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Research into the Howell Family Line Including the following individuals with

  • 2. Clarence Fletcher Howell.
  • 92. Lewis Bryan.
  • 184. Robert Bryan.

Deed Transfer – Robert Bryan to Lewis Bryan

Amanuensis Monday – Howell Research – 3 April 1794 Transcription & Interpretation by Don Taylor [Source: Martin County Old Deed Records. Book C, Pages 248 and 249.] This Indenture made this the 3rd day of April in the year of … Continue reading

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Will DNA Testing provide the Answer for my Howell Brick Wall?

By Don Taylor I have completed my initial writing about Generations 3, 4, and 5 on my Howell line research. (See my blog on Howell Research for a list of people and articles.) My next person to research in that line … Continue reading

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Inconsistencies with Samuel Aquilla Long (1817-c.1870)

By – Don Taylor Sometimes, I feel like I am marching to the beat of a different drummer.  Or as my mother might say, “Look at my son, he is in step, but everyone else is out of step.” Once … Continue reading

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It is all the rage – Birthplace Charts

It has become all the rage. Doing a birthplace chart.  I understand that J. Paul Hawthorne started the idea on Facebook of doing a simple pedigree chart indicating where your ancestors came from.  It has been picked up by many … Continue reading

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One wife or two? M & Eartha [Hobbs]

One Wife or Two? It is really unclear to me if George Hobbs (1801-1860) had one wife or two. The records and family history make it really difficult to determine the truth. But, here is my logic. Martin County Heritage, … Continue reading

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Digital North Carolina & George Hobbs

When I begin a deep dive on individuals in North Carolina, “Digital North Carolina” is the place that I go. It is one of the best websites that I know of for North Carolina information. The site contains North Carolina specific … Continue reading

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Half-Sisters – Part 1

DNA testing results have, for me, always been something of a mixed bag. In most cases it does a fantastic job of confirming relationships that I have been pretty certain existed. For example, it confirmed that my half-sister, who was … Continue reading

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