Family Recorder – James Hawkes & Margaret Esthers

William King Scrapbook

Page 33 – Family Recorder: James Hawkes & Margaret Esthers

Amanuensis Monday

[We have a project at the Scarborough (Maine) Historical Society (SHS) where we are scanning and digitizing scrapbooks.  Most of the pages are newspaper clippings and other documents which lend themselves to optical character recognition (OCR); however, there are also pages that are handwritten.  To make those pages searchable within the final PDF document, I have been transcribing them as needed.]

Scrapbook, accession number 62.74.4, is a scrapbook of William King, which was donated to the SHS in 1962. Its contents are mostly newspaper clippings. The clippings go back to 1905, and the most recent clipping appears to be from 1952. The majority of the clippings are undated. The handwritten pages seem to be mostly genealogical lists of individuals that are ancestors of the King family and are also undated. The following page is from Page 33, as identified in the scrapbook index. The original was scanned in two parts at 2550 × 3509. The two parts were then stitched together using PhotoStitcher into a 3672 × 3958 file that is available at the SHS Museum. The stitched image was duplicated, cropped, resized for the web to 504 × 487, and is displayed here.

One aspect of this list that I found rather interesting is that rather than using traditional month names, the writer used number months, for example, “Fifthmonth” for May and “Seventhmonth” for July.  I encountered that use once before and am wondering if I should add “Numberedmonth” to my search methodology in the future. If you have thoughts about doing so, please leave a comment below.

Family Register 

James Hawkes     Married      Margaret Esthers
Born                                           Born


20 Secondmonth 1771
Elizabeth Hawkes
16 Fourthmonth 1884
15 Tenthmonth 1772
James Hawkes
24 Fifthmonth 1857
25 Eleventhmonth 1774
Anna Hawkes
27 Seventhmonth
7 Secondmonth 1782
John Hawkes
27 Seventhmonth 1830
13 Fifthmonth 1783
Benjamin Hawkes
7 Secondmonth 1849
24 Eleventhmonth 1784
Eben R Hawkes
1 Tenthmonth 1853
29 Eighthmonth 1786
Margaret Hawkes
15 Eleventhmonth 1851
18 Eighthmonth 1789
Betsey Hawkes
15 Eleventhmonth 1851
27 Secondmonth 1792
Isiah Hawkes
3 Seventh-month 1858
13 Sixthmonth 1794
Eunice Hawkes
21 Tenthmonth 1844
18 Twelthmonth 1796
Aaron Hawkes
27 Sixthmonth 1866


Transcribed by Don Taylor 
Scarborough Historical Society 
14 Apr 2016 

Because all dates are after 1752, they are presumed to be Gregorian.  I added a conversion for each of the months used for search purposes:
Secondmonth = February
Fourthmonth = April
Fifthmonth = May
Sixthmonth = June
Seventhmonth = July
Eighthmonth = August
Tenthmonth = October
Eleventhmonth = November
Twelthmonth = December

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Abstract & Will of Abner Darling (1780-1839)

Abstract & Will of Abner Darling (1780-1839)

Amanuensis Monday

Great-great grandfather Rufus Holton Darling’s father’s name was Abner and his mother’s name was Sally. Although I am not totally convinced, I am fairly certain that this “Record of Will” refers to Rufus’s father Abner. It also helps explain why Rufus would have left New York for Michigan in 1840. At Abner’s death, Rufus would have been 24 years old. 


Abstract of Will (Abstracted by Don Taylor)

Information that I found.
8 January 1839 – Abner Darling of Clarkson, Monroe County, New York was alive to sign his last will and testament.
He made his wife, Sally Ann Darling the Executrix of his will.
He gave everything to his wife, Sally Ann Darling.
He wants his debts paid.
He has pending litigation against Nathan Mott & Ansel Frost.
His wife should take care of his minor children including educating them. 

Jan-April 1839 – Abner Darling died.

1 May 1839 – Abner’s will was probated.


Transcript of Will

Transcribed by Don Taylor

Source: Ancestry.Com – New York Wills and Probate Records, 1659-1999 – Monroe – Wills, Vol 002, 1835-1841, Pages 329-331 (362-364 of 513)

Record of Will

Know all whom it may concern that that I Abner Darling of Clarkson in the County of Monroe Do make ordain and constitute this my last will & testament –

First I make & Constitute my beloved wife Sally Ann Darling sole executrix of this my will. Second. I give & bequeath to my said wife all my goods and chattels land & tenements & all my estate both nal [real] & personal of which I may die seized or possesed or whether in fasision or in action to have & to hold the same to her own use – forever, Third, It is my will that all my just debts be paid & in as much as the ability of my said executrix to pay the same will depend on the determination of a suit now defending in the Court of Chancery against Nathan Mott & Ansel Frost it is my will & desire that said suit be prosecuted with all diligence to a determination & that my said executrix shall perform whatever shall be nessary & proper to perform whatever deorse may be made therein trusting in consequents of the Justice of the cause that she will thereby nalise the means of paying my debts, And it is my request & desire that my said executrix will in her discretion & according to her means maintain and educate such of my children as are minors they aiding and assisting therein & that at or before her decease she will if need be make such bequest or other arrangement that what may remain of my property after her decrease may be equally divided among all my children. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this eighth day of January 1839.

Abner Darling (S)

Signed sealed published and delivered by the said Abner Darling to be his last will & testament in the presence of us & who in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses all residing in Clarkson. 

Sellach Boughton
William Blake
Joseph Lovejoy
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