Mary Elizabeth (Manning) Brown’s Mother – Part 4 of 6

Could it be Nelly Nellie Burton?

By Don Taylor

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I previously concluded that Sarah Jane Garvin and Mary A. could not be my 2nd great-grandmother. However, other researchers believe Mary Elizabeth Mannin(g)[i] Brown’s mother is one of three other names.

  • Nelly Nellie Burton (1863-1949)
  • Lisa J. Mannin (1861-___)
  • Eliza Jane Fannin (1861-1882)

In Part 4 of this series, I’ll examine the evidence that Mary E Mannin’s mother was Nelly Nellie Burton A.

One hundred thirty-one public trees refer to Mary Elizabeth Manning, who married Arthur Durwood Brown. Four trees suggest her mother is Nelly Nellie Burton (1863-1949. None of the trees have any sources for facts. As such, there isn’t anything for me to analyze.


This is probably a great time to mention again that copying someone else’s tree to your tree is typically a bad idea. One person’s error is copied repeatedly, making it look like a fact. One error in a tree can make DNA Matches suggest wrong pedigrees. Other people’s trees can be an excellent source for hints. They provide things for you to investigate, analyze, and determine if they apply to your ancesto. What facts does the source indicate. I have a rule, every fact I have needs a source for that information. It is only speculation if I don’t have a source citation supporting the fact.

I am confident that Nelly Burton is not my 2nd great-grandmother. Nellie died in 1949 long after Mary E (Manning) Brown’s mother died, according to Family Oral History.[ii]


[i] Mannin and Manning are used interchangeably in various documents. I try to use the spelling used in a particular document when quoted. Occasionally, Mannen, Mannan, and Mannon are also used as the spelling is typically based upon what the recorder of the document believed they heard.

[ii] As a child I heard stories that Grandma Brown’s mother died while Grandma Brown was a young child. She lived with Tommy and Mary Jones for a while and with her grandfather Enoch because she was orphaned. This oral history is clearly in conflict with the notion her mother died in 1949.

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