My credit card details were incorrect and so they could not automatically renew my subscription. I went into the site and updated my credit card details. I understood I would be charged $130 USD for the renewal. The next thing I know I received confirmation from Citibank that $260 USD was charged to my credit card. I have tried to phone My Heritage (in Australia) and they have a message that says the help line is closed due to bad weather. I have emailed them and told them I wish to cancel my subscription. Our weather in Australia is not that bad at the moment. Not sure what the problem is.

  11. Merilyn says:


    As i live in South Africa and our exchange rate i have been charged 245 USD for a renewal of subscription. I’ve asked as to why i am paying more than last year, and was told i received 30% off because of their promo. I basically told them i wanted to cancel my subscription as to which they answered they will partially refund me and give me the same rate as last year. What they did do was take the money out of my account on the 28th which if you blinked was their and then subsequently disappeared and then the monies were deducted again and even more taken.

  12. Lala says:

    Unfortunately for me I was doing my fiancé a favor by using my card for the free trial. I normally check reviews but this time I didn’t and paid the price of $119 and some change. Had I known that they don’t send expiration messages, I wouldn’t have used my card. My thoughts as to the reasons why would be that the company hopes that people won’t remember. For those that do you either receive a refund after going through a little communication error. For those that don’t it’s a reoccurring charge. Moving on to the information provided. We as consumers who use the trial will provide all of the necessary information in order for others to trace family roots. We noticed some of the information found was incorrect. We had done a better job researching outside of the website. It appears that the company stays in business by the consumers who provide information and by charging expensive site/product fees. By the time I realized this I was charged $. I’ve figured out a simple way to track and trace family roots without paying 100’s of dollars. I wish that I had figured sooner. About the refund, charged yesterday, called, cancelled asked for refund 7-10 working days, called back to confirm full refund amount and given some trouble, called 3rd time assured the processing of a full refund and cancellation’s of any and all services/products. I saw comments about refunds 1-13 days, “ouch”. By the time you get the hang of how to utilize the site the trial is up and and pockets $119.40 thinner. While some of their products might’ve been useful, I don’t plan on taking another chance. I’ll give an update on full “refund” that I’m praying to receive.

  13. Cris says:

    They must have changed their way for the better.

    Unfortunately I’ve made the same mistake, and didn’t canceled the subscription early enough (I did on their website but not on PayPal), and was charged on 12/01/2019, immediately I’ve sent a couple of emails, polite but desperate as I was charged AU$251 (too much money for sure). I’ve heard nothing for 5 days, came across these reviews yesterday and was planning to call them today. To my utter surprise, I’ve got an email saying that a full refund will be processed today and it might take 3-7 days. Hooray!!!!

    Thank you MyHeritage for being honest. 5 stars!!!

  14. Dave Dale says:

    I know this is an old thread, but just to add my bit….

    I too made the mistake of not paying enough attention to what I had signed up for – automatic renewal after Year 1.

    I was dreadfully shocked when a $258 charge notification came through from My Heritage and Paypal simultaneously just over a week ago. Ill-health had reduced my Family Tree activity over the last few months, and it was not uppermost in my mind. The charge was well over double the first year’s, and I simply couldn’t afford it. Having checked the original small print, I realized my error; however, I was appalled that MH hadn’t advised me BEFOREHAND of the upcoming charge.

    Having come across this page, and absorbed the tips, I immediately emailed the company, and explained my problem, and my issue with the way the charge had been made. I was not expecting an easy resolution, but I made my case calmly, politely, and pleadingly!

    Hearing nothing for a few days was troubling, so I emailed again, just asking if my request had been considered, and I almost immediately received a very considerate, understanding, and positive reply from Carol-Anne, who confirmed that it was my mistake, but that she was nonetheless authorizing a full refund forthwith. The payment hit my Paypal account the next day.

    I really couldn’t have asked for a better response and resolution, and I intend to pick up my research again when I can better afford it, and when my health improves.

    Well done My Heritage – you’ve obviously improved your customer relations immeasurably, and you deserve credit for that, even if I still feel that prior advice of renewal should be made automatically.

  15. Jaroslav Tachovský says:

    I had the same problem with them, they charged for service I did not want (Microsoft does the same on Skype). The only way how to prevent is to set card limit for internet payments to zero and in case I need to pay something I increase it for 5 minutes until it proceeds.

  16. Emilio says:

    I have just had the same problem. I have cancelled the renewal, cancelled the automatic payument in PayPal and requested a refund through their support system.

    I believe that, under the German legislation there is always a 30 day full return policy for online purchass.

    We will see…

  17. Emilio says:

    Just to add that I just got a notification that my refund has been already processed.

    This was fast.

    MyHeritage policy has indeed change. Well done!

  18. Laura says:

    They just took 300 from me for the annual subscription without advanced notice . I paid slightly less than 80.00 originally. Never have I received an email that a renewal was coming up nor did the original email state the cost for renewal. This is a scam. I enjoyed the service but it is not worth it for what I get. I called customer service who will have someone call me. Maybe… 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  19. Gary says:

    My card was charged $299 for a renewal. I received no advance notice- only a notice that the charge had taken place.
    It’s a wake-up call that I’m wasting time and money on a hobby in which those in the business see us as desperate fools who don’t even deserve a modicum of courtesy. There is no good excuse for failing to give us notice a week or two before the annual renewal. After all, they constantly send out notice of “matches, etc.
    I called and canceled membership.
    The agent was understanding, apologetic, and claimed he’d share the suggestion of notices with management.
    But unless I hear that they’ve adopted a policy of courtesy advance notices I won’t be signing up again.
    And I’ve stopped opening up any of their “match”notices.

  20. Adrienne Garvey says:

    This morning €98 taken for a subscription I didn’t even know I had subscribed to — no prior warning! This is frankly a scam albeit ‘legitimate ‘ with their fallback on ‘small print’
    So trying the phone line, engaged all day, 2 emails sent.
    Honestly, I will NEVER use this site again. Very sneaky and shoddy practice. Total disrespect for them!
    Will make sure others are aware of This!!

  21. Mary says:

    I signed up for a 14-day data trial in early Nov 2018. I was charged €110.58 on 24 Nov 2018. I have a note in my paper diary that I called to cancel at that time. Unfortunately I didn’t make a note of who I spoke to and there is no sign of a refund on my debit card. I had dipped into the data records during the trial but found them of little value.

    A couple of months ago, I had a phone call from MyHeritage offering me a what a thought was a data subscription. Despite the hard sell, I said no. I wasn’t made aware that I was already paying for a data subscription.

    Yesterday I got an email from MyHeritage “This is just a brief update that we’ve successfully received your payment. We’ve extended your Data subscription for one year. You were charged €119.87 (plus VAT). You enjoyed a 8% discount on the regular price.” – so I was charged €147.44 (inc VAT) for a subscription that is unused.

    That’s €267.31 down the drain.

    I rang CS this morning. Spoke to Dinko, who said they would refund today’s charge but as of now the subscription is showing as still active on the site. Said nothing could be done about the charge in Nov 2018 as I have no record of my call to them.

  22. MyHeritage's Newest Victim says:

    This JUST happened to me today with just 6 days until Xmas and 2 days until my daughter’s birthday party. This is ******* ridiculous and I am so furious. I am on hold with their support staff on the phone right now. Never again! After they cancel my subscription or my bank does it for me, I will delete my account!

  23. Jane Rimmer says:

    I received an email about a month ago from Myheritage informing me that they had taken over £250 for renewal of my subscription – no warning had been given. I only took out the sub as a response to a phone call from them, and that was at a big discount.

    However, I did manage to get through to them. I told them that I did not want to renew and that I couldn’t afford to pay for a third genealogy programme, and they have refunded the money to my account. I have paid a one-off fee for my 2 DNA tests so that I can use their DNA matching service, and that is enough for me.

    I do my research with Ancestry and FindMyPast, both of which are exemplary when it comes to warning me that my sub is due.

  24. Mary Hensley says:

    I bought a dna test that came with 1 month subscription i thought that would be it i didnt know u had to cancel it or be charged $150.00 the min the charged my card i seen it and i been tryin to get ahold of them via email on there site as well as paypal for 4 days now and cant even get a response

  25. Craig Freeman says:

    My Visa bill arrived on June 8, 2020 with a charge of $299.00 for MyHeritage Premium. I did not choose to have this renewed automatically each year. I phoned June 8, 2020 and was told I would be contacted. I also sent an email earlier today. There is nothing in the site where I can find my Credit Card information. It instructs you to go into Google Play where I have no active cards and no transactions. I hope they will resolve this because $299.00 is quite an expense at this time.

    • Craig Freeman says:

      I have received an email that a refund will appear within 7 days for the full amount of $299.00.

      This has made my day. Glad to see this happened.

  26. Azaria says:

    Same thing happened with me that has happened to many – didn’t read the ridiculous small print, £113 taken from my account!!
    thought I was going to have a fight on my hands, emailed them and recieved a reply and confirmation of refund within 2 hours, it says it will take 7-10 working days.
    Will update when money is recieved

    • Caroline says:

      What email address did you use to contact them? I have just had the same experience, however, I can only find telephone numbers, but I would like a record of my communications so I would prefer to email.

  27. carole Saunders says:

    How and where do you email my heritage Tried phoning customer service but was informed via a recorded message that I will need to upgrade for this service ( I have only just signed up for 14 day free trial )Tried sending a reply to the Welcome email from them but it bounces back

  28. Alan Wade says:

    I cancelled my MyHeritage account and subscription in January this year but today they took £130 from my card. I tried phoning their customer service but all I get is an automated message asking for my membership number, which I don’t have because I’m not a member anymore! I can’t find any email address for them, is there any other way of contacting them?

  29. Sally Chaplin says:

    I have just been stung by the two week trial period – I forgot to cancel it and didn’t get alerted that they were taking a year’s worth of money until it was too late. I cannot find an e-mail address for them and nobody answers the phone. Can anybody help?

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  31. Karen Edyvane says:

    I have just been stung by the two week trial period as well – like others, I forgot to cancel it and didn’t get alerted that they were taking a year’s worth of money until it was too late. Further, the 14 days had not even fully elapsed.

    My My Heritage account settings also clearly stated that I will receive ‘free trial expiration notification’.

    I have just sent them an email message via ‘support@myheritage.com’ – and have also left messages for them on their customer contact number. Fingers-crossed they will respond, and give me a full refund.

  32. Zandile Ngcobo says:

    They took 1300 today in my account any1 help me with their contacts please.

  33. Don Taylor says:

    [I received a message from”WM” regarding his experience with MyHeritage. He said, in part:]

    I have had my “tree” on their site for nearly 2 years. They phoned me well before my subscription expired and they then give a 20% discount if I paid 3 months before the expiry date, but that’s business. There were some serious problems and in response to my complaint they extended the subscription for 3 months at no extra cost. When I complained again about something else they allowed me free backups for 6 months. they always replied to my messages…

    All in all, I am happy to have found many ancestors, even contacted distant relatives….

  34. Whitehouse says:

    i did a my heritage DNA test i had no close matches and only 4 extended family of which only one i am actually related to distantly, my family tree done has by 8 people over 2 decades in all my family on both sides, it got places where my family where from in the DNA wrong, or i am adopted which is unlikely as i know who my parents are my parents due to previous genetic testing. then when i gave the raw data to other companies to analyse they massively reduced they were more consistent with each other also aliened more with my extensive family tree which goes back to the late 17th mid 18th century. also, it halfed the estimates for the largest and most confident results on my heritage result and other results brought up over 20% DNA that that did not exist on my heritage abut aligns with my family records. also, the test took 2 weeks to do the whole process analysing of the data took them a day and it shows, personally i am not trusting the my heritage analysis of my DNA data as other companies is showing vastly different results which are more similar to each other and when I uploaded my results from my heritage, they also looked similar and different to what they had on their website, it is showing they have found my grandfather on the US social security records whatever that is and he has never been in the US in his life and the last person in my family went to the US on that side was just over 200 years ago. I precisely put his data, there is something odd gonging on. seems like they screwed up my results

  35. Russell Hunter says:

    I’ve only been trying for about 10 days to get My heritage to refund an annual £226 sub that they took from me on 3rd September, despite me instructing them on 24th August to cancel the upcoming renewal. I know it’s not long, but on my experience up to now, I’m not over-optimistic about getting my refund. All I get is endless emails asking for details I have given many times already and spurious claims to have been trying to contact me by phone – it’s certainly not my phone they’re calling, if they’re calling anyone.
    Avoid this mob like the plague. is my advice – they’re not even particularly good at what they do in my experience, which is why I wanted to cancel.

  36. sheree says:

    Like many others here, I was shocked to find I had been automatically subscribed to their searching service after buying 2 dna kits (which haven’t even come yet after a month!) The notification of the renewal came at 12.29am on 27/12/21, stating the free trial had run to 26/12/21, so needed to be cancelled by then. I cancelled immediately and asked for a refund. Their phone does not answer, as they are closed for the holidays. I have rung my bank to cancel the transaction and will see what happens. What a shonky mob!

  37. Lizette Labuschagne says:

    MyHeritage took a full year subscription from my account for one day and that was the day I started the 14 day free trail after I responded to their e.mail that I do not which to continue with a subscription.

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  39. Susan B Farmer says:

    Yeah, I had done something that caused my membership to re-up and I didn’t know about it. They did refund my money, fairly quickly. They emailed me and wanted to talk about my issues. I said “fine! But if you’re going to try and talk me into staying, don’t bother unless you **really** want to piss me off. Just save your breath, and issue me a refund.” I had my money the next day.

    My biggest gripe with MyHeritage was their product. I had what was supposed to be the equivalent of Ancestry’s regular package …

    Except that
    — I couldn’t contact DNA matches and I couldn’t reply to their messages unless I upgraded
    — My tree was maxed out with people, and I couldn’t add any more people unless I upgraded
    — I couldn’t see any of the “record matches” that they regularly emailed me about unless I upgraded.

    It didn’t matter what I tried to do, I couldn’t do it unless I upgraded. Didn’t take me long to say screw it, and let my membership lapse. It stayed lapsed until last summer when I reiggered a reactivation (and I still don’t know how I managed that!)

    But what’s the point of paying more than I was paying Ancestry when you can’t do anything unless you pay them even .ore money!

    • Jbachand says:

      HOW did you get in touch with them. I’m trying to cancel my subscription but they are telling me the only way to do it is through the Android App I purchased the subscription with 2 years ago. I no longer have an android device and can’t cancel from my I-Phone and they cannot/will not offer me a solution. And I can’t even remember what payment method I used. I can’t find anything in Paypal, or my bank account, so I’m assuming it’s my credit card, but can’t get records back to a year ago to check. So frustrating. My Heritage is not helpful at all 🙁

      • Malice_Alyce says:

        Just go to the Google Play Store on any browser, log into your account and then go to your Subscriptions. You can cancel there and it will also give you the last 4 digits of your credit card.

  40. Lesorub says:

    Same problem, charged me at 120 Euro.
    I am wrote 4 letters them and this is not what I want to do in my vacation.
    I think its no good way to work with clients, uh?

    Looks like a scam and its no acceptable profit methods.
    Should we escalate this case to make it more public?

    PS. And how we can trust them about DNA test, if they are scammers?

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