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Montran-Barber-Blackhurst Line
Transcription & Comment by Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.“In the News” is my reporting of newspapers articles and obituaries regarding ancestors and other relatives I am researching. The information found in newspapers often raises more questions and research areas but invariably provides fresh texture to understanding an ancestor’s life.

Today’s article reports an event in the life of my 3rd Great-Grandfather, Stephen Blackhurst.

From the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent newspaper (Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England) dated 20 Nov 1847 is an ad; “Sales by Mr. George Taylor.”

“Sales by Mr. George Taylor.”

Norfolk Sales Rooms, George street.

Mr. GEORGE TAYLOR has received instructions from Mr. Stephen Blackhurst, to sell by auction, on Monday, Nov. 22nd, 1847, at his Garden, Far Field, near Hill Foot Bridge, the entire of his far famed and expensive collection of PRIZE GOOSEBERRY TREES, &c. For Particulars see Posting Bills.

Otaheite gooseberry
Gooseberries – Photo by Abhishek Jacob via Wikipedia


Stephen Blackhurst’s father (Stephen Blackhurst (1777-1847) died the previous March. Stephen and his wife Fanny Taylor immigrated to the United States in 1847-48. So, Stephen was selling his prize gooseberry tree collection in preparation for moving to the States.

I Learned

    • In 1847, Stephen Blackhurst (1801-1869) had a garden at Far Field, near Hill Foot Bridge, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
    • In 1847, Stephen Blackhurst (1801-1869) had an interest in Gooseberry Trees.

Further Research

Was George Taylor, who sold the gooseberry trees for Stephen, a close relative to Fanny Taylor, Stephen’s Wife?

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