Charlemagne – 34th Great-Grandfather?

Portrait of Charlemagne (Public Domain)

Sometimes genealogy can be overwhelming.  Of course, I’m all excited about RootsTech being online and all the fantastic activities there.  Meanwhile, I received information from a Swiss genealogist, Patrick A. Wild, that indicated my wife descends from Charlemagne. Could it be true?  I know that lots of people are genuinely descended from Charlemagne. I’ve also heard there are a lot of supposed pedigrees that don’t hold up under analysis.

I do know is that this genealogist focuses upon families of Glarus, Switzerland, which is where my wife’s great grandmother, Bertha Barbara Trümpy, was born. Patrick’s work provides a pathway for lots and lots of “hints” and research opportunities. I know my wife’s 2nd great grandparents were Bernhard and Bertha (Koch) Trümpi. I wrote about them previously.  I’m pretty sure that my wife’s 4th great-grandparents were Barnhard and Anna Marie (Durst) Trümpi. Could her 34th great-grandfather be Charlemagne? Wow, that is such a leap — 30 generations.

So, I’ve tentatively accepted the Swiss genealogist’s work as 156 new hints and possibilities. But, importantly, It will act as a roadmap to follow. Will I run off the road; will I hit a brick wall? Maybe-Maybe Not. But, it is nice to have a destination. To paraphrase the old saying:


I expect this to be a 30-generation, 156 hint journey. I might end up with Charlemagne, but I might just as easily fall off the edge of the earth and learn where the dragons really live.

Anyway, back to RootsTech. 🙂

Rose – Surname Saturday

By Don Taylor

Surname Origin

The surname Rose can be of English, Scottish, Irish, French, Danish, and German origin. It could relate to a physical place where wild roses grew, a hereditary sign, or even the nickname for a person with a Rosy complexion.

I am yet to determine an immigrant Rose ancestor, so it is unclear which of the many Rose origins relate to my wife’s Rose ancestors.


The United States includes the most people with the Rose surname, with England and Germany distant second and third. In terms of frequency, Jamaica has the highest proportion of the Rose surname globally, with 1 in 338 having the surname.

In the United States, California has the greatest number of people, over 21,000, with the Rose surname. West Virginia has the greatest proportion, with one in 673 people having the Rose surname.

Direct Rose Ancestors

According to Ancestry, in 1840, the greatest number of Roses lived in New York. There were only 91 Rose heads of households in North Carolina in 1840. Elizabeth had married long before then, so she wouldn’t have been counted as a Rose then.

All of our known Rose ancestors were born in North Carolina. Elizabeth and William senior died in North Carolina. William Rose, Jr. appears to have died in Georgia.

Direct William Rose Descendants

William Rose was born in 1733. He married Mary (LNU) on 27 January 1758 in Halifax County, North Carolina. They had at least two children, including 4th great-grandfather William Rose. William died in 1785 in Halifax County, North Carolina.

Both William Rose, Sr., and his son, William Rose, Jr., were patriots during the Revolutionary War. DAR Ancestor Numbers A206187 and A206765.

I have 176 known descendants of William Rose in my Howell-Darling research.

Surnames include:

      • Boseman
      • Capel
      • Clement
      • Cuthrell
      • Fizur
      • Hallmark
      • Hockaday
      • Howell
      • Johnson
      • Powell
      • Rose
      • Vincent
      • Welch

I only have three photographs of William Rose’s descendants. All are from his Howell descendants.

Peter Fletcher Howell (1842-1924)
James Dallas Howell (1879-1964)
Photo of Clarence Fletcher Howell
Clarence Fletcher Howell (1918-1999)


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The Will of William Price (1762-1846)

It is so nice when other researchers contact me and we can share notes and resources. Recently, a fifth cousin of my wife, and I exchanged several emails bout my wife’s 4th great-grandfather, William Price (1762-1846). I learned that she had transcribed the will of William and was willing to share her efforts.

William Price Will  – Martin County North Carolina Will Book 2/326-328

This will book was filmed in 2 page spreads at Family Search.
p326 (image 383)
p327-328 (image 384)
Marcy Porter’s transcript of the will book image follows:
[Begin transcript]

January Term 1847                                        

State of North Carolina }

Martin County                   } Know all men by these presents that I, William  Price, being in sound mind & memory thanks be to God for the same, but knowing the uncertainty of death do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament as follows

1st  I commit my soul to Almighty God my body to be entered in a desent Christian like manner in the family Grave Yard

2nd The negro Girl Hannah I lent to my Daughter Cherry at her marriage after my death it is my will and desire that said negro Hannahs increase (except one boy by the name of Luke) be Equally divided between the children of my Daughter Cherry and their heirs forever. My Daughter Cherry being dead it is my will wish and desire that the increase of said negro Hannah she being dead also be Equally divided between Robt Rebecca Martha John & Benjamin Lewis Bryan children of said Cherry after my death and to make said division I do nominate and appoint Jno A Turner Robert Bryan and Saml A Long to do the same

3rd  the negro girl Silva I let my Daughter Rebecca have at her marriage (and my Daughter Rebecca being dead and said negro also) but said negro Silva having an increase it is my will and desire that Jno Bryan husband of my said Daughter Rebecca have said negroes to him and his heirs forever

4th  the negro girl Liza I let my Daughter Roxana at her marriage it is my will and desire that my Daughter Roxana have said girl and increase her life time and after her death I give said negroes to her Lawful children

5th  The negro boy Theophilus which was sold and the proffits equally divided between my Daughter Mary and her two children Joseph & Martha remain so forever

6th  I give unto my Grand Daughter Evelina Bryan one negro girl by the name of Hannah should the said Evelina Bryan die without a lawful heir it is my will and desire that the said negro Hannah be sold (and increase if any) and the proceeds arising from said sales be equally divided among my heirs

[Over – Page 327]

7th  I give unto my grand sons Benjamin F Price & Hardy W B Price sons of my son Hardy B Price one Hundred Dollars each before the property which I may have on hand is divided

8th  I give unto my Grand son Joseph R Bryan one tract of land said land I bought of B F and H W B Price containing forty acres more or less and all the improvements thereon forever

9th  It is my will and desire that the negroes I have not given away after my death to be equally divided between my heirs in the following manner (viz) one fifth to Hardy B Price heirs one fifth to Cherry Bryan heirs one fifth to Rebecca Bryan children one fifth to Roxana Bryan her life time and after her death to her children one fifth to Mary Johnson her life time and after her death to her children leaving and giving my executors full power to appoint commissioners to allot and divide said negroes between said heirs according to the above statement

10th  I give unto my Daughter Mary Johnson one tract of Land known as the Johnson Tract containing fifty acres more or less running south with the fence to her and her heirs forever

11th  It is my desire that the balance of the Land I have not otherwise disposed of Except the family Grave Yard be sold and equally divided between my son Hardy B Price heirs and the heirs of Daughters Rebecca Cherry and Roxana in like manner as the negroes  

12th  I give unto my Grand son Joseph R Bryan one bed and furniture

13th  It is my will and desire that my Executors sell at public auction my Perishable Estate and after paying my just debts the balance with what monies or bond I may have to be equally divided between the heirs of my son Hardy B Price and the children of my Daughter Rebecca and the children of my Daughter Cherry and Roxana and Mary in like manner as the negroes

14th  It is my will and desire that my Executors retain in their hands (if not applied for before) the part of my Estate which I give to my Daughter Roxana and her heirs seven years if not applied for in that time then to be Equally divided between my other heirs

15th  It is my will and desire that my Executors retain in their hands the property which I have given unto my Grand children untill they arrive to the age of twenty one or marries.

I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend Archibald Slaton and William R Brown Executors to this my last will and Testament revoking all other wills that I may have made prior to this date. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this the twenty second day of August one Thousand Eight Hundred and forty three

 [signed]      William Price (seal)
Signed in presence of us
Bryant Bennett
Jos Waldo
[end transcript]
[Proven January Term 1847 by the oath of Joseph Waldo; William R Brown relinquished his right to qualify, and Archibald Slaton was qualified as sole executor]

I learned of no new family members, but I did learn many new facts regarding the disposition of land to several of the family members. The will also confirms many previously understood facts. For example, Cherry’s children, Lucy, Mary, and James died before 1843 because they weren’t listed in the will.  It also confirms many children and grandchildren were living at the time the will was written.


This transcription was posted with the specific permission of the transcriber, Marcy Porter.  My thanks go out to her for her willingness to share her excellent work.
If you see anything in the transcription that is incorrect or otherwise should be corrected, please use the comment form below and report it.

Don’s Genealogy News – 10 January 2021

Photo Friday

I analyzed five more packets of negatives from the Ethel Wight Studio Collection. See Part 11 – Curtis, Davis (2), Derosier, & Dexter.

    • Mary Derosier (1914-1994)
    • Donald Davis (1907-1972)
    • Four children of Hartley A. & Mary T. Davis of Portland, Maine.
    • Child of Max & Evelyn (Stein) Davis – Photo circa 1936
    • Barbara, Ruth,  & Walter Curtis and Stanley Dexter – c. 1935

Brown Research

Began researching my Blackhurst ancestors. (Montran-Barber-Blackhurst. Learned that my 4th great aunt, Mary Blackhurst immigrated to Deseret (Utah) in 1852. She and her sister, Lydia, both married William Haladay. Can’t tell yet if they were “sister wives” yet or serial wives.  More research underway. I hope to write mini-bios for my 2nd great grandmother, Sarah Blackhurst, siblings.

Howell Research

Received some communications from a cousin of my wife. She transcribed the probate record for my wife’s fifth great grandfather, William Price. It will be interesting to see if the will provides any new information regarding that line — Howell-Hobbs-Long-Bryan-Price. I’ll be posting a “guest blog” about it in the coming days.

Scarborough Historical Society

I posted a great article about early high schools in Scarborough by Linda McLoon.  The first high school was actually two schools, one in Dunstan and one in Oak Hill in 1877. Read all about it in “A High School Comes to Scarborough.”

The Ancestor Hunt has added the Scarborough Historical Society photos to their listing of Maine Free Searchable Photo Collections.  Scarborough images available through Digital Maine were already identified.  There are dozens of links to other record locations in Maine. Check it out!


RootsTech – February 25 to 27 – FREE Registration.

New England Regional Genealogical Conference (NERGC) – Virtual conference – April and May 2021. E-Zine at

Ancestor Sketch – Edgar Jerome Matson

Matson Line
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.My stepfather Edgar, known as “Bud,” and I had a difficult past. Our failure to coexist resulted in my living in a foster home for a couple years. However, as Bud aged, he did grow more and more mellow and progressive in his opinions. For example, in his 60s he came to the conclusion that the death penalty was wrong because it was over applied in cases of people of color or the disadvantaged and seldom, if ever, applied to the rich or privileged. During the 1990s Bud and I achieved a time of détente.

The Matson Line – Ancestor #

  • 2B – Step-father: Edgar (“Bud” and “Budgar[i]”) Jerome Matson (1925-2003)
  • 4B – Step Grandfather: Edward (Eddie) William Mattson (1898-1977)
  • 8B – Step Great-grandfather: Lars Mattson (1869-1926)
  • 16B – Step Great-Great-grandfather: Lars Mattison (c. 1824-____)


Budgar was born on 29 December 1926 at 8:01 PM in St. Barnabas Hospital, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota. He was the third of four children of Edward William and Hildur Christina (Krafve) Mattson[ii]. He had two older sisters and one younger brother.



The 1930 Census found Eddie Matson & family living in Southside Township, Wright County, Minnesota. Southside is a rural township about 60 miles northwest of Minneapolis. It abuts Annandale and surrounds South Haven. Eddie was 32-year-old farm laborer renting a home for $20/month. With him are his wife, Hildur, and children, Ardis, age 7, attending school; Betty, age 6, attending school, Edgar, age 4, and Kenneth, age 3.


All of Eddie Mattson’s family are living in the same place as in the 1940 Census.


The 1940 Census found Eddie Mattson & family living in Annandale, Wright County, Minnesota. Eddie was a 42-year-old cement working in the building construction industry. Living with him are his wife, Hildur, and their four children, including 14-year-old Edgar. All of the children are attending school.


World War II

It’s not clear why, but the 1942 Minneapolis City Directory finds the 16-year-old Edgar working as a helper and living at 1721 North 3rd in Minneapolis (Not with his parents).

When Edgar turned 18, in 1943, he registered for the draft. He was living with his parents at 2024 Girard Ave, North. He was 5’11”, 140 pounds, blue eyes, blonde hair, light complexion. The 1944 Minneapolis City Directory indicates he was working at the Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company at 7th and Washington, North, Minneapolis and was living with his parent on Girard.

He enlisted on his 20th birthday, 29 December 1945[iii] and was discharged on 2 February 1949 as a Sergeant in the Regular Army.

First Marriage

Edgar Jerome Matson, circa 1950

Bud returned from Europe in 1948 and married a “German war bride,” Frieda Gass on 28 November 1948. Frieda and Bud had two daughters together, Heidi Ann (1950-2002) and “Living Matson.” In 1952, Bud was working as a maintenance man at Minneapolis Moline. Shortly after that he began working at the Ford Motor Assembly Plant in Saint Paul. He worked there for 33 years and eventually retired from Ford.

In April 1959, while Bud was driving to work, he noticed a man laying on the railroad tracks. He thought the man was drunk and passed out. He stopped to help him and found that he was dead. He was living at 181 NE 41st Ave in Columbia Heights at the time.

Second Marriage

Bud and Frieda became estranged and were living separately when he met my mother, Sylvia. It is my recollection that my mom and Bud dated while the divorce of Bud and Frieda became final. After the divorce, my mom and Bud went off to Webster, Day County, South Dakota to be married on 8 December 1961.

Bud and Sylvia rented a house at 1502 Fremont Ave, No., Minneapolis shortly after the marriage. About a year later, Bud and Sylvia purchased a house at 2419 Bryant Ave. North, Minneapolis. In September, they had their first child, (a girl, living).

Bud and Sylvia had a new home built in the suburbs at 6741 Douglas Drive North, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. They had their second child (a boy, living) together while living there. It was over 20 miles to the Ford Plant across downtown so Bud typically worked very early in the morning to avoid the traffic.


Bud retired and the couple moved to Brainerd (6450 Donaldson Road) for a few years. Then they moved south, presumably to get away from Minnesota winters, to Prescott Valley, Arizona. They moved back to Minnesota about 1996 and lived at 5 Evans Ave., Elk River, Sherburne County, Minnesota. Finally, they moved to nearby Big Lake.


Bud died on 12 November 2003 at the Buffalo Hospital, Buffalo, Wright County, Minnesota, due to complications resulting from a fall. Internment of his cremains was at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Fort Snelling, Minnesota.


Events by Location

  • Arizona – Yavapai County, Prescott Valley – Lived 1995-1996
  • Minnesota – Anoka County, Columbia Heights – Lived 1959.
  • Minnesota – Crow Wing County, Brainerd – Lived 1983-1995.
  • Minnesota – Hennepin County, Brooklyn Park – Lived 1966-1983.
  • Minnesota – Hennepin County, Minneapolis – Birth – Lived 1942-1952 & 1962-1965 – Marriage #1.
  • Minnesota – Sherburne County, Big Lake – Lived 2002-2003 – Death.
  • Minnesota – Sherburne County, Elk River – Lived 2000-2002
  • Minnesota – Wright County, Southside Township – Lived 1930.
  • Minnesota – Wright County, Annandale – Lived 1935 – 1940.
  • South Dakota – Day County, Webster – Marriage #2.
  • Europe – Service 1946-1948.


Education – Bud attended one year of high school.[iv] I need to check yearbooks, etc. for photos and interests.

Religion – Edgar Jerome Matson was a Missouri Synod Lutheran during the years I knew him. He encouraged my mother and me to become baptized at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Spring Lake Park in 1961. He also encouraged my becoming confirmed at the Lutheran Church[v] at 26th & Lyndale in Minneapolis. I should research the religious events in his life.

Military – I know that Bud served in Europe after the war. It is my understanding that he was in a unit that “investigated” war crimes and atrocities committed by Allied forces during the war. Learning more about his service could prove interesting.

Divorce – My personal recollection includes the jubilation when the divorce between Bud and Frieda became final. I should research the specific date and details.

Property – I know Bud owned houses in Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, Brainerd (all MN), and Prescott Valley, AZ. Getting the exact dates would be useful in setting his life’s timeline. He sold the Brooklyn Park house in June 1983.

Children – Heidi – Bud’s oldest daughter, Heidi, died in 2002. I should research her and tell her story.

Will/Probate – I don’t know if Bud had a will or if his estate went to probate. I should research this.


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[i] “Budgar” is a combination of “Bud” and “Edgar.” He was called that by his family later in his life.

[ii] Note: The surname simplified since coming to the United States. Originally Mattison, the name morphed to Mattson, then lost the second “t” to become Matson. I tend to use the surname as it was used in any particular record.

[iii] Although V-J Day was August 14th, 1945 the period beginning December 7, 1941, through December 31, 1946, are the dates considered as World War II Service. Edgar’s enlistment in 1945 is considered “World War II Service.”

[iv] See the 1940 Census and his Draft Registration.

[v] I forget if this was a ALC or LCA church at the time. I know it wasn’t Missouri Synod. Bud thought it better for me to go to a church locally, where I could walk to, rather than going to a Missouri Synod Church that I needed to be driven to.