Don’s Genealogy News – 24 January 2021

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Photo Friday

I added five new photos from the Ethel Wright Collection, Dorler, Dostie, Doucet, Doughty, & Dove.

Scarborough Historical Society

I noticed that the Scarborough Historical Society’s Obituary Index and Clippings were recently added to The Ancestor’s Hunt listing of Free Maine Obituaries and Obituary Links.

I uploaded a transcript of the Joss & Moulton Dispute from July 24, 1830.

I uploaded a transcript of the 1821 Scarboro Annual Warrant, which provides the agenda for the Town meeting.

I uploaded a transcript of information about the new road to be built between the Saco Line to James Parker’s in 1823.

I uploaded a transcript for an Election Warrant on October 21, 1820, to select electors for President, Vice-president, and elector for the Second Eastern District.

I uploaded a transcript of the Scarborough Auditor’s Report (1865-1866), where the auditor talks bout deficiencies in the process used for vouchers.

Digital Maine

Because it was a Centennial activity, I also uploaded the 1820 Election Warrant to Digital Maine.

Greater Portland Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society

The next Chapter meeting will be via Zoom on 6 February at 1:00 PM. Please email to request the connection link and passcode.


If you haven't registered for RootsTech - February 25 to 27 - yet, I highly recommend doing so. The registration is FREE.  They have also linked with Family Search to provide "Relatives at Root Tech," where you can learn of other people who are attending RootsTech. I've registered for Connect and have learned there will be at least 76 relatives at RootsTech. By the way, there are over 139,000 people registered for RootsTech. It is going to be Genealogical Fun.

New England Regional Genealogical Conference (NERGC) - Virtual conference - April and May 2021. E-Zine at

Have a good week,
- Don Taylor

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