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OMG – Another Half-Sibling

Half-Siblings provide the proof Brown, DNA By Don Taylor Thanks to autosomal DNA testing, I’ve learned who my biological father is. I have discovered and met some of my “new” half-siblings on my biological father’s side. I have also discovered that … Continue reading

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Ancestor Biography – Stephen Blackhurst (1801-1869)

 [Brown]/Montran/Barber/Blackhurst Line By Don Taylor As I have begun to get to know my Blackhurst heritage, I am amazed. It is an incredible group of people descended from 19th century English immigrants, Stephen and Fannie (Taylor) Blackhurst. Fifty years after … Continue reading

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My First Grade – Emerson Elementary

My Life Those Places Thursday By Don Taylor We must have moved back to Minneapolis during the summer of 1956 because I don’t remember changing schools during the school year that year.  We lived at 1221-½ Nicollet. It was an old … Continue reading

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Blackhurst Family Reunion – 1923

Amanuensis Monday By Don Taylor I don’t recall ever finding a newspaper article about a family reunion for my direct ancestors. I found an article on Ancestry.Com that mentioned my third great-grandparents, Stephen and Fanny (Taylor) Blackhurst. The article was … Continue reading

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Blackhurst Conflicts – The “Blacklin” Family of 1860

By Don Taylor I recently attended a Greater Portland Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society where the speaker, Pam Stone Eagleson spoke about “Confronting Conflicting Evidence.” It was a very good talk. As I listened to it I was thinking, … Continue reading

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Collins – Surname Saturday

I don’t really know much about my Collins ancestors, but they are among my earliest ancestors, 8th 9th and 10th great grandparents. They were part of the “Great Migration” of the early 1600s arriving in Massachusetts then locating to Connecticut. … Continue reading

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We’re Related – My Possible Relatives – Second Look

  Famous Friday by Don Taylor My second look at possible relatives using “We’re Related.” I must have received an upgrade recently as the program wanted me to reconnect with all of my Facebook friends. I was not amused that … Continue reading

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Surname Saturday – Cochran

Montran, Barber, Blackhurst, Cochran Line By Don Taylor Sometimes it is necessary to just put the brakes on.  So, is the case with Surname Saturday for Cochran. My fourth great-grandmother, Lydia Ellen Cochran, supposedly, is the wife of Stephen Blackhurst … Continue reading

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Biography – Enoch Mannin (1823-1907)

Roberts-Brown-2017 Research Brown/Mannin Line Ancestor #52 By Don Taylor Enoch Mannin is one of my “go to” ancestors.  That is to say that if I find a new database or website I ask myself, should I find something about Enoch … Continue reading

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Enoch Mannin – Homesteader

Enoch Mannin (1823-1907) Adding maps to my genealogy research is always fun. The Bureau of Land Management records lend themselves to adding maps to better understand an ancestor’s life and history. The 1895 Minnesota State Census indicated that my third … Continue reading

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