Alice Dorcas Ladd (1901-1990)

Ancestor Sketch

Alice Dorcas (Ladd) Harris was born in Saco, York County, Maine, and lived her entire life in York County, Maine.

Welch-Harris Project – Ancestor #13

List of Grandparents

  • Grandfather: Living
  • 1st Great-grandmother:  WH-13 – Alice Dorcas Ladd (1901-1990)
  • 2nd Great-grandfather:    WH-26 – Edwin Grant Ladd (1857-1937)
  • 3rd Great-grandfather:     WH-52 – Silas Ladd (1814-1890)
  • 4th Great-grandfather:     WH-104 – Thomas Ladd (1766-1837)


Alice Dorcas Ladd was born on 26 October 1901, in Saco, York County, Maine. She was the third of four children born to Edwin Grant and Dorcas Annie (Patterson) Ladd.

Alice had an older sister, Florence, who died in 1898 at the age of 2. Her other older sister, Lillian was ten years older than Alice. Lillian kept two autograph books wherein she collected the autographs of various important Saco and Biddeford individuals. Alice’s younger sister, Albertha, was born in the summer of 1904, so she was less than three years younger.


The 1910 Census shows Alice living at home with her parents and her two living siblings. Her father was a farmer, who owned his farm. Living with them was her (paternal) uncle, George Ladd. Alice, along with her younger sister, Albertha, were attending school.

In 1918 the Spanish Flu hit. When Alice had her seventeenth birthday, October 1918, nearly 2,500 Mainers died of the flu. Over 5,000 Mainers died of the Spanish Flu during that time.[i]

By late 1919, Alice was working as a Mill Operative in Saco.


On December 13th, 1919, a Marriage Intention was filed and nine days later, on Christmas Eve, 1919, Alice Dorcas Ladd and Thomas Washington Harris were joined in marriage by Horace H. Hayes, a clergyman in Saco.


The 1920 Census finds Alice and Thomas rooming in Saco at 106 Elm Street. Alice was working as a beamer at a cotton mill and Thomas was a laster at a shoe factory.

The 1920s also saw the births of their two children—first a girl in 1923 and then a son in 1928.

In 1929, Alice visited Mrs. Paul Huff in Kennebunkport and brought her two children along.


The 1930 census finds Alice, her husband, and their two children living on her parent’s farm on Boon Road in Saco, Maine.  Alice’s father died inn 1937, and Thomas took over as the head of the household.


The 1940 Census finds Alice, her husband and their two children living on the farm at 142 Boon Road. Living with them is Alice’s mother Dorcas and a lodger, Benjamin Luce. Their son went into the Marine Corps.


Their son married and farmed the land next to them, while Alice’s husband, Thomas, continued to be identified as a shoemaker.

In 1987, Alice’s husband died. Alice continued on alone and died on 25 February 1990 at the Trull Nursing Home in Biddeford. She was buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery.

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Ancestor Sketch – Thomas Washington Harris

Welch-Harris Line
By Don Taylor


Welch-Harris Project – Ancestor WH12

List of Grandparents

  • 6 – Grandfather: Living
  • 12 – 1st Great-grandfather: Thomas Washington Harris
  • 24 – 2nd Great-grandfather: Raymond O. Harris
  • 48 – 3rd Great-grandfather: Thomas L. Harris

Thomas Washington Harris (1897-1987)


Thomas Washington Harris was born on 12 Mar 1897 in Boothbay Harbor, Lincoln, Maine, USA. He was the first child of Raymond Orlando Harris and Addie Richards. William McKinley was sworn in just days before Thomas’ birth. Later that year, the first Boston Marathon was run with fifteen men competing. Also, a strike by the United Mine Workers union brought an 8-hour workday to the mines.


Siblings of Thomas W. Harris

Dorothy E. Sep 1898
Gladys M. Jan 1900
William C. ca. 1902

The 1900 Census finds the Harris family living in Boothbay Harbor. Three-year-old Thomas is living with his parents and two siblings.

Thomas’ mother died sometime between 1900 and the 1910 Census. Likewise, it appears that his sister, Gladys, had also passed.*

The 1910 Census found Thomas living with his father (a widower), and Dorothy and William. Thomas is attending school and his father is a restaurant proprietor. Thomas continued with his education through the 8th grade.

Thomas was too young for the First World War I draft registration on June 5th, 1918 (He was only 20 years old). However, he turned 21 in time for the second draft on June 5, 1918, and registered in Saco. Thomas was living on Thorton Ave., Saco. He was working as a shoemaker at the Mechanic Shoe Co. in Biddeford. Thomas was medium height, medium build, had black hair, and brown eyes. He was inducted three months later, on 4 September, and accepted the next day, 5 September.  His military service needs further research.*


On 13 December 1919, Thomas filed an “Intent to marry” to marry Alise Dorcas Ladd, also of Saco, Maine. They married on Christmas Eve December 1919 in a ceremony performed by Horace H Hauyer, a clergyman, in Saco, Maine.*

Thomas and Alise had two children, both of whom are living.

Just a week after their marriage, during the 1920 census, they can be found rooming at 106 Elm Street in Saco. Thomas is a laster at a shoe factory, and Alise is a beamer at a cotton mill.  A laster is a person who shapes or stitches soles on shoes or boots. A beamer was a person who watched over a beamer machine or carried new beams to the loom. According to Wikipedia, “The taper’s beam is a long cylinder with flanges where 400 plus end (thread) are wound side-by-side. Creels of bobbins with the correct thread mounted on a beaming frame wind their contents onto the beam.”[i]

By 1930, Thomas, his wife, and two children had moved in with his wife’s parents, Edwin and Dorcas Ladd, on Boon Road, Saco. Thomas is still working in a shoe shop as a puller and is identified as a WW veteran. He is probably a tack puller doing shoe repairs at this time.

In the 1940 Census, Thomas was the head of a household consisting of Thomas, his wife, Alice[ii], lived on Boon Road with their two children, and Alice’s mother, Dorcas, who is identified as a widow. All are living in the same house that they lived in on 1 April 1935.

Thomas is in the 1948 Town Directory for Saco and Biddeford. It indicates that he was employed in Biddeford, and he and Alice are still living on Boon Road. He continues to appear in the town directories into the 1960s.


Thomas died in May 1987. I have not been successful in finding a burial location.*


  • Boothbay, Lincoln County, Maine –1900 – Lived
  • Boothbay Harbor, Lincoln County, Maine – 1897 – Birth
  • Fairfield, Summerset County, Maine – 1910, Census
  • Saco, York County, Maine – 1918 through 1987 – Enlisted, Married, Lived (1920, 1930, 1935, 1940, 1948, 1951, 1961), Death.

Other than military service, it appears that Thomas Washington Harris spent his entire life in Maine and his adult life in Saco, York County, Maine. Map available here.

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Research Thomas’ mother’s death.
  • Research Thomas’ sister, Gladys, death.
  • Research Thomas’ military service.
  • Research what church/religion Horace H Hauyer was a clergyman for.
  • Determine what happened with Thomas’s remains.

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