Webinar – Privacy & Our Ancestors

I watched the webinar, “Privacy and Our Ancestors” given by Thomas MacEntee on October 3rd.  I really like his delivery style and this talk was spot on. He had a lot to say about expectations regarding privacy over different times.  His webinar is available for free at Legacy Family Tree archives until October 15. If you can’t see it by then, I think this one might be worth purchasing the CD.  Here is the Webinar Description.

Privacy and Our Ancestors. With all the news about privacy, identity theft and the role of access to vital records, have you ever considered that in 2012 most of us (at least here in the United States) have more privacy than our ancestors? As a result of living in the a digital age ruled by the Internet and social media, is there really less privacy than in prior years? In fact, the reverse is true. Learn what type of information about your ancestors was public and how to find it!

Besides his Privacy information, he gives several other hints that I found really good, such as joining the SCGS which I hadn’t thought of doing before his talk.  I probably will do so now though.

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