Great War

Information, photos, and images regarding the Great War as published in The New York Times, Rotogravure Picture Section during the Great War, along with my commentary and memories interactions with my family.


Over Here” relates to things occurring on the home front. What the people who stayed in the United States encountered or endured in support the war effort.

Over There” relates to our soldiers and their experiences “over there.”

Somewhere” shows people, places, and events that took place during wartime. They weren’t here, they weren’t over there, but they were somewhere.

April 7, 1918
Over Here: Military Recruits, Ann Pennington, Girls of the Honor Guard.
Over There: A British Tank, Troops taking “chow,” French Dog Cart.
Somewhere: Lady Drogheda, Baseball in Britain,

June 30, 1918Not in the Library of Congress Collection
Over Here:
Over There:

July 21, 1918
Over Here –  War Gardens; Nitro, West Virginia
Over ThereThe 42nd: Shell Shelters, Headquarters, and In the Trenches.
Somewhere – Queen Mary & Queen Alexandra, Count Burian


Harvey Nelson and the USS Mongolia