Roots Tech 2012 video – “Future of FamilySearch Family Tree”

More on the Roots Tech videos:
The Roots Tech 2012 video presentations are, for the most part, excellent and the presentation by Ron Tanner was among the best. It was very informative, and Ron is highly entertaining and engaging. He says he’s “crazy,” but from what I saw, he isn’t “crazy” but is excited about his work and what FamilySearch is doing in the future. FamilySearch Family Tree has some amazing things planned, ways in which collaboration in the family tree can be much easier and still maintain accountability if/when someone changes something in a tree. The changes planned have the potential to revolutionize collaboration. Some changes may not be implemented until the end of the year, but the new family tree capabilities appear very desirable.

I’m looking forward to the new features.

Family Search is one of my top sites, and their improvements might move it to the top.

Ron Tanner’s presentation is no longer available, however, you can see RootsTech by Family Search for currently available videos and presentations.

[I updated the link and did some minor editing 31 Aug 2022]

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