Hannah Beardsley Hulse Swayze

52 Ancestors #17 – Hannah Beardsley (1671-1743)

Bio – Hannah Beardsley Jenner Hulse Swayze

Hannah is one of those ancestors for whom other people’s
research is confusing and conflicting and for whom my research needs to be
somewhat daunting. 

Pirate Henry Morgan
Most of what I’ve found about Hannah puts her birth at 30
Apr 1671.  She was born of Joseph and Abigail
Phebe Dayton Beardsley.  One researcher
puts her birth at Brookhaven, New York, however most put her birth at Stratford,
Connecticut.  The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records. Vol. 1­55,
edited by Lorraine Cook White lists Hannah, daughter of Joseph Beardsley as
being born in 1671.[1]  It is key to note that another Hannah
Beardsley, daughter of Samuell Beardsley, was born 1682, also in Connecticut.
Her death is consistently reported by other researchers as 2
February, 1742/43. (Year is inconsistent because of Julian/Gregorian calendar
Several researchers indicate that she married Richard Hulse
in 1681, when she would have been only 10 years old.  I just can’t accept that date.  Several others indicate she married Samuel
Jenner in 1691, however, it appears that when she married Samuel Swazey her
last name was Hulse,[2] which
would suggest that she married Hulse after Jenner, if she married Jenner at
all.  All of the pedigrees I’ve seen
indicate she married Samuel in 1698 although the location is in question. Some
say Suffolk county, New York, others say Queens county, New York. In any event
it will take a lot of work to unravel the marriages.
I am really happy that one of the researchers included
sources with their pedigree on line. 
There were nine different sources that supported that individual’s
facts.[3]  This is awesome and a real help.  I wish everyone included their sources.  I will now be able to review the sources this
person used, analyze the source material and develop my own hypothesis. 
It is very unclear about Hannah’s possible children.  Certainly, the 4 Hulse children ascribed to
her can be dismissed as all were supposedly born before she was 5 years old.
The two Jenner children ascribed to her could be hers if she, in fact married
Jenner but I currently don’t believe so. One was born the year she married
Swazey and she would have had to marry Hulse in between.  It just doesn’t seem likely to me.
Page from Handel’s “Messiah”
She appears to have had at least six children with Samuel
Swazey,  John, Mathias, Susannah, Mary,
Samuel, and Elizabeth. There are no significant gaps in the children’s births
so I don’t expect any infant deaths in her children.
Historically, 1671, the year of Hannah’s birth, saw pirate
Henry Morgan defeating the Spanish in Panama, King Charles II on the throne in
England, and Louis XIV, king of France, founding Académie royale d’architecture,
the world’s first school of Architecture. [4]
Hannah died a month before Handel’s “Messiah” premiered in
I remember Hannah Beardsley Swayze this week, on the 343rd anniversary of her birth.

List of Greats

Rufus Harry Darling
Elizabeth Jane Swayze
David Swayze
David Swayze
Amos Swayze
Mathias Swayze
Hannah Beardsley
Joseph Beardsley
William Beardsley 

Further Research

Review Sources provided by Family Search and integrate facts.
Sort out Hannah’s marriages.
Further investigate Hannah’s parents and see about siblings.


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