RootsTech: YouTube Your Family History

It seems I left the best for last of the RootsTech videos (of those I intend to watch).

YouTube, Your Family History, by Devin Ashby was excellent. He spent a short time with background information about YouTube and then gave three ideas for ways to use YouTube. First was an Ancestor Video. Creating a life story for an individual can be wonderful. He shows that a video might be much more interesting to family members than the boring trees and charts I love so much. He suggests some possible software applications that can be used to produce your video. He has excellent ideas, some of which will may the “Aunties Project” I’m working on much better. I think I can also use some of his ideas on some church videos. So his material was beneficial.
He talks about creating a website tour, where you provide a guide to your website. I don’t think that is useful to me right now, but I’ll keep the idea in the back of my mind if it becomes necessary.
Finally, he talked about creating a channel. He mentioned that having a channel can provide a way to make money from your videos. Of course, he mentions his channel, The Google Genealogist, which looks very good. I’ve subscribed and am looking forward to seeing more of his materials.
As a side note, he mentions the YouTube Symphony in the background of his talk. I had vaguely heard of it but had never seen it. His mention spurred me to look it up. It is excellent. I’m playing it as background as I work and am enjoying it immensely.
[Updated 31 July 2022 – I updated some of the links and gently edited for typos, etc.]

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