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Rose – Surname Saturday

By Don Taylor Surname Origin The surname Rose can be of English, Scottish, Irish, French, Danish, and German origin. It could relate to a physical place where wild roses grew, a hereditary sign, or even the nickname for a person … Continue reading

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Hiram Vincent in the News

In the News Howell, Vincent (Vinson) By Don Taylor “In the News” is my reporting of newly discovered newspaper articles regarding the ancestors I am researching. The information found in newspapers often raises more questions and more research areas, but … Continue reading

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William Hiram Vincent & the Early Censuses

Howell-Vincent Line Census Sunday By Don Taylor My wife’s third great-grandfather, Burkett Vincent, may have had 12 children, or he may have had eight.  He apparently had two wives, Elizabeth Rose and an unknown first wife. To attempt to understand … Continue reading

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Ancestor Sketch – Elizabeth Rose (?)

Howell-Vincent/Vinson-Rose By Don Taylor I used to, mistakenly, say that there are no real “Brick Walls.” Typically, a “Brick wall” is just a difficult record to find or a record that isn’t worth paying someone else to find for you.  … Continue reading

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Vincent-Vinson – Surname Saturday

By Don Taylor Name Origin It seems that the surname “Vinson” has two separate origins. First is that it comes from the “son of Vin or Vincent.” The second is that it is a corruption or variant of “Vincent.” It … Continue reading

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